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Scott Reynolds is in his 23rd year of covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the vice president, publisher and senior Bucs beat writer for PewterReport.com. Author of the popular SR's Fab 5 column on Fridays, Reynolds oversees web development and forges marketing partnerships for PewterReport.com in addition to his editorial duties. A graduate of Kansas State University in 1995, Reynolds enjoys giving back to the community as the defensive line coach for his sons' Pop Warner team, the South Pasco Predators. Reynolds can be reached at: [email protected]

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    Not sure why the team wouldn’t resign Sterling Moore. While I hope that Verner and Banks can improve off their disastrous seasons, it is clear that Moore was the best CB on the team last year. Importantly, he had decent to very good performances against some top WRs last year like OBJ, Dez, and Julio.

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      I Agree Bayside4Life.

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      Because he wants to be a starter, and they think Banks and Verner have higher upsides. Maybe Moore is a personality distraction if he’s not starting. I don’t think this is Licht’s Michael Bennett.

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    Corner, safety, DE, OL and speed receiver. FA and draft should be able to address these needs. I do like what I am hearing about this coaching staff, Offensive and Defense. Go Buc’s…..aim high!!

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    Great article. Preaching to he choir about Lovie. None of the info surprises me one bit. He was a terrible coach and coordinator here. You never know what people are really thinking, but no way you can convince me his heart was still in coaching. Too much money to pass up I guess. Anyways that’s the past I’m not going to beat a dead horse.
    I love all the moves from players to coaches and I am genuinely the most excited I’ve been as a Bucs fan in a long time! Go Bucs! I think sterling Moore would have been good for depth at CB but his salary was likely too high to justify. I junk our CBS will be fine if we can get a pass rush his year. Maybe one lock down CB in draft too.

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    Fab 3. NFL personnel saying the same thing the Red Board was saying. Why strip play calling duties from Frasier after the defense was improving the year before? LOLovie

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    Just excited to see Licht have a Free Agency where he’s able to pick the most talented players and not guys that are “scheme fits.” Sterling Moore def deserves another contract as he had a solid year despite the issues in the secondary.

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    I think it is wise of Mr. Licht to keep Glennon. You look at what happened to Dallas when Romo went down. I think they would of easily won the East except for Romo’s injury. Yet, I also hear Mr. Licht telling the other teams that if you want Glennon, you have to make a sensational offer. Go Bucs!

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    Great article, Scott. I wonder how much of the scouting savvy was Jon Robinson and how much was Licht & crew? I’m sure glad that Meathead is putting this team together… It feels so foreign to watch a GM work effectively for the Bucs. I can still remember ripping off my Bucs shirt on draft day and throwing against the wall when Dominick took Barron over Kuechly. Ahh… but, that is fate. Without that move, the Bucs may very well have not been in line to draft Winston. As far as this year’s draft, I’m starting to feel that Noah Spence’s name is going to start moving up the boards and in Bucs talking circles?

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      e, I think about that draft a lot myself. The only positive I can think of in drafting Barron over Kuechly is that in the second round we drafted Lavonte David. If you remember, Kuechly came into the league as an outside linebacker, so if we had drafted Kuechly instead of Barron, then we probably would not have drafted David. But could you have imagined Kuechly and David on the same team. Best tandem in the league.

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        Entre, I recall that Kuechly was always looked at as a MLB, but they said that he was extremely instinctive, but they thought he wasn’t fast enough to play the position and that “drafting a MLB that high would be ridiculous…” so much for the pundits. You are right about the best LB corp in the league. Dominick’s justification for drafting Barron was that when comparing the two, he wanted a player that had “pop;” A big hitter. That’s some strategy when everyone knows that the league was clearly moving away from big hits. I’m pretty psyched to have Alexander and David in that corp.

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    I, too, don’t understand the Bucs’ thinking on Sterling Moore. What is it that we don’t know about?

