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    I’ve listened to Lovie’s cryptic responses in his press conferences and you must listen to his whole message not just the sound bite.

    He gave Glennon glowing praise throughout the presser, noting his gifted arm and in particular, his decision-making. He is essentially saying the starter names himself by virtue of his play. He also said it’s a moot question now because McCown is not back.

    I’ll interpret for you. Glennon is the starter until he’s not!

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      We had better find a kicker because our current one just kicks to low and I’m not talking about the 50 yarder. I see it in the extra points and other kicks

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        Am I the only one who thinks this kid should be our punter/kick-off guy and we let our best kicker go?

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    Lovie reaallllly does not like to commit to anything now does he? First him saying Revis has a place in TB, Tedford ordeal, now not wanting to declare Glennon starter… oh well. Just will take a while to get used to as a fan i guess.

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    Everyone is talking like Glennon is Tom Brady after ome average game. Even Dilfer had a good game every now and then. I’m not a Glennon basher but to me he has a long way to go BEFORE he is a franchise QB. Yes, he has a strong arm but not very accurate, not athletic at all. This is a QB that will give you average games for five years and you keep hoping he will become better then he is and never does. I believe we have had to many of those guys before. Need to draft the top QB next year.

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      Kinderrt, I agree with you that Glennon has a long way to go before he is a franchise QB. He does have a strong arm but not accurate and he isn’t that athletic but you dont have to be athletic to be a great QB. The greatest QBs ever weren’t athletic (Montana, Marino, Elway, and Manning). To be a great QB you need 6 things. A strong arm, Accuracy, intellegence to be able to read defenses, good OL, Good WR/TE/RB, and what I call the it factor. The it factor is the ability to stay calm, make great throws and lead at crunch time. Three of these things can be taught or given to them by thier team (OL, Skill players, and accuracy). The other three are natural skills. You either have them or you dont and if you dont then you will never have them. To me Glennon has at least 2 of them (strong arm and intellegence) and maybe the third which is yet to be determined. He also has good skill position players. If the Bucs can get him a decent line, he works on his accuracy, and learns to read defenses better this kid has the ability to be great. The question is how hard is he willing to work to get better? As for the it factor, I havent really seen it in Glennon yet but I think you must have the other pieces in place before you can really judge if he has it.

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        wnbo395,Agree with you and a good explanation of what makes a good to great QB. I kind of believe that accuracy comes as a natural trait more then can be taught. I believe you can improve his accuracy some but you need to have the ability to drop the ball in over the defender deep that makes the great QB.That is something that Glennon can not due and I don’t believe he can be taught that. THat’s part of the IT factor that the better then average QB’s have.

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    You need to watch Lovie’s body language — he will tell you when he is lying or stretching the truth.

    Makes sense not to name a starter… let NO keep guessing and having to game plan two QBs.

    If you ask me, based off comments by Lovie, Glennon will likely start. I tend to agree with Kinderrt on this topic… Glennon has shown vast improvement from last year, but I am not sold he is a consistent QB. What was nice to see was the lack of turnovers.

    Did anyone else feel like the team preformed better for Glennon?

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    watkinsp: No, I think the team was motivated by the butt whipping, getting the early lead and getting back a few of the injured players. The first half offensive showing was dismal. Lovie is never going to say more than he has to say. My guess is that it’s Glennon’s gig until the bye week. After that, we’ll get a better answer as to the direction of the team with regards to the QB position. Until then, shhhhhhhh.

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    If Glennon plays the rest of the year, I think that will be enough time to get a solid understanding of what he is/will become. He might surprise us and show he can be our franchise QB, or he might not. Either way, Lovie should keep him in and see for certain what he has.

