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    Hope this is all coach talk. I hope Lovie knows he needs a QB and the best chance to get one is have the 1st pick over all.

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    It’s OK Kinderrt…I honestly believe that our offensive game plan could not be any worse even if we tried to lose on purpose.

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    I’d think Tampa should not try to win another game this year. Because Tampa has a chance to do something it hasn’t done in a very long while. If Tampa doesn’t win another game this season! Tampa can go several ways. Pick the Number One slot. No#2 Trade down to get a slew number of picks that make Tampa bay a contender next year. Look at the teams that would love to move up. What would Tenn give up to move one slot! What would NY Jets give up to select the QB the coach wants or No#3 Trade down with Cleveland for their two draft choices in Rd-1. I know its very temping to keep and get the QB they want. But look at what Tampa needs to Improved their team. 1. A new vet qb like Clev Qb Hoyer.
    2. They need several offensive lineman at least two thru the draft.Example: look at what Dallas has done in the last 2 drafts. They Improved their offensive line.
    3. They need to get another strong RB, MLB and at least one CB and One Safety.
    4.Tampa Bay has several draft options in Rd-4,5 &6.
    7. I think Tampa Should get best player available for their needs in each Round
    One last note look at Tampa bay 1st draft They Pick Lee Roy Selmon, Dewey Selmon, and I believe RB Ricky Bell. DEFENSES WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS. iN THIS YEAR DRAFT THERE WILL BE SOME HIDDEN GEMS IN MID-LATE ROUNDS. GO BUCS GEORGE HICKS

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    For the love of the fans the Glazers need to corral Lovie and give him the facts of a Bucs life. If I am deciphering the BS Lovie is spewing in his latest one liners I feel that Lovie couldn’t win in the NFL if his life depended on it. I’m getting these bad vibes that Lovie is going to eschew the selection of Mariota for a defensive player, Gregory perhaps and find another retread QB in FA again. Cutler is sure looking good to Lovie about now. Until the Glazers slap Lovie upside his head and tell him the offense is out of his domain and his input is no loger needed or wanted we are going to stay the laughing stock of the NFL

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