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By Roy Miller as told to Charlie Campbell

Practice this week has gone well, and I'm real excited for my first home game as a Buccaneer. It will be great to play in front of our fans, and in our stadium. Practicing at the stadium was amazing. It is something that I've been dreaming about. Playing the Dolphins will be fun, and will get me even more excited for our regular season opener against the Cowboys.

Once again I had to get fried chicken for the defensive line for the flight to Jacksonville. I'm going to have to do that every time we leave to go play an away game … the whole season. Kyle Moore and I split this last one. I gave Kyle a break, and I bought it by myself the first week. I have to chuckle when I see the register totaling around $90 worth of chicken.

One thing that I'm sure you guys would like to read about is Rookie Night. That is a ritual on the team. The rookie draft picks take a group of the veteran players out to a fancy restaurant. The veteran players take advantage and order whatever they want, multiple times. I'd be lying if I said it hadn't crossed my mind about how it was going to be, and if it would be as bad as some make it out to be.

It is a rite of passage, and Rookie Night put a big dent in my wallet. When I think about it, oh man, I'll just say that it was more than a couple thousand that I lost. Between me and Kyle it was about five figures, and it was just the defensive line. Every group had their own thing. As far as us, we just went out as a defensive line and had a good time.

There wasn't one guy that hurt me over the others, or did anything too extreme. Nobody ordered bottles of Dom Perignon to bring home. That happened to Gaines Adams on his rookie night, but guys were taking advantage of a fancy, free meal. That's for sure. They were ordering five lobster tails each, and stuff like that. At a pretty nice restaurant, that will hurt you.

I know that Josh Freeman took out the whole offense, so that makes me feel better about my situation. Hearing stories from the past, and how bad some guys got it, makes me feel good that it didn't happen to me. They didn't do that. They took care of us, and they wanted to take us through a ritual. We got the night over with, but had a good time. Next year there will be some rookie taking me out to eat, and I will be welcoming them to the NFL as a teammate.

Speaking of next year's rookies I thought I'd share with you some thoughts about the guys I left in college. I know that a lot of fans are into the draft. Back with my Texas Longhorns, I think Colt McCoy has what it takes to be an NFL quarterback. We don't need Colt because we got Josh Freeman. Colt has all the tools to be a good pro, and he is a great teammate.

I think Sergio Kindle, the defensive end/outside linebacker, is a very good player. He should have a big year this year, and I think he will rush the passer well against all those good passing offenses in the Big 12. I can't forget my wide out with the Longhorns, Jordan Shipley. Definitely, he would be a good fit in any NFL receiving corps.

We don't really need him with playmakers like Antonio Bryant, Michael Clayton, and Sammie Stroughter. All those guys in our receiving corps can make plays, so while I had some great teammates and went against a lot of great players, I can't think of anybody left in college that I feel we need to have on the Buccaneers. We have a good team across the board. I don't think there is a weakness on the team.

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Mb Nfl Lock Of The Szn Pewter 728x90 Jpg