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Scott Reynolds is in his 23rd year of covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the vice president, publisher and senior Bucs beat writer for PewterReport.com. Author of the popular SR's Fab 5 column on Fridays, Reynolds oversees web development and forges marketing partnerships for PewterReport.com in addition to his editorial duties. A graduate of Kansas State University in 1995, Reynolds enjoys giving back to the community as the defensive line coach for his sons' Pop Warner team, the South Pasco Predators. Reynolds can be reached at: [email protected]

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    Mark Mark Mark- There is no excuse for what Sapp is saying none what so ever, he doesn’t own that number on other teams I mean give me a break and what kind of A HOle do you have to be not to appreciate another kid wearing his jersey in patronage? Is Sapp gonna be mad if some kid wears in jersey in the stands? This is yet another embarrassing act performed by our own Sapp throw it in with the hotel fight with a under age prostitute in Glendale, Grabbing his crotch in front of the guest High school Coaches in attendance watching Bucs Practice to the cheap shot on Clifton and then yelling “putt a jersey on your so tough rant at GB Coach” the guys is a jerk and I mean major jerk, was he a great player? Yes, and for that his jersey is framed on my wall but the guy is a huge jerk and I wouldn’t walk across the street to meet him

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      Have to agree with you on this one Jon as Sapp came off like a complete a$$ here. AS you said, he’s got no relevancy over a number for another team. While Sapp was one of the greatest all time on the field, off of the filed, he’s a complete dick.

      1. 1.1.1


        Have any of you read any of the articles?

        His issue isn’t with him wearing the number…

        It’s with him using his name.

        If he wants to change the number to 99… Sapp doesn’t care…

        What Sapp cares about is that he is using his NAME to get attention.

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    As for Nickerson he should be next in ring of honor as he is the top 5 best Bucs Player of all time a long with Brooks, Sapp, Selmon, Barber in no particular order as for Dungy as much as I like him I would put Gruden in Ring of Honor before him. Why you ask? Cause he won 3 division championships and one super bowl a place Dungy could never take us too that’s why

    1. 3.1


      I’ve got no dog in this fight. I personally have no preference or objection to whomever they choose for the Ring of Honor.

      But my gut instinct tells me that your namesake will not be chosen anytime soon. Read paragraphs 4 and 5 of the link below. Like elephants, billionaires have long memories. lol.


      1. 3.1.1


        Mac- I have no idea how you are able to cut and paste these articles so quickly but yes I know of the story how he was 9-3 and lost 4 straight then was fired. I blame Monte Kiffen for announcing he was leaving team prematurely during the season and Brooks playing hurt to keep his consecutive streak alive that cost this team the playoffs, but yes, fans aren’t as clairvoyant on these matters and knee jerk react to just the wins and loses and put the head coach to blame unfortunately.

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    Although I was never happy with the Adrian Clayborn pick once I found out about his physical limitation, there was no doubting the guy played and practiced his guts out here.
    I also thought it was stupid to move him over the left DE when his natural position was right DE. That was done by Schiano to put Daniel TeoNeshim there for god knows what reason since he was less effective than Clayborn.
    7.5 sacks as a rookie is a very respectable number but two season ending knee surgeries later it seems to have sapped Clayborn of any burst and he now labors as a DT in Atlanta.
    You can have all the speed in the world in the NFl especially as a DE but if that is all you rely on you will always end up with 4 to 8 sacks a year.
    Ot’s will just kick out on you and push you around the QB like they did with Gaines Adams and the Falcons Vic Beasley last year.
    It also helps to have a heart, an edgy attitude and a killer mentality like Warren Sapp and Deacon Jones.
    Gaines Adams lacked all three as did Daquawn Bowers.
    Speaking of Nickerson, Sam Wyche specifically wanted Nickerson for the adgy attitude because he thought the Bucs defense was to soft and used to losing. He knew Nickerson would come in and help change that mentality. He did.
    Speaking of Wyche, i’d rather see him inducted into the Ring of honor than Dungy. Wyches was responsible for the drafting of all three of the cornerstones in the Bucs hallowed defense: Sapp, Brooks and Lynch.
    We rarely hear that when everyone want to laud Dungy for the great teams he produced.
    I believe the reason for that is because Wyche was always chiding some of the medoa for the crummy biased ways they went about their jobs.
    As for Sapp, I was one of those who questioned his comments but I in know way think it makes him a villain.
    I also don’t think it makes him a bad person to have been hooked up with a couple of skanky prostitutes.
    If that was all it took to make you a bad person most of the men in this country would qualify.
    Of course if you asked most women they would tell you they did qualify as being bad people.
    I for one felt his stupid remark to the waitress he didn’t tip was more more egregious than seeing a couple of skanky prostitues.

