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Scott Reynolds is in his 23rd year of covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the vice president, publisher and senior Bucs beat writer for PewterReport.com. Author of the popular SR's Fab 5 column on Fridays, Reynolds oversees web development and forges marketing partnerships for PewterReport.com in addition to his editorial duties. A graduate of Kansas State University in 1995, Reynolds enjoys giving back to the community as the defensive line coach for his sons' Pop Warner team, the South Pasco Predators. Reynolds can be reached at: [email protected]

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    I don’t follow college football that much but the info on Connor Cook looks very interesting especially if we fall just out of reach for Mariota. Winston just scares the #[email protected]% out of me to consider.

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    great read Scott… although I’m not sure Jerry lets Rod leave dallas

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    With so much that needs to change this team is in for another long year next year. There is no way we will get Marinelli but Warhop needs to go. If L&L listened to McCown about Glennon they should both be fired. If Tedford doesn’t come back we will need another OC thus comes a NEW scheme again. Things look pretty bleak for next year so why not start with the best QB possible even if we have to trade up or take a chance on Winston if available. Sometimes you need nerve more than BRAINS. If Winston grades out as the best QB you need to take the chance that he will grow up. Maybe under Lovie he could change into a MAN.

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    Scott, Donald Penn took over for Luke Pettigout in 2007 not Doug Reisenberg in 2006. Sometimes I wonder how much you guys really follow the bucs. Doug Reisenberg played for the Bucs in 1996.

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      @gibsonmx. I agree. Ive been saying this for a while now. PR has really not been the same since Charlie Campbell left. SR is alrite. he does do a lot for his readers, but a lot of things he say have me scratching my head and I know im not alone. Changing the site does not all of a sudden change my mind on pewterreport. i used to check PR every day, now, not so much. Like the bucs, Pewterreport has been in Rebuilding mode since they lost their best player, which was Charlie Campbell.

    2. 4.2

      Scott Reynolds

      My apologies, gibsonmx. I got my “former NY Giants free agent OTs that came to Tampa Bay and didn’t do much” confused.

      1. 4.2.1


        You have a point. Lol.

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    Fabulous 5 Scott, addresses THE most important position on the team. This year’s absolute disaster and the stubborn, condescending leadership of St. Lovie have actually made it possible for the Buccaneers to recieve a top pick in the 2015 draft. NOBODY wanted to type about a draft almost 6 months from now at the halfway point in the 2014 season. Well, after the horrible start at home in September it was inevitable and here we are. You point out, correctly, that we have never had a franchise QB here. Well, to win now or to have a good chance at winning in today’s game, having that guy makes all the difference. It gives fans legitimate hope too. we NEED that guy and to get him you have to take chances. Winston IS that guy Scott! Not only is he a proven winner with a passionate love for the game and winning, but his skill set is ALL there. And selling tickets? OMG it’s a no-brainer. Problem is, does St. Lovie think so?
    I never root to lose, especially at home. Who pays lots of money for THAT? But what pisses me off is that that’s EXACTLY the position St. Lovie has put so many great fans in.
    THIS is the great question for the rest of the season and the off-season next year….. What the hell are we in for in the line of legitimate hope and a future including an actual shot at the playoffs again.
    Excellent read and thanks for the positives, little as they are. Good things COULD happen over the next nine months, but will they?

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    Next year’s draft scares me too!

    I doubt if I will agree with anyone the BUCS pick at QB.

    Hey Scott, one of the things the BUCs and various writers have said is that the BUCs need to get meaner. I think GM might have said that too.

    If they want to get meaner, why aren’t they seriously considering Richie Incognito? I know they don’t want turmoil in the locker room, but the fact they haven’t given him a shot tells me Incognito must have some serious, beyond-repair type issues.

    Any Comments on this PR?

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    Fab 1: Well, I agree with the 1st half of this Fab. The 2nd half where you described two mistakes L&L made is complete nonsense. How is it a mistake not to have drafted a QB this year? None of them have proven to be franchise QB’s. You say Carr is the best of the bunch with a 60.7 completion percentage, 11 TD’s and 7 INT’s? In what world does that quantify the signs of a QB we should have built our franchise around? He’s hasn’t even won a game yet! I know you were hyping Carr throughout the draft process but you are reaching for something that isn’t there to say in hindsight we should have drafted Carr (or any QB from this year’s draft class). You’re the first person I’ve heard say anything positive about this QB draft class since the season started. The 2nd “mistake” is not having a QB competition? Neither QB is any good so how was having them compete supposed to have made either one of them better? How was getting snaps with the 1st team supposed to help when the our current starting WR (Evans) and TE (Seferian-Jenkins) were backups just like he was? Evans didn’t become a starting WR until the 3rd preseason game so Glennon should have had plenty of chemistry with him instead of over and under throwing him last week. The same goes for ASJ who only recently became a starter. This was a new offense and naming a starter and getting him as many reps as possible was the better move. This is becoming lengthy so I’ll discuss the other Fab’s in a separate post…

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    Great Fab5. Look forward to this every Friday. Any insight into who they might bring in at Offensive Coordinator next year if Tedford can’t go. And is there any chance they bring a guy in before the season ends?

