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The Pewter Report Tuesday night chat session has started.
guest: whats your gut feeling for the #2 wr spot
kybucfan: SR – So, with your recent SR Fab 5, do you feel better about the WR position…or just feel that the WR position has a "chance" to be OK?
guest: Anything going on with graham?
pewterreportsr: I think Clayton might have a shot at it, but Ike is a Gruden favorite, so he's the leader in the club house right now.
pewterreportsr: kybucfan – I feel better that there is more speed on the roster than I thought, but the young, fast guys lack experience.
guest: How does Luke Pettitgout look? Is he gonna be 100 percent?
kybucfan: thx
pewterreportsr: guest – I haven't seen or heard from Graham. He's lying low and not helping his cause, unfortunately.
pewterreportsr: guest – I think Luke Petitgout should be okay by the time camp starts. It will be interesting to see who gets to start at LT. Donald Penn played pretty well down the stretch last year.
kybucfan: What is your feeling on whether Graham will be in for training camp….even though he has said he wouldn't hold out?
pewterreportsr: kybucfan – I think Graham will be there. He can't afford to rack up fines for missing days. We'll have an idea if he will be at training camp later in June. If he shows up for the mandatory mini-camp a month from now, he'll likely show up for training camp.
kybucfan: Gotcha.
guest: Does anyone on the team know Graham personally? Obviously his agent is a bad guy. Can anyone talk sense to him? I guess if you knew, that would be too sensitive to publish, but I thought I would ask.
pewterreportsr: Honestly, a lot of times players don't discuss contract stuff between themselves. It's kind of personal business and a lot of times teammates don't want to get involved. I haven't heard anything from any of Graham's teammates other than Garcia saying he deserves a raise.
guest: What's up e'body
kybucfan: What are your expectations for Gaines this year? This offseason reports seem to be "encouraging" so far?
guest: do u think bruce may still trade for a wr
pewterreportsr: kybucfan – I think Gaines is just scratching the surface. I think he has a chance to get double digit sacks this year, but I think this year will catapult him to a really big year in 2009. He wasn't a full-time starter in 2007. He will be in 2008 and that should aid his growth for 2009.
antcam: how is J. Garcia progression in the offense coming along?
pewterreportsr: guest – I don't think the Bucs will trade for a WR. I think between the TEs and the RBs – Dunn, Bennett and Graham – can all catch the ball. Gruden has proven that he can win and his offense can thrive with only a 2 WR set. If the WRs don't step up, we'll see a lot of 2 and 3 TE sets.
freak: Is Clayton noticeably smaller at 208lbs and did he seem to be getting better seperation at the OTA's?
pewterreportsr: antcam – Greg Olson is really excited to work with him again and I think Jeff will continue to pick up the offense and refine his game. The biggest thing for him is staying healthy.
pewterreportsr: freak – Clayton is noticeably thinner and he seems more fluid and quick. I think he's been able to get better separation than he did the last couple of years. Physically, he looks more like he did as a rookie right now.
antcam: Who do you project to be the starter opposite fo G.A. this upcoming season?
freak: Hopefully he is catching the ball cleaner as well.
kybucfan: Besides Gaines, what other defenders to you see taking "a step forward" this year?
cheveliar: Wazzup SR… Can you talk a little oline? Why Zuttah started at Center? What's up with Buenning? And any other scoop you might have…
pewterreportsr: antcam – I was surprised to see Kevin Carter getting most of the starter reps at left defensive end opposite Gaines Adams last Thursday. I think Greg White has a chance to start, but it's curious that he's not a starter. I don't know if that speaks well of Carter or poorly of White. But keep in mind that the way the Bucs rotate their D-linemen, a lot of players will play.
pewterreportsr: freak – I didn't notice Clayton dropping any balls, but then again, I was trying to watch about 85 people at once!
antcam: What position does J. Wilkerson play? I read encouraging words about him this weekend.
antcam: Did everyong have a wonderful memorial day?
