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It’s your first real NFL game, and you have to face Cam Newton, how does that feel?
“Well I’ll tell you, in this division every week-to-week you got to face ‘X’, right? So, he’s the first of the really good quarterbacks we got to play against. He’s athletic, dynamic. He adds a dimension to the game that I’m probably more used to coming from college than some of the guys that have been in this league for a while. Doesn’t mean just because you’re familiar it, doesn’t mean you can stop him; he’s proven that last year. He’s a tremendous talent, tremendous football player, and someone we need to make sure we have accounted for, then go make the play.”

How do you stop Cam Newton?
“Not many people have. If you look at his bylines, his statline last year, he hasn’t been stopped very often. Anytime, you’ll hear me say this probably because we do play against a lot of great players, it isn’t really stopping him, because they’re going to get their plays, you try to limit them. And that offense is an explosive offense, let’s call it like it is. They got an explosive player in the back, two explosive players in the backfield, explosive players at wideout, at tight end. You got to kind of pick where you’re spending your resources and hope the other guys don’t get you. That doesn’t sound very reassuring, does it? [laughter]”

How do you stand health-wise going into game one?
“Pretty good. Coming out of camp, guys got a couple – ‘this hurts’, ‘that’s a little sore’, ‘this is keeping me from going full speed’. We have a plan where it’s day on, day off – this last day off here now, I think it’s important that they get their rest. We’re off the field, it’s 2:15, they’ll almost get 48 hours before they’re back on the field, I think that’s important. And we’ve kind of done that as you’ve noticed. So I think it’s a gradual get-back-to-feeling-great and get them ready for Sunday, where they’re feeling 100 percent.”

Guys like (Adrian) Clayborn?
“Yup, that’s the plan.”

Did Eric Wright aggravate his back, was he on the bike today?
“He split. He did a little bit, then he was on the bike. The plan all along was Wednesday he’s full-go, and I think he will be.”

How does Arrelious Benn look, and what would the plan be for him to play on Sunday?
“Arrelious has done more each day and as long as he continues on that progression, I expect him to, yes.”

Has (Adrian) Clayborn hit a wall?
“The wall you’re talking about, I remember in my time in this league it was almost uncanny, you could see almost where they were going to hit it, the rookies. And I think the difference is that some were able to hit it and keep going and other guys hit the wall and that was it. You know the reason, that’s the end of the college season and you can say what you want about bowl games, but it’s not the same, you’re not going in that regular grind. So those rookies have a tough time of fighting through that wall. What we try to do is educate them to that and it is a longer season and you have to take care of yourself now. With Adrian in particular, I think he’s already done a lot of those things. I think he’s better conditioned that he was. I shouldn’t say that, because I don’t know how good of condition he was in. But he’s in good condition now and I think he has a better understanding of defensive line play, having all those more reps that he’s accumulating.”

Given that wall, what’s the plan for (Doug) Martin and (LeGarrette) Blount?
“A lot of it is by feel, yeah. Because things change. Now, do we have a plan? Sure, we have a plan. But I don’t think a lot of that goes on how things are going. If a guy gets hot you don’t want to take him out. He’s hot for a reason, so let him go. So to say ‘it’s going to unfold this way’, I can’t do that. As long as we get them reps in practice so everybody’s ready to do their role, the important thing is, it’s clearly communicated to each player what they’re role is for this week. That may change next week, but this week, this is your role and you have to go out there and execute your role.”

Where do you see D.J. Ware on this team?
“I think that’s to be defined. The reason we brought him here, the role we think he can do, is I think he can be a third-down back. He’s done that in this league effectively so that would be nice to start there and then carrying the football, we’ll have to wait and see. Again, I’ve said all along, there are only so many touches and those touches are earned. And although he doesn’t have those here, he has them in this league so we just have to see how he fits in this environment.”

Could you have four running backs up on game day?
“As long as they play on special teams, yes. Or at least some of them do. That would be the rub if they don’t. You can’t afford to do that.”

Have you settled on a punt returner?

Want to tell us who that is?

Any closer to deciding a right guard?
“We’ve got a couple of guys. (Ted) Larsen is working there. We’ve got a couple of other things going. I’d rather wait until later in the week. Let’s see how it ends up. I’ll let you know.”

Do you look at Carolina’s running backs and get an idea how to use your personnel?
“They do have talented running backs, you’re right, but I have kind of my own ideas how to do that. So I don’t, I know they’ve been effective with it. We’ve done that over the years, too. I’m more concerned about their running backs and stopping them than using it as a template for us.”

Is Mason Foster ready to go?
“Yeah, I fully expect him to go.”

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Mb Nfl Double Your First Deposit Football Team Vs Bucs Pewter 728x90 Jpg