Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterbacks Luke McCown, Bryon Leftwich, and Josh Freeman spoke about the quarterback competition on the first day of practices in training camp.

(McCown on his approach to the QB competition)
"It's a competition and you've got to go out and win it.  I approach it in my mind like it's mine.  I think it's the way you have to approach it.  If you listen to any boxer talk, if he's going to defend the title or try and get the title, he says that's mine I've got to go get it.  It's still a competition and he's still has to go box, but in his mind he thinks it's his.  That's the way you need to approach a competition, if you don't you're setting yourself up to be second."

(McCown on being the first to get reps on Saturday)
It was a lot of fun.  You want to be put in a position to show you can handle it, you can perform, that you can lead.  I come out everyday and do my best to show all those things.

(McCown on if it will stay that way)
"I come out and take the reps they give me.  We talk about preparing and performing and that's my job."

(Leftwich on the competition)
"I love it because as a player that's you can ever ask for.  I was never giving anything.  I've never been given anything so I don't wan to be given this.  I want to go out, work and earn it."

(Leftwich on the talent around the quarterbacks)
"As a group, this is the best group of guys I've ever been around, that's not to knock any guys I've ever been around.  Here I have the opportunity to be the quarterback of this football team.  There's not that many Antonio Bryants out there.  There's not that many K2s out there.  There's not that many Derrick Wards…I mean in this league.  So to have that opportunity to have all those on one team, is especially thankful for any quarterback.

(Freeman on pacing himself during camp)
"It is definitely a long camp. Luke and Byron have let me know that you aren't going to win a job or accomplish all your goals in one day. You take it one day as a time, and that is the approach I'm taking."

(Freeman on the mentoring from Leftwich and McCown)
"They have been great, and so has Josh Johnson. It helps being a younger quarterback and rookie quarterback and having some older guys who have been in the league for awhile. I'm getting advice from everybody. From receivers, backs, tight ends, and also the defensive guys tell me. Okay we key off this, when it is this coverage you can exploit it there. I get a lot of help from everybody."

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