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    Fab 1 and Fab 2 – We’ll see. I’m not sold on either one of them yet.

    Fab 3 – I don’t have a feel for the later rounds, but I disagree with some of the players that will be available in these pools.

    Round 1 (I think these players will go in the top of the 2nd round):
    Louisiana Tech DT Vernon Butler
    Ole Miss DT Robert Nkemdiche
    UCLA DT Kenny Clark

    Round 2 (I think these players will go in the 1st round):
    Eastern Kentucky DE Noah Spence
    Oklahoma State DE Emmanuel Ogbah
    Clemson CB Mackensie Alexander
    Texas A&M OT Germain Ifedi
    Alabama C Ryan Kelly

    Fab 4 – I agree that this is a tough schedule, but if we’re a good team with a good QB why does it matter who we play? The margin of victory should be small against good teams and large against bad teams but if we’re good we should win either way.

    Fab 5 – Nothing to add here.

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      I like your thoughts here as usual. Some of these guys will be gone earlier then predicted in fab3.

  2. 2


    Very nice Fab 5. Again, I hope the BUCS can trade down for more assets (picks). A lot of quality defensive linemen in this draft. In Licht we trust! The schedule is a bruiser, but if our dense improves I think the BUCS can be a surprise team this year. 2nd year for Winston, an OL that has a second year together, the same offensive system for the first time in forever, and veteran WR & RB. I don’t think points will be the problem.

    1. 2.1


      Picture cracks me up!!!

  3. 3


    FAB 1) I am starting think that Lovie might actually have some memory loss issues – first he claims to have told his CBs that their job was to force the fade passes in the redzone, while ATV says that Lovie told them the exact opposite (force the slants); then he claims not to have told Warhop that Dot son would be starting…hmmmmm

    FAB Draft) I am just going to point out 2 guys that I think will have pretty good careers (and won’t be top-10 picks, probably not even first rounders)…I did this last year with Tyler Lockett, and the year before with Gabe Jackson…and my picks this year (yes I’ll make 2) are: Jaylon Smith LB Notre Dame (in 5 years the team that is sending this kid to the probowl for the third time won’t care that they had to redshirt him for 2016), and Devonte Booker RB Utah (production, production, production).

    Fab 4) Schedule – in a league of parity the schedule may look tough with foresight but it won’t with hindsight…just play the games – the teams aren’t all that much different for the most part – we need to play well to win, and if we play well we can beat anyone.

    GO BUCS!

  4. 4


    Re Fab 2 – George Warhop,

    Why is OL Garrett Gilkey still on the Bucs roster? Is Warhop still trying to resurrect this guy since he brought him from Cleveland?

    Perhaps PR can tell us!

    1. 4.1


      We will draft OL. Maybe a couple so he will be gone by start of season.

  5. 5


    I Love how some people (Pink) think they know where players will go in what rounds, lol People can be so full of themselves!
    I on the other hand have no idea how this draft wil shake out as I have seen guys like Jake Locker go in the top ten when I didn’t think when coming out he was a first round qb. If I were to have a wish list of players I want for this team personally the guys who I have watched on live tv or by you tube highlights I like William Jackson III, Mackenzie Alexander, Carl Nassib, Emanuel Ogbah, Kevin Dodd, Ryan Kelly and a Sterling Sheppard perfect slot wr we desperately need

    1. 5.1


      I find it comical when the draft projections and player evaluations, based on very little data, are presented as if they are virtual certainty and actual facts. I find it equally humorous when posters scoff at the opinions of others. As you said, who knows how things will shake out? I just sit back and wait for reality.

  6. 6


    Well thank you for all the round Insites and Free Agents that are looking at.I will Make My Tampa Bay Big Board as You said in each round. I believe that with the sudden trade of the no#1 pick Tampa will have a couple of teams may think about Veterans Qb Mike Glennon-Go Bucs from George L Hicks

  7. 7


    So far, Koetter has said and made moves that I’d agree with. Some during the Lovie Smith era – Aaron Donald and Mariota(Winston is proving out to both him and me though! Hey, I did acknowledge that his character belies his actions), and a month ago or so Koetter recognized that he’s got a Rt – Demar Dotson(not to mention a good backup in Pamphile). The theory is a good Oline(and Dlineman) generally goes for ten years or so; hey! Let’s test out the theory! Dotson is the starter(Cherilus is also a good backup . . .)