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    Geno Smith, Manuel, drafted ahead of Glennon, heading to the bench. Brees had a clunker, Rogers could only manage one T.D. two weeks ago. How bout Big Ben, missed a couple of open ones Sunday that would’ve salted the game. I guess if they played for the Bucs we’d be looking for that “franchise quarterback” in this years draft. Is Mariota, or Hunley that guy? Even if we draft someone new it will take that kid a couple of seasons to prove they are. All rookie Q.B.’s struggle with the stuff Glennon has already been through. Mike was better then anyone we could’ve drafted this year, and next. He’s done well in tough situations this year, and last year. Don’t know why anyone wants to replace a 24 year old who’s shown promise, with the mystical unicorn that doesn’t really exist.

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    Lovie will stick with Mike, why? He doesn’t turn the ball over, he’s smart, works hard, doesn’t have any you tube videos out there drinking shots with topless girls, and a monkey in Vegas!

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    I agree with you to a point. I learned early on that a bird in hand is worth two in the bush. I like Mike Glennon and think he deserves a chance to be that guy.

    But Glennon presents a contradiction in current Bucs offensive philosophy and they both cannot co-exist. As I understand it, Jeff Tedford’s philosophy was an up-tempo offense run by a mobile QB that allows play action with WRs, TEs, and RBs (ala Sims) all in play at the same time as well as the QB moving in space to find the open man – a mobile QB in the vein of Russell Wilson or Colin Kaepernick.

    If we are going to use a Tom Brady type pocket QB which I think Glennon is (high praise), we need to re-think our offensive line that is going to give an immobile QB the time needed to choose the open receiver because we don’t have those guys now and didn’t draft for them last year. I don’t have a preference for either offense, but we can’t have both. As you have seen, either can be successful, but both cannot co-exist at the same time – oxymoronic!

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      Does anyone think that Tedford will be back? That scares me… I don’t know what to believe right now.

      We need to find out if Glennon is “that guy” and stop wasting our time with McCown though. If he is, then we can address other needs in the draft. If he isn’t, then we can address it in the draft. Either way, why do we need to draw out the inevitable??

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    I think you all made some good points. But one point I’ve said before that I want to reiterate touches on something Wnb0395 and Macabee said about needing the right O-line. There is no O-line in the NFL anymore that can block for a QB that can’t move. We’ll never get to an 11 or 12 win season because we’ll face 10 teams on our 16 week schedule that we won’t be able to defend their pass rush well enough. It’ll be even worse in the playoffs. P. Manning is the last of a dying breed. All of the QB’s that are having success in the NFL can move in and out of the pocket to avoid the rush: Wilson, Luck, Rodgers, Kaepernick, Brees, etc. Did you see Brady last night? Did you see who Belichik drafted to replace him? Not another statue, that’s for sure. Even Newton is struggling now that he can’t move. I believe we will spend the next 3-4 years drafting O-linemen and still not go deep into the playoffs with Glennon at QB.

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    Mark Cook

    There is really no sense in naming Glennon a starter at this point with McCown still banged up. If Lovie did and then Glennon throws 3 INTS next Sunday at New Orleans, what have you accomplished? The offensive players don’t care at this point. It isn’t a divided locker room at all and all I have talked to still feel McCown can get the job done

  13. 12


    I’ve seen nothing from McCown to support him as our starter. I’ve seen enough from Glennon in his 6+ quarters to believe he has earned a chance to keep trying. Go Bucs!

  14. 13


    How nice for everyone to have a healthy debate without the name-calling and totally ludicrous remarks. Whether Glennon is the “future” or not is still yet to be determined. We all want the same thing. A QB who can year after year keep our team relevant. A QB who wins games because of his play. A confident QB who stays calm under fire , keeps his emotions in check and for whom his teammates believe will get the victory somehow. A QB who we are proud to say is ours. A QB who is in the news for the right reasons. A QB more concerned about his team and fans than personal gain. A QB who causes defensive coordinators to lose sleep. Right now we don’t know if Glennon is “that guy” or “just a guy.” Let’s find out.

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    And one more thing. A QB with a hot wife. I think it’s a prerequisite for the truly great ones.

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