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    Good read Scott.
    Good to hear about K. Bell being 4th receiver. He is one of the guys I had high hopes for. Might be because he interviews well or maybe he has untapped potential. What ever the reason, maybe he’s a late bloomer.

    Kind of feel the same way about Banks. Potential out the ying yang, but keeps under performing. Maybe a late bloomer? Maybe that’s all she wrote. Wonder if he’s smart enough to realize this is his last chance with the Bucs.
    I’ll say this again, ASJ will be the starter. Brate is pretty good, but ASJ will bring it on. Or maybe all trhe things stated about Bell and Banks are true in his case.
    I hope not. I’ve been watching the Bucs since day 1 and am still waiting for another Jimmy Giles.GO BUCS

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    My response to #7 is 🙂

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      Same here Pink.

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    Nice summation of the depth chart.
    Wonder here is if the Bucs will try to move Brandon Myers for a lower round draft pick rather than outright waive him since he certainly has a pro caliber game but looks like the odd man out.
    I hope Kenny Bell isn’t like that No. 2 pick WR Jon Gruden wasted a pick on who was scared of NFL contact.
    When he tried to make it as a kick returner whenever he got to traffic he would suddenly and conveniently slip and fall down.
    It was both painful and hilarious to watch at the same time.

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    All of a sudden we have little legit Left Guard depth? Might have to put banks up for someone’s older Left Guard.

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    Pretty good breakdown. It’ll be interesting to see if anyone drafted after the 3rd round will make the team. I’d think Banks can do well if given a role that suits his talents. Hate to think they’d have to trade him for a junk draft pick for that to happen.

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    Glad Scott included a disclaimer to “take this Depth Chart with a grain of salt”.

    Each year, since I won a contest in the grandfather of Pewter Report, It’s Sports Magazine, predicting the final roster, I have tried to guess the outcome on the final cut day.

    What I’ve learned over the years is that injuries obviously will play a part. What is equally unpredictable is players picked up after being released by other teams. Practice Squad eligibility and salaries no doubt are part of the thought process.

    The number of players to be kept at a given position will be altered to maximize the overall talent. Thus, we may see a greater number of TE’s and CB’s and fewer WR’s and S’s.

    Be interesting if employers did a Depth Chart of the staff. Perhaps Scott could publish the Pewter Report Depth Chart. Hmmmmmm, where would Mark Cook place?

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