freak: I think there will be some tough descisions to make on thr DL this season
pewterreportsr: kybucfan – I don't know which defenders are poised to step forward other than Gaines. I think Ryan Sims might get more playing time, rotating with Hovan. I think some of the new players – Wilkerson and Wilson – have a chance to make an impact.
kybucfan: cool thx
pewterreportsr: chev – Glad you could make it. Now you do realize it is h-a-r-d to properly evaluate O-linemen in shorts and helmets, right? Having said that, I think Buenning is poised to make a run at a roster spot and the backup center spot. Zuttah will still make the team, but maybe at the expense of someone else.
pewterreportsr: antcam – Wilkerson can play DE and DT, but on Thursday he was primarily playing right defensive end backing up Gaines Adams.
guest: how has griese looked in ota's?
cheveliar: I know I know…gotta get some love for my boys. I'm looking for marked improvement.
antcam: I thought he was more of an anchor than a rush end.
kybucfan: If you had to make a venture at the moment, who would say is starting opposite Ronde at the start of the season?
pewterreportsr: antcam – As for my Memorial Day weekend, I took my family to Busch Gardens and also had a talk with my mom about my grandfather, who fought in WWII. I knew he was in the war, just didn't have all the facts. It was really neat to learn about WWII from what he told her and from her own experiences. Really made it a meaningful holiday for me.
cheveliar: So I'm guessing they started JZ II at center because he was the best of the rooks? And they needed to get some work done?
antcam: That's what's up Scott!!!!
spartan: Hey Scott, how's it going, sorry if this has been asked as Im late, but u semi raved about some of the fringe WR's recently, Are they really contenders to make the team?
pewterreportsr: guest – Griese didn't look particularly sharp on Thursday. He made a couple of really nice throws, but also had some picks. Typical Griese.
cheveliar: Wazup Spartan…
spartan: Hey Chev, how's it going?
cheveliar: Chillin man…
spartan: cool, long time now see
antcam: If Garcia does go down, God forbid, who do you think gets to go in first?
cheveliar: I know…I'll PM you soon and catch you up…
pewterreportsr: chev – Here's some scoop for you … Jeremy Trueblood has grown out his hair this year. He looks … different. I wouldn't have recognized him if he wasn't … you know … 6-foot-8, 320 pounds!
spartan: k
antcam: Scott, How did True grade out last year?
cheveliar: ROFLMBAO…hopefully the hair is a Sampson type deal!!!
pewterreportsr: kybucfan – I think Eugene Wilson will be starting opposite Ronde when the season starts. The big question will be who's the nickel – Talib or Buchanon?
pewterreportsr: spartan – I think Biddle, Hankton, Warren, Spurlock, Lucas – one of those guys will make the team. I liked Biddle and Hankton the best on Thursday, but it was only one day…
kybucfan: Really? Is Wilson looking that good or is Buchanon slipping a bit?
cadillac 24: Who's the favorite to start opposite of Joey Galloway now?
guest: SR, how do you honestly feel about Graham and the starting RB spot. Is he really that good like some posters believe him to be? or is he just average?
cheveliar: Wow, so Warren is in danger again? Is Ike that much of a lock? Especially at his age?
pewterreportsr: antcam – McCown has a legit shot of beating out Griese for the No. 2 job, so if Garcia goes down, McCown will be in the game next – if he wins the backup job. I think a lot of the folks at One Buc Place are pulling for McCown because he's a much younger and athletic prospect, but he's going to have to earn it.
spartan: Cool Scott, after all the ranting about what we should have in in FA and the draft it would be really great for one of those guys to come out of nowhere!
freak: who do you think will be here long term between Eugene and Philip Buchanon?
pewterreportsr: antcam – I'll have to ask Muir for sure, but I think Trueblood graded out the best, followed by Sears and Joseph – then Penn.
spartan: To summarize, Griese is an insurance policy?
pewterreportsr: kybucfan – Wilson is looking good, but I don't think P-Buc is slipping. Cornerback is the deepest and most competitive position on the roster right now.
kybucfan: Gotcha. Thx!