    1. 7.1


      I checked out the locals, as reported by Bucs.com last night; there were a few names I couldn’t find, like the Wr Gonzalez. And, I know Licht knows plenty more players then he’s been allowed to interview – should prove interesting. I’m confident that who gets brought in for tryouts . . . some the Bucs might genuinely be interested in . . . others are brought in because they’ve got questions about them.

      1. 7.1.1


        . . . if it was me, “I’m trading down.” I’d draft a Dt up top, and one down in day four or five, depending on who’s still available at four. McCoy is a little injury prone; i’d draft Branden Bryant just in case he turns out to be John Randle.



          maybe trade down the second rounder . . . not to mention Glennon.



          maybe trade down the second rounder . . . not to mention Glennon.



            I’m split between staying put and trading down . . . Billings and Kenny Clarke are both 20 years old; they’re going to be beasts. If Billings is gone(I felt this happening after his combine performance), i’m trading down a little bit and going with the unexpected Dt Kenny Clarke.

      2. 7.1.2



        Here are the 23 players who played at local high schools and will be attending the local workout today. Most will end up as undrafted free agents seeking a Bucs contract following the draft when the roster can go to 90 players. A handful, such as WR Geronimo Allison, Spoto, Illinois, CB Anthony Brown, Hillsborough, Purdue, and WR Chris Moore, Jefferson, Cincinnati are expected to be drafted. The player you inquired about is WR Rueben Gonzalez, Robinson, Jacksonville State – a longshot to be drafted or get a Bucs UDFA contract.

        Jamie Byrd, FS, USF
        Brynjar Gudmundson, OG, USF
        Eric Lee, DE, USF
        Thor Jozwiak, OT, USF
        Sean Price, TE, USF
        Mattias Ciabatti, P, USF
        Marlon Pope, TE, USF
        Logan Williamson, C, Jacksonville University
        Tyriq McCord, OLB, Miami
        Denzel Thompson, FS, So. Eastern Louisiana
        Geronimo Allison, WR, Illinois
        Chris Moore, WR, Cincinnati
        Frankie Williams, CB, Purdue
        Marqus Baker, CB, Buffalo
        Anthony Brown, CB, Purdue
        Ruben Gonzalez, WR, Jacksonville State
        Phillip Ely, QB, Toledo



          Oops! Remainder of 23 local players.

          Steven Bench, QB, USF
          Anthony Harrell, OLB, Florida
          Allen Covington, DL, Toledo
          Devante Danzey, OL, Auburn
          Josh Celerin , FS, Jacksonville
          Arturo Uzdavinis, OT, Tulane



            Yes, Macabee, these are probably the unrestricted free agent list. They’ll go through a tryout session, and only those who the Bucs feel made it will be signed. Some on the current roster might be cut. I don’t feel like doing the calculations to see whether there’s enough interesting players in there to cut some who are the roster right now. But, I’d argue a few players might not make it past the undrafted free agents tryout.

  8. 8


    maabee, I watched Gilkey extensively last year in preseason when he played guard since he received a lot of negative comments due to his play against the Bengals at center.
    Let’s remember the game against the Bengals was the first time Gilky had ever played center.
    Why this was done still mystifies me to this day.
    Whatever the case, Gilkey played well at guard last year in preseason but not so well as a center.
    As for the offensive line play in 2014, I always maintained it was Mark Arroyo’s inexperience that caused a complete breakdown that year.
    Of course it didn’t help maters any when Lovie came in and blew the line up.
    I could see why he got rid of some of the players, but to replace four out of five OL was almost asking for trouble.
    Sometimes I think the only reason Smith took the job was so he could give his son a job.
    He sure never did act like a man on a mission to prove the Bears were wrong in firing him.

  9. 9


    Another good Fab 5 Scott. Whatever we do in our drafting, I am comfortable Licht and Koetter will select quality players. I am very excited for the season to begin because I believe we are now playoff contenders; something I haven’t been able to state for several years so early. Go Bucs!