    1. 4.1


      Drdneast- Your view on prostitution as “no big deal” tells me something bout you, I mean if you can’t get it at home then go pay for it from crack heads just make sure they are over age unlike our buddy Sapp

    2. 4.2


      Totally agree with your take on Sam “Wacky” Wyche not ever getting the credit he deserves for laying the foundation of the eventual championship team. We too often hear “Gruden won with Dungy’s team”. Heck, Dungy didn’t win in St. Louis or Philly with “Dungy’s team”. What both coaches did was benefit from Sam’s team. Dungy was left with Sapp, Brooks, Lynch and Nickerson. Not a bad start. Thank you Sam.

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    Man, how is there an entire section on Noah Spence in which his mediocre 40 time is mentioned multiple times, and there isn’t even the hint of a mention of his really good 10 yard split? How often does a DE have to run 40 yards? As a pass rusher at least, almost never. The 10 yard split, to me, is a more telling measurement for a DE. Von Miller ran a 1.57 TYS. Spence ran a 1.61, which is a very good time. That number puts him right in the ballpark of a lot of very quick, very fast DEs.

    When it comes to a DE, I care much more about how quickly he covers 10 yards of ground than I do how quickly he covers 40 yards. I’m going to ask him to do the former a whole lot, and the latter is almost never going to come into play.

    1. 5.1


      Too- I agree completely with your assessment of the 10 yd split which is much more effective in pass rush than a 40 yd dash, what would Bruce Smith and Reggie White time be in a 40 yd dash fro crying out loud? The 10 yd split is a true measure of get off and burst for D-lineman. 40 yds times are more for wr’s, rb’s and corners, safeties

    2. 5.2


      Very good point, familiar17, and knocking his broad jump does nothing for me either. What is he going to jump to the QB?

    3. 5.3


      My sentiments exactly Too. It’s a mere seven steps to the target. The tactics used to traverse that distance as quickly as possible are what matters most. If he can do that, who cares if Rich Eisen can beat him in the 40?

    4. 5.4


      Agreed, and let’s not forget the improved secondary will lock down the receivers longer which will hopefully give our DL time to terrorize the QB and bring back that fear offenses had for us in the early 2000s!

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    jongruden, to my knowledge Sapp was never caught with an underage prostitute.
    As for me personally. I am mot married {who would have me} but I do have a very beautiful loving girlfriend who I judge as somewhat misguided because of her involvement with me.
    I don’t approve of prostitution because I believe it destroys the human soul but I am also not going to meddle in other peoples lives or force my morals on consenting adults, either.
    However, thanks for your concern about my sex life.
    That was what that statement was about, wasn’t it?

    1. 6.1


      drdneast, I would never date a women who would go out with a guy like me.

  6. 7


    Just an observation, most guys that downplay the prostitution thing and say things like “most men do it” are saying something about themselves, like people who do drugs then down plays the significance of them saying “everyone does it”. If men want to solicit women for sex that’s their business but I think the ones that do are scumbags and perverts personally

  7. 8


    Wow, jongruden, pretty harsh.
    Ye who is without sin, cast the first stone.
    We, as human beings, are all imperfect and have glaring weaknesses.
    We can only strive to be better people and human beings.
    Compassion towards your fellow mans weakness and faults is not a weakness, but I believe a sign of good character.

