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By Roy Miller as told to Charlie Campbell

We are getting closer to the first preseason game, and things are going well. I've been getting in the rotation with the first team ‘Go' package. That is the group that has the responsibility to get to the quarterback on obvious passing downs.

As for working in with the ones, it is what it is, a great opportunity. I'm getting better everyday and trying to take my game up in every way. I can definitely see the moves that work in college aren't always going to work in the pros, so I'm working hard at improving them everyday. The coaches see it, but I have to keep playing better.

In the ‘Go' package I'm playing a three technique, where I line up over the guard's outside shoulder. In college I mainly played a one technique, which had me lining up over the center. Playing at the three is a great opportunity. It gives you an advantage as a pass rusher. It kind of puts the guard on an island because the tackle has to block the end, and the center isn't in as good a position to get a double team. I definitely enjoy it. I have the chance to get better at it in practice, and show it during the preseason games.

You definitely have an advantage rushing the passer as a three technique because when you are lining straight up over the head of somebody it is harder to get around them. When you are in the three technique you have an angle on them because you are over their outside shoulder. You can act like you are going straight up and come inside. You have a lot more space to work with. That angle is also the reason why a defensive end will split out. Ends have great opportunity because they can work with so much room out there, and use all the tools and space to their advantage.

I've heard that coach Morris has given me some praise in the media. That is good and all, but I'm never satisfied and I have a long way to go to where I want to be. I'm glad for my coaches to see it, but I have to keep getting better.

I know one thing you guys would enjoy hearing about is the treatment that rookies get in training camp. Thus far there hasn't been any hazing or anything like that. I did have to sing in front of the team. I chose an easy, quick song "Take Me Out To The Ballgame."

Rookie night is coming soon. I think it is as soon as we break camp. There is no telling how much money I'll lose taking the defense out to eat. I'll split it somewhat with my roommate (Kyle Moore), and cornerback E.J. Biggers. For some reason though, since I was the second pick made by the team, everybody thinks I was a second round guy when actually I was a third-rounder. They think I got more money in my pocket than I do. I'm going to lose a lot that night.

There isn't too much advice I can get on it. The more that Aqib Talib, or any of the guys from recent years think about it, the more they are likely to use those tactics on me, so I won't ask. I know these are some great guys. I'm just hoping they go easy on us.

In my free time at the hotel I play some video games with Kyle. We play NCAA football. He uses his USC Trojans against my Texas Longhorns. But I always beat him down. It is getting old. We need to pick a new hobby because I'm getting tired of beating him in every game. Generally we only get a chance to play one game.

A big part of training camp is time management. Knowing when you can be on the phone, when it is time to study, relax, and sleep. We realize the value of all of it in our schedule.

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