  10. 10


    Well it should be an interesting draft for sure. Added to the fact that the Rams just gave up the farm for a medicore QB is hysterical though. SOrry, you don’t give up 2 years worth opf drafting for either of those guys. Neither are on the level of Jameis and Mariota were last year. And to think it could be Wentz, a D2 player just shows how desperate teams are for a QB right now.
    Glennon will never have better value and you can damn sure you get a 2nd for him or don’t trade him. Someone will budge.
    I hope Dotson has a great return this year as I had a feeling he was getting hosed by that clown of a coach we used to have. The more I read about Lovie, the more I get pissed off at what a useless tool he really was.
    I am really excited for the draft because we all have no idea how thise will go so I won’t venture to guess.
    I’m all for trading back and starting to gather picks. If you could land like a WIlliam Jackson the 3rd and then Butler at DT, that’s a great way to start.

  11. 11


    So the Patriots released Dominique Easley a few days back. I think he would be a great addition to the Bucs as a back-up 3-tech DT. He would come cheap. He will fill the role that Pewterreport has been saying is so important that we take Rankins in the first round. I like the Rankins pick, but I like taking a chance on Easley to give us more flexibility in the draft. The big issue is if Llicht will take a chance on Easley even though the Patriots felt he was a problematic player. Licht’s close ties to the Patriots may make him bias about giving Easley a second chance. There have been conflicting reports about Easley. One teammate called him a locker room cancer. Another vouched for his character. Neither players put their name on the statements, so who knows which one is closer to the truth. I just believe he is worth at the very least a real look. This would give us the flexibility to really take the BPA in the first round. And there are good DT available in later rounds that can be taken in case Easley really is a bad teammate. Just my opinion though.

  12. 12


    Sigh. Very worried pass rush will still be a huge issue.

  13. 13


    Another great Fab 5, Scott. Nowhere else can we read such quality in-depth information as you regularly provide to us.

  14. 14


    Great Fab 5 Scott. Thank you.

  15. 15


    Most excellent! I think you are on to something at DT! Go Bucs!!!

  16. 16


    Cgmaster. I feel the same way you do about Lovie and I used to defend him.
    But in retrospect, the more I think about his two years here, the more exasperated I become with his subpar efforts.
    Although Lovie was always a very composed coach, which is a trait I can appreciate in a leader, nowadays I’m not sure if it was because he was just disinterested.

    1. 16.1


      I’m starting to believe the latter. I really do think he was just along for the paycheck. That and to keep some of his friends and family employed for a bit.

    2. 16.2


      Towards the end of the season I had enough of Smith arrogance and total dislike and disrespect he had for the Press. I supported him until the last couple games and I saw we were going no where with him, but I figured the Glazer’s would give him another year. I was surprised, but happy they didn’t give him that extra year. Heck it’s their money and I respect them for making the change. Winston brought inspiration and Koetter brought Coaching. I can see us going to go to the playoffs. I’m confident about it. Go Bucs!

  17. 17


    drdneast it takes a big man to admit he was wrong. I always try to keep an open mind to what others see and are saying despite not agreeing with them all the time. Something you may want to do in the future. To say you disagree is one thing, but you flat out tried to attack and belittle anyone that didn’t think Lovie was doing a good job. Lovie was horrible in just about every aspect. Nobody knows exactly what his level of commitment or intentions were accept Lovie himself but there were just so many issues and I just had a strong gut feeling something was not right with him. The more I hear what players say, etc, he was even worse than I thought. His heart did not seem in the job. Dungy was calm composed and at times I wished for more enthusiasm but the players loved him and responded to him. It doesn’t seem like any players really had much respect or love for Smith which is strange. I’ll bet good money he never coaches in the NFL again. He was horrible in just about way.

  18. 18


    That was certainly a good read. I think if we can stop other teams from scoring 30 points a game; we can win more than we lose. Go Bucs…

  19. 19


    After the total debacle (or as Deion Sanders would say, “shebacle”) of the Bruce Allen, Mark Dominik, Raheem Morris, Greg Schiano, Lovie Smith years it’s nice to have a real GM and real head coach for the first time since McKay, Dungy and Gruden. It’s like a breath of fresh air.