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    for all of us who thought Lovie should go-it appears we were right in our thinking…

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    different coaches have different ideas. as a guy who coached that CB Grimes in Atlanta, i would think he’d see a little bit of Grimes in Moore, but this will also be a different system than the one Nolan ran for him in ATL. maybe they just realize he is going to get offers that won’t make sense to the bucs to match, or they are betting big on what they see in the pre-lovie tape of verner and banks

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    Scott, I give you a so-so on this Fab 5; most of it was quotes from the new OC/WR and a few players who have quoted the same stuff in other ARTicles. I noticed the Chat Room wasn’t here today so I’m guessing your guys atre at the Senior Bowl or on Vacation.

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    Great Fab 5 as always. Can’t wait till Friday to read these things.
    Fab1, it’g really nice having a good caliber backup in the nfl. This one’s a catch 22 as you never know what can happen due to injury of your starting QB, but we have so many needs. We’ll never get a second for him so I see the reason for keeping him, especially given the compensatory pick for him the following year.
    Fab2. Love the fact that they are keeping VJ and Scott you made some good points on why we need him so I won’t go into that. He deserves it and you can clearly see a different team out there when VJ is on the field. I think and hope Bell comes back this year strong . With VJ, Evans, Humphries and a healthy Bell, with Murphy, we should be good at that position for one more year.
    Fab3, none of this surprises me. Lovie is a terrible arrogant coach whose only good chore since he took over the team was drafting Jameis. It’s not a surprise he never got another interview after he was fired.I’ll leave it at that.
    Fab4, good stuff about the senior bowl and I for one am a little surprised to hear about Alexanders draft slot according to the experts. Just from what I saw, yeah he didn’t have picks but he was literally covering shadows out there. Running routes for the receivers. Hell if we can get him in the second even better. We’ll probably look at defensive line with some of our secondary guys getting another chance. Don’t know why we wouldn’t resign Sterling as he played great last year in a terrible scheme.
    Fab5, Great stuff about Licht, he seems like he would be a cool dude to chill and talk football with. And he has made some good moves since coming here, some bad as well. But he’s owned up to his errors.
    Good stuff and on a side note, love our new offensive coordinator. It looks like our guys are going to have some fire on those sidelines and I love that stuff. I got a good feeling about this team. I would feel even better if next years schedule wasn’t so ridiculous.

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    I think this a classic move on keeping Glenn for Emergency Sistutation and give Jamies A break when the coaches want to see what they see on the sidelines-Go Bucs

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    Excellent Fab 5 Scott. Love your comment about drafting five starters this April. Another draft close to last year’s will cemment this Buccaneer team as a force in the South for many years to come. Good to hear so many DE’s will be available in the first round where it is looking more and more to be the direction the Buccaneers will go with the 9 pick. No brainer keeping Glennon unless, as you typed, a high second or first is offered. Again, nice read. Thanks and a hat tip!

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    Licht is the best hire this organization has made in a decade.

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    This organization is starting to do things that make sense for a change. Lovie may be the greatest guy in the world, but nepotism sucks at the NFL level. His son was not qualified to be safeties coach. I thought Frazier was a better DC than Lovie. Good to hear I was right. The money Lovie is getting from the Bucs is overly fair imo, so I’m sure he has no gripes. I agree that Jason Licht is the best move in a decade. He will get this team competitive.

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    After reading this article, three things stood out to me. Like many stated, Sterling Moore deserves to be back with this team. He was the best CB on the roster this year. The thing I am happiest to hear is that Donavan Smith is not happy with his play this year. While he played well for a rookie, all the comments on Donavan Smith coming into the draft where that he was lazy and and an underachiever. It makes me smile that he is not complacent with being ok and is working to be better. The third thing that I noticed is something that one of the commenters stated. Who is really the reason for the two great drafts that we have had. Is it Licht or is it Jon Robinson. Hopefully for our sake it is Licht. Hopefully Licht can replicate his magic in this years draft.

  20. 20


    The smart thing is to hold onto Mike Glennon until a desperate team comes calling before the 2016 trade deadline halfway through the season. As I often say, if Craig Erikson and warranted a first round pick in a trade, Mike Glennon might not be far behind. I do think it’s fair to say that each of those teams cited for being ill prepared at the back-up QB position, thought they were set before the understudy trotted onto the field. Still seems odd that the Bucs kept that 3rd QB on the roster.

  21. 21


    Well now, PR! Drop the mike and shut the door. Nothing left to be said here. Questions asked and answered. A complete and straight at you Fab5 expose!

