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By Roy Miller as told to Charlie Campbell

The game against the Jaguars went really well. Of course we got the win, and it feels great to get that first one. I think the defensive line did a really good job of getting to the quarterback. I think we played hard, and I think we did well in the situations we were presented with. Playing good situational football is something we have worked on all training camp.

It felt great to get a big hit on a quarterback. Gaines Adams put an awesome bull rush on Eugene Monroe getting low. He was right there to make the sack also, and I cleaned up the play with a shot on Jacksonville's David Garrard. Garrard is a good quarterback that moves well, so getting a knockdown on him is something I can build off of.

It is one of those things where you want to get it done the first time. Every season is like that. You want to get your first quarterback knockdown, sack, out of the way. Before the game, I had a goal of getting to the quarterback and putting a hit on him. I did it, so now hopefully I'll get a lot more and it will be the norm to do it.

Overall, I felt really good in the game. Compared to a week earlier, things are slowing down out there for me. I played smarter, and I'm trying to get better every week and I felt that I did that from the first preseason game to that one. I feel like I had an opportunity to pass rush.

I know that last week we had two guys get in the news (Tanard Jackson's suspension and Aqib Talib's arrest). Right or wrong they, made that decision. I don't know the circumstances that caused those decisions. Obviously, they got in trouble for what they did, but we move on as a team.

I think we just have to pull together as a team, and we did that right away. Coach Morris said it is easy to single a guy out and push him away. The hard thing is to bring him in, embrace him, and bring them back as teammates. Coach Morris does a great job, and I think that was a great statement by him. It really hit home with me. You have to be there for people when things are hard for them, and mistakes are made, and help them to avoid it happening again.

This is a family, and in a family you don't push people out. You have your punishment and you get past it, and you are still a family. Those guys have their situations, but they are our teammates and they are great players.

Coach Morris is very impressive, and he is way different from my college coach (Mack Brown). Coach Brown was a great coach for me, and I'm honored to have played for him. I feel the same way with Coach Morris. They have completely different styles. Coach Morris is so straight forward, and blunt. That is how it is in the world and you treat a man like a man. That is the only way to be in the NFL, where football is a business. Anywhere else in the work force they will tell you like it is if they don't want you there, so it shouldn't be any different here.

Coach Morris says that he has to be the one that has to look you in the eye and tell you that he has to cut you. If you got to do that, then you have to be straight forward about everything else. That is just the kind of guy that he is, and I respect him for that.

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