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Scott Reynolds is in his 23rd year of covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the vice president, publisher and senior Bucs beat writer for PewterReport.com. Author of the popular SR's Fab 5 column on Fridays, Reynolds oversees web development and forges marketing partnerships for PewterReport.com in addition to his editorial duties. A graduate of Kansas State University in 1995, Reynolds enjoys giving back to the community as the defensive line coach for his sons' Pop Warner team, the South Pasco Predators. Reynolds can be reached at: [email protected]

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    Well I do feel like we have made progress and this team will be competitive. I have two concerns. Do we really have a consistent pass rush? Is our OL better than last years? If both these answers is yes then we could go 10-6, but I believe that’s a pipe dream. I think we’re somewhere between 6-8 wins. No idea what our priorities will be in the 2017 draft. Go Bucs!

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    Nice FAB 5 to lead into the season Scott. I gave the same 10-6 prediction in the comments earlier this week…maybe I have the specific wins/losses a little different (e.g., I think the Saints defense will prevent them from winning much this year, despite any longevity miracles that old-man Brees might pull out of his hat) but I agree that (barring injuries) our team should be competitive with every other team in the league. This is a QB driven league and we have (finally) a legitimate top-10 QB.

    In terms of most important Bucs (FAB2), preseason review (FAB3) and who might draft in 2017 (FAB 4)…I think all of those roads point to one man as being critical pawn in the analysis…Donavan Smith. His play in preseason was uninspiring IMO (FAB3), but he will be called upon as much as anyone to facilitate the slow developing down-field passing attack that we have and allowing our offense to thrive (FAB2). If he falters this year, and indeed we have a top-10 pick (again), it would behoove us to draft a LT (FAB4), and perhaps move Smith to LG. So, I think the play of Mr. Smith will be critical to so many facets of our 2016 season and I will be watching his every move with great interest and great hope that he can progress into the Pro Bowl caliber LT that may reside within him.

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    You’re right Scott, hard to predict wins, and losses. I’m assuming you wrote this Fab 5 before the outcome of last nights game. The way Denver ran the the ball on the Panthers, what will they do to our run D? As for those Panthers, they keep subjecting Cam to those hits with the run option, he could be on I.R. by week five. So anything can happen. Wouldn’t it be something if the Panthers lost the division because of missing a F.G. to lose a game, and we win the division because winning a game by making a last second F.G.? Nobody would be laughing at using a 2nd round pick on a kicker then.

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    I try to stay away from predicting won/loss records, especially in the NFL. There are so many variables. But, I understand why you do it, Scott. It helps with the analysis of the Buccaneers.
    I have to agree with Jameis being listed as top 20 most important Buccaneers. This team will go as far as Jameis will lead them. Which is I would suggest moving Domovan Smith and Demar Dotson up in the rankings. Plus, adding Ali Marpet, Joe Hawley, and Kevin Pamphile. None of the offensive starters will have a good year unless these guys have a good year. BTW, Jamis is fantastic! Which is why I am excited for this team and this season.
    I also try not to get to involved with preseason analysis. But, again, I understand why you do it, Scott. It helps with the analysis of the Buccaneers. I have to agree about the running game. It is Jameis’ and the Bucs’ defense best friend.
    I also have to agree with you that it is way too early for 2017 mock drafts. Again, I understand why you do it, Scott. It helps with the analysis of the Buccaneers. I hope they draft in the 20’s and really hope they draft 32nd.
    I do believe the Bucs have a good, competitive team this season that won’t embarrass us.
    Go Bucs

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    Hey Scott. Great F5.
    Fab 1
    I love some predictions. I predicted 60 sacks earlier in the year and some one asked me what I was smokin’. I was really just being a smart a**. But I ask you Scott what are you smoking? Cause I’m smokin’ it too. The games you predicted are close to what I have on my spread sheet.
    Only difference on mine is a loss to the Rams, A. Donald will establish himself as the NFL’s best player, and we sweep the Aint’s.
    That makes 10-6.
    Fab 2
    Can’t argue about much on the list. That being said ASJ should be higher up there. If your list is in fact a true ascending most important to not as important. ASJ needs to get placed right behind D. Smith. D. Smith IMO should include all the Offensive line.
    Fab 3
    Good analysis of our preseason. It’ too hard for me to judge this team after the preseason. Bubble guys over achieving and vets under achieving. Coaching staff throwing out weird plays. Referees goofing stuff up. After all, it’s not just players under scrutiny. On offense it’s always about the line. Can they block better? On defense it’s always about the D line. Can they make the opposing QB uncomfortable?
    It’s still football and if we can accomplish those 2 things we can beat any team on any day.
    Fab 4
    My brain can’t handle actually checking out individual players to draft before the season starts.
    Draft the best lineman available in the first round. Defense or offense, doesn’t matter.
    Draft the best lineman available in the second round. defense or offense, doesn’t matter.
    Fab 5
    Man PFF sucks. They have always sucked and always will suck. Forgive the salty tone, but some comments need them.