  22. 22


    After saluting PR for a Pulitzer Award winning Fab5, let me be quick to say that I do not agree with the Bucs decision to not trade Mike Glennon.

    PR implies and further believes that if Ryan Griffin continues to show improvement in OTAs and training camp, the Bucs will again carry 3 QBs on the 53 roster. They also report that part of the Bucs rationale is that they will recoup a compensatory pick albeit 2018. IMO, If Griffin is worth keeping then Glennon is worth trading!

    What PR did not say and perhaps assumed you knew is that comp picks are not a certainty. Most or perhaps all of you know that compensatory picks are awarded to teams that have lost more or better compensatory free agents than they signed in the previous year. So, unless the Bucs stay away from FA or sign only 2nd tier FAs, then they are not likely to get a comp pick for Glennon.

    Now when I say this, keep in mind that I am the disgraced former president of the AGMA – Amateur General Managers of America (hence, may not have a clue). Personally, I would list Glennon on EBay, Amazon, CraigsList, Angie’sList, and post a for sale sign in my front yard!

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    Jason Licht = Common Sense

  24. 24


    Mac, have to disagree. Rolling the dice on Winston not going down doesn’t seem like a smart move to me. If he gets hurt, like most NFL teams we are sunk. If we have Glennon for another year at decent price why wouldn’t you keep him as insurance unless an offer too good to pass up comes? You saw how Winston hangs in the pocket until the last second and how many huge hits he took right? Such a huge advantage to have a backup you know can play decent…..

    1. 24.1


      Totally understandable argument Fredster. It is indeed a hedge against risk. In principle, I agree with you. Let me explain!
      You do realize that you changed the premise of the argument. You asked the question “why wouldn’t you keep him as insurance unless an offer too good to pass up comes?”. The premise of the article is that Glennon will NOT be traded, per Licht he will be a Buc in 2016.
      Again, if you are willing to accept an offer too good to pass up, then you should be willing to advertise that you would be open to such an offer.
      I won’t play word games with you as I have no real objection to keeping 3 QBs, I simply don’t think it is necessary. Your opinion makes a lot of sense and it may well turn out that the Bucs were wise to do so!

  25. 25


    This is all good news EXCEPT not retaining Moore. I think he played well enough to warrant an extension. Get Martin locked in then offer Moore a contract as well, unless there’s someone available in FA or the draft considered better.

    I look forward to a defensive draft and hope we can even come close to the success we had last year. If we do, we’ll be playoff bound in 2016 for sure! Go Bucs!

  26. 26


    Glennon makes sense as Winston’s backup for all the reasons SR pointed out in Fab 1, however, if the Bucs are offered a low 2 or a high 3, they should take it. According to the article, the best they could hope for would be a compensatory pick as high as 3rd round and that would be at the END of the 3rd round in 2018, so like pick 97-102 in three drafts from now. Could be as low as 6th or 7th round. No guarantee on a compensatory pick. If they are offered a low 2 from a team like Arizona or a high 3 from a team like Cleveland, Dallas, LA, San Diego, or Houston they would be crazy to pass it up. Ryan Griffin would be a fine backup and while anything can happen, I don’t think the Bucs are gearing up for a Super Bowl run quite yet. Load up on the draft this year.

  27. 27


    I get that PR is in love with Licht…and he has made some nice moves. But to give him credit for our pro bowlers? 1. We really only had 2-McCoy and Martin, both drafted by a previous regime. And Martin would be a Buc for sure next year if Licht hadn’t declined his option. Drafting Winston was a no-brainer. NE dumped Mankin in a salary dump. And David was also drafted by previous regime. Can we keep to the facts???

  28. 28


    Agreed on Moore w/ most of you.
    Wasn’t he brought in initially for nickel duty- wouldn’t he still fit in w/ the rejuvenated cornerbacks? I can see both Verner and Banks having comebacks! Glad to see the Bucs not haggling w/ Jackson& Mankins- hope to get a winning season for them next year?

  29. 29


    Fab 1 – I still hope Glennon gets traded; however, I do agree with the assessment that his value will not be very high, due to other QBs coming from the draft and FA.

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