    This draft seems like such a wild card compared to past drafts. I suspect Licht doesn’t even know exactly who they’re targeting yet since there are so many variables at work. I think part of the problem is there’s a ton of depth in this draft especially on defense but there are only a couple of blue-chip players at the top. Because of this, I think you can get just as much value at #15 as you can at #9 this year. I’d like to see Conklin or Stanley still be there when the Bucs pick and a team in need of a franchise LT trade up (maybe TN trades back up from their #15 spot).

  20. 20


    It aways takes me a day or two to digest all the information contained in SR5. Then I read each post. Great read Scott and Great post’s fans. It is a difficult draft as some have indicated. Unlike 2015 when QB was a major concern that turned out well so far for the Buc’s. This year is a hole filler, rotational player compilation of what many think should be addressed as best-available- player in nature and future oriented. In many respects considering the Buc’s recent records we are definitely in uncharted territory. I believe our starters with few exceptions will come from our current roster. Considering the coaching changes which I personally feel has been our best offseason move so far, will serve to improve this team albeit a significantly more challenging schedule on the horizon. I would be very hesitant to predict a 2016 record at this point, though by nature I am optimistic. As for the draft, I agree with those who advocate moving down where better value in the mid to latter half of the first round is evident and possibly moving up in the second round to attract a second defensive player. All speculation. I expect a few surprises and wouldn’t be surprised to see some top prospects drop while other workout warrior, 4 day combine warriors excel. I don’t see Mike Glennon as much of a bargaining chip as we might hope, but I certainly have been wrong in the past. Finally, there is always that UDFA looming after the big event, and if you look at starting rosters around the league you can easily see their many contributions. It’s all good this time of year, so sit back and ENJOY……

  21. 21


    It’s so nice to read the posts preceding this Draft as opposed to the Winston-Mariota debate that raged last year. Even the most ardent Mariota proponent would be hard pressed to find fault with #3.

    This season few of us seem to have a specific favorite, must-have player for whom we want Licht to turn in the card. Instead, we have a collection of potential targets. Me, since I don’t see the cream at the top, unlike prior years, I think trading down makes more sense than usual. Looks like the value is just as good from 15 to 20 as it is at the 9 spot. I have few facts to support my stance; just a hunch.

  22. 22


    Jason Cole B/R reports that many GMs think the Titans will trade back into the top ten for an OT preferably Jack Conklin! Throw the trade chart out of the window. The Bucs could be that trade partner and ask for a 2nd round pick and get it. It’s a seller’s market. The Titans have enough 2nd round picks (3) to buy that offer and be happy! If both Conklin and Stanley are there at 9, it could compromise the Bucs leverage if they insist on a 2nd round pick to trade down. I’m down with whatever, wherever, or whoever the Bucs pick. I’m ready for some football! lol.

    1. 22.1


      Just some perspective – The Titans will not throw the draft value chart out the window but they will probably give a discount because the number of picks they have and a pressing need at OL.

      If they swap 1’s and the Bucs get a 2nd round pick #45, there is a 150 point difference. If the Bucs give them their last 4 picks (4th on) that totals to 141.

      If the Bucs only have 4 picks (15,39,45,74), I would see that as a net positive. Undrafted players would see Tampa as a better opportunity with less draft pick competition.

      Tenn would then have 12 picks to play with and can go crazy going up or getting next year picks.

      This sounds like a Win Win.

      1. 22.1.1


        Your math is impressive! Now do the math on the Titans/Rams trade and see if it fits the draft value chart. They burned the trade chart in effigy! It’s a second round pick if they want the player or the bidding goes on!



          Very well good man, I will do the math. If you take picks the Titans are giving up this year the value is 3,088.6. All of the Rams picks being surrendered this year are 2,335. So now we have to factor in next year picks. Even at FULL VALUE if the Rams pick is 23 (and therefore 87 in round 3) that total is 915. Add the 2 years together you get 3,095. Pretty close to 3,088.6.
          Also normally when you trade a this year pick for next year pick you normally move up a round. So bottom line although the trade looks lopsided to us, it still adheres to the Pick Value Table.




            It is a slow day so I will enamor you! Let me first commend you for taking up the task and a fine job you did.

            Remember this, a good lawyer never asks a question that he doesn’t already know the answer to. While your math is good, you forget about the weight of the trade and that is the number of picks. Points are close but the number of picks and where they occur are not. Picks are players. Points make you feel like you got a good deal even if you didn’t.

