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Legendary sports columnist Gary Shelton returns to PewterReport.com for his second season of providing post-game commentary on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers like no one else can. No one has won more sports writing awards than Shelton, who has covered Tampa Bay area sports for decades with his unique brand of humor and insight. Bucs fans can Shelton daily on GarySheltonSports.com and follow him on Twitter at @Gary_Shelton

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    I actually don’t think Freeman could play worse….and that’s saying something….we have the worst QB in the league, and that includes Geno Smith….wow…think about that for a minute…we haven’t been this bad-off at a QB ever….and we’re the Bucs – we’ve had ever bit of ineptitude an NFL team could imagine….well, as they say “it’s always darkest before the dawn”….and I hear the dawn in Oregon shines bright!

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    It was disappointing because the offense was so conservative for a 2-12 team. No 54 yard attempt a few minutes before the half; again with 8 1/2 minutes to go we went down the field has if we were up by 9 not down by 9. How come Gilkey is still on the team, and our punter has a dead foot. Only two more weeks to go and this nightmare is over.

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    Love the creative writing style on such a “ugly” team.

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    Always loved Gary Shelton’s work. He poses an interesting thought here; who is the Bucs worst QB ever? I know this, we’ve never had a great one. Oh a few have had great games. One even helped win the championship. But the worst? I’ve got to think about that one. Too many to consider.

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    I think Steve Spurrier may have the worst stats – win/loss record 0-14, including 7 TD’s vs. 12 INTs and 50.16% completion% with 3.95 Yards/attempt in 14 games, but likely was not the worst QB. There are really just too many to chose from.
    Here is Buc’s Central’s viewpoint on QB’s playing at least 3 games.

    1. Randy Hedberg (0-4 record, 4.1 passer rating)
    2. Jeb Blount (0-4 record, 27.5 passer rating)
    3. Jerry Golsteyn (0-3 record, 58.3 passer rating)
    4. Chris Chandler (0-6 record, 40.0 passer rating)
    5. Mike Rae (1-4 record, 59.0 passer rating)

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    That list sure brought back some memories Buctebow. Some thought Chris Chandler (who cost us a first round draft choice) was actually better than Vinny and Golstyeyn better than Doug Williams after playing well in a meaningless pre-season game. I could add Chuck Fusina and Casey Weldon off the top of my head. Egad we’ve had a collection of saviors.

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