  8. 9


    Bucs have a real logjam at De. If Jacquies Smith can stay healthy if not improve, we have a dynamic speed rusher duo . . . then, there’s Ayers, Gholston, George Johnson, Howard Jones, and Kourtnei Brown . . . Bucs could be keeping five De’s(with some of them being able to play inside, like Gholston, Ayers, and K. Brown).

  9. 10


    A lot of interesting reads! Thanks for giving credit to Sam Wyche for Lynch, Brooks and Sapp. People do say it was Dungy’s defense that won the Super Bowl – not so. Still love Tony Dungy.
    TYS absolutely – can’t wait.
    Gaines Adams had a congenital heart condition which put a governor on his motor and ultimately killed him. People usually forget that. He maybe didn’t have that killer instinct, but his heart would not have let him do that or at least prevent him from sustaining it.

  10. 11


    Yes, Warren Sapp had/has a surly disposition. I remember well his post-game, locker room interviews after games. He would “chaw” his tobacco and spit into a towel as he was being questioned. Odds are he will never be called “lovable”.

    He was/is an NFL Hall of Fame team player.

    Gerald McCoy is not a Sapp clone. He has his own set of physical attributes and acquired skills.
    He was wise enough to seek out Mr Sapp and listen to what was shared early in his own NFL career.

    Enough said.

    Go Bucs!!!

  11. 12


    Way too early to proclaim Spence greatness. Might I remind you Scott he is a small guy and not all that fast; I still have doubts if he was the correct player to draft. I like Rice and Nickerson then Wilder after Lynch. Warren Sapp needs to put his humble hat back on. He is running out of time to make money in the marketing world as to value.

  12. 13


    Sapp is the alpha male. I always ger a kick out of hearing the rest of the pack whine about him. I love his personality and that is what brought us a Superbowl victory. I met Sapp once and he actually chewed me out in front of a 7-11 because I said whats up to him. Just being in the presence of Sapp was a huge thrill for me. Reading some of these comments about Sapp is hilarious. Its not real though. You can sit there and type that he is an a$$ all day but if you met him in the flesh you would definitely not be talking all that smack. Keep it real people. Respect Sapp for who he is. He is the alpha male. He is the boss and he made the Bucs great and elevated the play of those around him with his demanding presence. Without him the Bucs would still be chasing their 1st Superbowl. Respect that and respect the man!

    1. 13.1


      Sapp is an alpha male in the locker room, not on the streets. And for you to let a man undress you in public for saying hi to him is laughable. I respect Sapp for who he was ON THE FILED. Because you’re good on the field , doesn’t even remotely give you the right to be a dick to the general public.

  13. 14


    GoldsonAges, you can be an alpha male without being a total jerk and chewing out a fan because they said hello to you.
    I met Lee Roy Selmon twice and told him how much I admired and respected him not only as a football player but as a man.
    He graciously thanked me both times.
    Sapp is just a jerk.
    When you stiff a waitress because she says, “what will you boys have.” and try to turn in into a racial incident, you’re just a jerk.

  14. 15


    Took my son to an autograph signing when he was around 9 years old. While the other players chatted with each youngster and posed for pictures, Sapp wouldn’t even raise his head. Great player? Absolutely. As jonnyg said, “that’s where his greatness ends.

  15. 16


    Then to add to the hypocrisy, he becomes a member of the very group he used to detest. I think Randy Moss is like this, too.
    Still, I hope one day Sapp will see the light and apologies and make amends for his rude behavior in the past and tries to become a better person.

  16. 17


    This entire defense shows a lot of promise. If they can show even 1/2 the improvement our offense showed last year, we should be a good shape.

    With all the negativity surrounding Sapp, let me just add that I wish we saw a little of his fire in our current defensive players.

  17. 18


    Right now the Defense has proven nothing and it was silly IMHO that David even said anything. Action talks louder than words.
    Lets get several games under our belt before we start huffing and puffing about improvement on the DL, Safety, and CB arena. Getting rid of the previous Smith defensive coordinator was a first step; now the next Smith defensive coordinator has to show us he can coach in the present NFL too.

  18. 19


    I concur, Horse.

  19. 20


    Well this is George Hicks again-I think Spence is the Real Deal. Just wait untill learn the system-Go Bucs

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