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    Great Fab 5 and the last one before the season begins. Damn I’m excited!
    For our record this year,m 10-6 is very possible, but the pessimist in me sees about 8 wins this year. I think we are one more year away from the playoffs, but hey , with Jameis, anything is possible. I think our defense will make a huge bounce back this year. I mean really as a Bucs fan, isn’t it going to be exciting not seeing consistently the same base 4-3 defense every damn play? Not just last year, but we’ve been seeing the same defense for like 20 years now. I’m going to say 8-8, maybe 9-7. Of course as stated above, injuries to a specific player or players can derail any season.
    Fab 2 , pretty solid list and I would put some of those offensive lineman a bit higher. Especially Marpet and smith. Our running game didn’t look great this pre-season, and I think a lot of that had to do with not having the same guys out there every game, especially Marpet.
    Fab 3, glad the pre-season is over as it’s just a horrible tease. I admit myself , I got caught up in the Vitale hype a bit and was surprised to see him not make the squad.
    Fab 4, It’s hard to look at next offseason already but I hope we are picking much later than some experts have us. I could see us around the 15 -20 area. Tough to tell who will be there, but I think receiver is something we will definitely have to look at. Mike Williams is a monster but he might go top 10. Those running backs will be plentiful that’s for sure as well.
    As for season guesses, here’s a few. Let me know what you guys think.
    1. Jameis will eclipse 30+ passing TD’s.
    2. Mike Evans will have 10+ TD’s this year
    3. Hargreaves will have 5+ Int’s this year
    4. The bucs will have not 1 but 2 double digit sack artists this year. Smith and Mccoy are the two I think that will do it
    5. Bucs will be top 10 in LEASTE amount of penalties this year
    6. Charles simms has 800 + receiving yards and 6+ receiving TD’s this year
    Just having some fun here. Go Bucs!

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    Scott, great Fab 5 and I’m real excited about this season. As a Canadian fan from Toronto, I don’t get the opportunity to get to RayJay like most Bucs Fans, but I was down for Christmas last year and saw the defense wilt against the Bears in the second last week. Needless to say I was really disappointed (not with the D personnel, but with Lovie’s predictable D). As a fan of the Bucs since 1995, I was excited to see an Offense for a change. That’s today’s NFL and man are the Bucs fun to watch again. I’m a little more conservative with the win total, likely 9-7, but they can go either 8-8 or 10-6 too. It’s a tougher schedule than last year for sure. Hey, they’re not going to win the SuperBowl this year (statistically speaking, although we all hope so), so let’s have fun watching them improve as a team and making strides towards contention in the long term. I have my Sunday Ticket so I will be cheering from afar but my heart lies in my second home.

  8. 8


    I know this is off topic. If that was Tom Brady getting hit like Cam Newton was there would have flags flying all over the place. The NFL is starting to become a joke. Seems like Cam grew up a bit from last year.

    1. 8.1


      Man, I cringed on that last hit he took- and he still got them where they needed to be to win. Gotta respect that… That missed FG made my night

    2. 8.2


      Agree completely. Not a Cam fan but the refs screwed him and cost the Panthers the game. If the Broncos did that to Jameis we’d all be screaming bloody murder.

    3. 8.3


      You make a good point Vette. Perhaps if Cam deflated his balls, the league would let him slide. I stayed up and watched Poutin Newton’s press conference. He walked out when a reporter asked him about oranges.

  9. 9


    Definitely excited about this year. Defense looks to be a lot better. If we stay healthy, who know? I still think we are thin at a few positions. Our offense really looked good last year and should on paper be even better this year. But I think it will come down to injuries at key positions. If we stay healthy at running back, I think we will improve. I worry about Winston. Not about his ability, he should have a big year . But if he goes down, or is out more than one game, I think all bets are off. Receiver position is strong as our twin towers are big powerful receivers who can produce. Again, the key will be can Jackson stay healthy? TE will be interesting. Will Brate stay as starter into mid season, or will Jenkins get a shot to come in and show that he is the next all world TE? i have my fingers crossed for DL. Third preseason game really looked like we have improved . 10- 6 ? That would be amazing. I am going to be rooting for em, but will be just as impressed if they end up 8-8.

  10. 10


    I just hope that the “Hack-a-Shaq” or “Slam-a-Cam” is not going to become the way that defenses work against Jameis. After last night’s game, I actually felt bad for Cam, the way the defense was head hunting. I really hope that Jameis will be running on occasion and not as another RB on the team. A healthy Jameis is a winning Bucs team.

  11. 11


    As always, I enjoyed the read. I could have done without the draft for 2017 though. Way to early to start worrying about such matters.
    Can’t argue with your player ranking either.
    It is of utmost importance that Winston continues to improve if the Bucs are to have a winning season. He manipulates the safety with his eyes like no other second year QB I have ever seen and if he can continue to improve on moving defenders around with his eyes and body language ala Drew Brees, there isn’t a reason in the world he can’t be a top tier QB.
    I would like to see him give back the pregame rah rah speech to Clinton McDoanld though because I think they get him to amped up.
    Liked seeing Joe Hawley up there. The guy has some real needed attitude and isn’t afraid to mix it up or back down.