            Now I will concede that the points are not that far apart. But If I take your 150 point differential and compare it to the 335 point differential in the Titans/Rams trade, the Titans have no grounds to complain about a Bucs trade If Conklin is their man.

            There are people that do this for a living and I provided a link that I had in hand when I originally posted to make my point. Please review and give me your thoughts. I think you will agree that the Bucs should stand pat and demand a 2nd round pick. I stand by my assertion that the Titans will pay and never look back.

            Bottom line it’s always nice to have a respectable chat with another loyal Buc Fan. Good day, my friend!


    2. 22.2



      In the year of Donald Trump, I guess everything is negotiable but 150 points would be equivalent to additional 3rd round pick (pick 88). My original proposal had the Titans forfeiting a 7th round equivalent (pick 206). So I agree the Titans will overpay, the question is how much.

      Now if the Bucs were willing to take the Titans 3rd round (#64) instead of #45, they could also get pick #140. So the question is do the Bucs want Quantity or Quality.

      Lastly, I agree with that article. The difference in my number and his were the value of next year picks. He made the Rams pick 15 & I made it 23. But I also said a next year picks have lesser value than a this year picks. So 15 next year value is probably close to 23 this year. I’m also sure that the Rams tried to downplay their next year record, while the Titans were telling the Rams they looked like Super Bowl contenders. Once again, this is the year of Donald Trump.

  23. 23


    I don’t know one once about what Mac knows about these kids, let alone what Licht, and staff put in on them. Props on your research Mac. I do like what I see on tape of Rankins, but what ever we do, I’d be a fool to say they should do this. What’s happening in this draft now is Q.B.’s are being over valued, and moving up charts. Good for the Bucs, a lot of talent could fall to #9, teams could want to trade up, and Glennon’s value had to rise. Hold on to your seats folks, our draft could become a wild ride.

    1. 23.1


      QB are overvalued unless you don’t have one.

  24. 24


    As most of you know, I was Warhop’s biggest critic last year. I also am a big fan of Dotson and trust him to tell us the truth. I felt it was Licht’s judgment that picked our rookie linemen last year just like he did grabbing our excellent Tackle late in the draft the year before. I also gave our All Pro Guard the credit for working with our Rookie Linemen last year. If I was wrong in those beliefs, I certainly apologize to Warhop for misjudging his talent and congratulate him on his promotion! Great article as usual, Scott.

  25. 25


    Best part of the Bucs schedule is we will be guaranteed that Tony Romo will be injured by then.

  26. 26


    fredster, it was never my intention to attack anyone personally.
    I believe our main disagreement about Lovie was his low key approach and his esoteric manner with the media.
    These were two characteristics that I often cited as being similar to the “God” of all coaching nowadays, Bill Belicheat.
    Whatever the case, I would still much rather have a coach, or a boss, who stays calm and composed under stress.
    I never learned anything from anyone yelling at me and acting like some high school version of Gen. George Patton.
    Magoobee, very funny.

  27. 27


    Certainly agree with you on folks in charge needing to be able to control their emotions drdneast. In Lovie’s case, that may have been an easy task since at times he appeared to be emotionless. It’s also important for people to be themselves and not try to play a role.

  28. 28


    I like Nkemdice and Spence the best even with their off the field issues. I like Rankins, Butler, Buckner, Bosa, Ogbah, Occhi and Judon. I guess it it basically just comes down to any player that exudes a mean defensive attitude with an aggressive nature. Nothing against Hargreaves but I think round one should be dedicated to the D Line. My dream scenario would be Spence in round one. Nkemdice in the bottom of round one by trading back into the first or early round 2. Although I fully expect someone to take Nkemdice around 18 to 23. Agauyo in round 3 if he lasts that long. The Bucs need a premier kicker which they have never had. There are still some serviceable CB’s in later rounds as well as a slot receiver or offensive tackle or guard. I really hope that Licht does a lot ow wheeling and dealing and gets us some extra picks. Can you imagine?, Spence Nkemdice and Aguayo. What a haul that would be.

    1. 28.1


      It may have been a short ride, but Automatica Gramatica was fairly premier in his prime.

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