pewterreportsr: cadillac24 – Right now Ike Hilliard starts opposite Joey Galloway with Michael Clayton as the third WR.
cadillac 24: When will the Bucs hold their next set of OTAs?
antcam: I hope hilliard doesn't make the final cut.
cheveliar: Defensively, doesn't it seem we're sort of running the Cover II backwards having stellar CB's to cover up for the lack of pass rush?
kybucfan: What is your impression of Faine from what you have seen and heard so far? Seems like this guy will be a big time upgrade over Wade.
pewterreportsr: guest – I like Graham and I think he proved that he could be a productive runner in the NFL last year. The problem is that he's lost all the momentum he built up last year by missing the OTAs. Dunn and Bennett looked really good on Thursday and Graham isn't there competing. I wouldn't be shocked if he's third-string again (but with more opportunities than most 3rd string runners get).
antcam: Faine hasnt been seen in pads yet
cadillac 24: What do you think will end up happening with Jason Taylor? Do the Bucs have any interest in him?
cheveliar: But he's gotta be an upgrade to Wade…I'm 43 and would be an upgrade…LOL
pewterreportsr: antcam- I think the folks in the personnel department would love for some of the young WRs to rise up, but until they do … Ike will remain a Buc. Gruden loves him because he doesn't make many mistakes and knows all of the WR spots on the offense.
cadillac 24: Any word on Rod Coleman or will teams wait until after June 1st to sign him?
pewterreportsr: cadillac24 – The Bucs have this week off. The next OTAs will be next week.
pewterreportsr: chev – Well put about the Cover 2 backwards scenario. However, pass rushers and good corners go hand-in-hand. Good coverage can also make good pass rushers. If the DBs can generate some coverage sacks, that helps the sack total, too.
cadillac 24: Did you hear anything new about Chris Simms or Earnest Graham not showing up to OTAs?
antcam: Does the N.O. C. Grant situation make the Saint game appear any easier. By the way I've heard that W. Smith is upset about contract is holding out of all Vol. practices=)
cadillac 24: Do you think that Michael Pittman will make the Broncos?
pewterreportsr: antcam – Yes, it's very difficult to evaluate O-linemen like Faine in helmets and shorts, which is why our commentary on O-linemen is usually pretty brief in the offseason until the pads come on in camp.
cadillac 24: Are the Bucs working on new contracts for players now or will they wait until after training camp starts?
antcam: That's quite understandable Scott
pewterreportsr: cadillac24 – The Bucs would likely have an interest in Taylor if he hit the market, but I don't think they would trade for him,
freak: If only 8 or 9 D Linemen are kept on the reg season roster, What bigger name players dont make it?
cheveliar: Is there any fire out there? I mean I know they aren't really hitting, but anybody showing a nasty disposition?
pewterreportsr: cadillac24 – I don't see Rod Coleman joining the Bucs right now.
pewterreportsr: antcam – Yes, the Saints are in a bit of disarray at DE right now, so that helps the Bucs.
cheveliar: I wanna see a little ttitude in camp this year….
antcam: i.e. Slapping anybody across the head just cause
pewterreportsr: freak – I don't know that Kevin Carter or Greg Peterson are locks to make the team this year.
cheveliar: YEAH!! Ant…LOL
antcam: Is G. Peterson eglible for the P.Squad
pewterreportsr: Gotta run, Bucs fans. Thanks for the questions. Jim Flynn will be in the chat room next Tuesday night.
cadillac 24: How do you see the Bucs defensive line competition for roster spots playing out?
freak: nor Chucwurah I suppose
pewterreportsr: antcam – I think Peterson played in too many games last year for practice squad eligibility.
guest: Thanks SR!
antcam: Chev- We havent had that since Warren left.
pewterreportsr: freak – Yes, Chukwurah is not safe, either.
pewterreportsr: Good night, Bucs fans. Tell your friends about
cadillac 24: Thanks SR!
kybucfan: Thanks!
freak: Thank SR
antcam: Signing off from Atlanta Bay. down the street from RJSII

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