  12. 12


    Chetevette, I have no sympathy for Cam Newton.
    Perhaps if he didn’t act like such a preening narcissist when he scored a TD, defenders wouldn’t go head hunting for him.
    As it is, “Superman” shouldn’t be worried about a few hits from mere mortals. Isn’t he the man of steel?
    Fact of the matter is, after the Denver win in the Super Bowl and the game last night, Newton can expect more of the same.
    Besides, if the Panthers don’t like him getting hit, maybe they shouldn’t run him out of that zone read offense.

    1. 12.1


      drdneast, I’m just saying that he did not pout or act like a baby during the presser. He is still a preening a-hole to me. I think once he takes off running he should be considered a running back. Still, it’s a formula to beat him.
      GO BUCS.
      College ball Saturday Bucs on Sunday. Screw the honey do list.

  13. 13


    I would expect a 9 and 7 season. We do face several of the strongest defenses in the NFL this year. Odds are that we will have injuries to more than one important player during the season.
    If we did get to the playoffs by beating Carolina at the end. We may well be meeting them again after our wild card win. That would be something exciting to see. We might be called “over achievers” at that point.
    I remember when we had a 10 and 6 record and still did not make the playoffs.
    I heard a lot of comments on sports radio today regarding the ref’s failure to protect Cam in the game last night. I don’t know if the Broncos defense always plays that way or that they just especially have it against Cam. When we play them I expect that our guys won’t let them do that to Jameis. Our fans should be the “twelfth man” and be extremely vocal and loud if necessary!
    Go Bucs!!!

  14. 14


    Another thought. In 2002 nobody mentioned the Super Bowl and the Bucs in the same breath.
    I love the under dogs. Nothing more exciting than to see a perennial loser win it all.
    Not a big Chicago Cubs fan but I’m looking forward to that World Series if they go. 100 years that’s a long time for those fans to wait.

  15. 15


    Realizing also predictions are silly at this point I keep coming up with a range of 7-9 wins. ——- Positives like Koetter’s passion and Smith’s D which should be night and day vs Lovie’s not so lovable losers last year and Jameis’ continued development. But the OL is suspect, WR is also (one potentially elite starter, one strong but aging contributor and little productive speed in the group) and depth overall is our Achilles Heel. ——- We probably win 1-2 more games than our talent suggests because of Jameis elevating the players around him and lose 1-2 that were winnable because of injuries and a chronic lack of quality depth. ——- Despite all that I have to say it’s great believing in the team again for the first time since Gruden left!

  16. 16


    I like your spirit chethevette.
    Cam didn’t whine after the game which was smart but he sure did a few times during it, especially in the first half.
    Unfortunately, after all the headshots he took last night in front of a national TV audience, refs will probably be over cautious with him for the remainder of the season.
    I still say if I was a coach everytime he did that stupid zone read play, I’d assign someone to go after Cam’s legs, ala Sam Bradford, whether he had the ball or not.
    Bet he would stop those plays real soon.

    1. 16.1


      He is definitely going to get hurt. It took the league about 2 years to figure out Mike Vick thanks to Derreck Brooks. After that Vick did not stand a chance. I see the same scenario for Fig Newton.
      Just another thought, why are these players wearing fake glasses. I know he doesn’t wear them. Maybe they are going for the egghead look?
      GO BUCS

  17. 17


    Enjoyed your won-loss predictions and rationale Scott. There’s no reason this team can’t win the 10 games you speculated and “shock the world” as Ali would say. Yes. there are areas where a better starter and greater depth is needed, but that can be said of every team. To me the difference maker this season is going to be the overall team psyche starting with Dirk and his staff. The defeatist attitude that would overcome the team at times under Lovie Smith was all too common at the first sign of trouble. None more telling than Lavonte’s acknowledgement on the very first play of last season. I sense an increased confidence and a belief in our second year QB that will prevent the team going in the tank if the opponent makes a play.

    The 20 most important players nearly noted every starter, but one key player was absent………Punter, Bryan Anger. Last year our rookie punter was one of the worst in the league. Anger is one of the best. That five plus yard increase can be, as that obnoxious Kia salesman screams, “HUGE Tampa HUGE!”

    It’s absolutely comical when folks start predicting the 2017 Draft positions when at this point Carolina is on their way to picking first and Denver last. One time I’d like to see these self-appointed experts make a truly bold prediction. Wouldn’t it be refreshing if they acknowledged that Dallas just might suck?

    1. 17.1


      I never gave the punter a thought about being in the top 20. But you are correct, should be a good upgrade.
      I can not change the channel fast enough when that guy comes on TV. Those are arguably the worst commercials ever in Tampa.
      I take that back, Tom Stimus car dealer in Bradenton was the worst. You youngsters don’t have a chance with that reference, but the geezers might get it.
      GO BUCS

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