  9. 9


    My bet is that the Bucs take DE in the first round, possibly an OT and then get a QB in the second round, or perhaps trade back up into the first to get the QB they want, if they haven’t already picked up another retread in FA.

  10. 10


    Fab 2: This is even worse than Fab 1; I don’t even know where to start. You start off by making the case that early QB draft picks haven’t worked out recently when the team is drafting for need. You start off in 2007 and there’s a team you skipped over…the Bucs. We had a top 10 pick and drafted for need at DE and ended up with Gaines, who was a bust. You also stopped in 2011. In 2012 we had another top 10 pick and drafted for need and got M. Barron, another bust. It’s not that drafting QB’s high when you need one is bad, it’s drafting any position high when you need one and drafting a crappy player is bad. We have a new GM who has drafted well so far so if he drafts a QB (or any other position) it just has to be a great player. As for the top two QB’s you brought up, I agree completely about Winston. However, you’re scaring me that you could be this wrong about Mariota. How could you knock his personality when E. Manning, Flacco and R. Wilson have all won Super Bowls with the same personality? You have absolutely no basis for criticizing Mariota for a character trait that has recent proven success. He has plenty of arm strength so I don’t know where that’s coming from. I’ve seen him make plenty of deep accurate throws. Even if he didn’t have a strong arm, how has that strong arm helped Glennon, Freeman or even Stafford who has the strongest arm in the league? Finally you give plenty of praise to Cook (who I also like BTW) for beating Stanford, but no props to Mariota who creamed Stanford a few weeks ago. Where is the objective analysis here? Oregon faces Michigan St., Mariota plays better, Oregon wins and you still come away more impressed with Cook who threw 2 INT’s vs. Mariota’s 0 INT’s? I’m just getting started on Mariota between now and the draft and if the Bucs continue to lose and are in position to take him we better do it. To be continued.

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    Lovie is a smart man and he knows his fate in Tampa will be tied closely to how he develops the QB position. Our 1st overall pick will and should be used on a QB. I still think if by chance Tedford is healthy and can coach that Mariotta is a good fit given what I’ve heard/seen from his schemes in the past. HOWEVER the choice should be Jameis Winston despite all the off the field issues. We have a HC that is perfect to groom him off the field but Jameis has exactly what we need on the field. A motivator, leader and frankly someone who doesnt accept losing. This team is closer to success than the record would indicate but lack that difference maker to push us over the top. A Manziel or Winston type player is exactly what this team and town needs to breath life into what has been a bleek last few years. Complain all you want about his off the field issues and the comparisons to Freeman but one thing makes them different IMO, Freeman never showed the love for the game that Winston has. I’d gamble on a player who made bad decisions off the field when their passion for the game is this high. Its time to put character issues aside and draft the BEST players available not the ones with Bibles in their gamebags bc the nice has gotten us nowhere fast. Go Bucs and find some fire this offseason PLEASE!

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    Fab 3: Like I said before I like Cook, but Mariota is clearly better in every possible way. As for Kessler, I’m not biased against him coming from USC, but I am biased against 1-year wonders (like Sanchez). I would pass on Kessler.
    Fab 4: I would love for Pamphile to win a starting OT job. I love hearing even more how strong he is. My biggest problem with 4 of our starting O-linemen (excluding Mankins) is that they aren’t strong enough. They may be atheletic and some like Dotson are good pass protectors, but none of them are strong enough to consistently push people off the ball. I hope Pamphile is the beginning of a trend in Licht’s drafting.
    Fab 5: I still don’t think you need to apologize for that, but it is appreciated. I don’t expect you to apologize when you get things wrong or brag when you get things right. I only expect you guys to work hard and report the facts as you see them at the time with as much supporting evidence/data as possible. I’d love to get Marinelli but either way Fraiser has to go. Also, I’m glad you pointed out Jacquies Smith last week and I hope he becomes our starter at LDE. Go Bucs!

  13. 13


    Scott, we agree that the Bucs need to draft a QB. But that’s where it stops. First of all, while I loved Bortles coming out, and he will likely be the best QB in that class, Manziel has as much risk to him off the field as Winston based on his own history, Bridgwater is a mediocre QB with your pet Derek Carr, who manages to be the only one of the 3 QB’s who is winless (in 8 starts). If your argument that rookie QB numbers mean that Carr is the one the Bucs missed then you conveniently forget that Glennon had better numbers as a rookie (QB Rating, TD/Int, YPA) Carr will be a bust, and when he does invariably get replaced, remember that I told you so. I will send you an address so you can write me an apology, but in due time. This QB class is better than last years class. While the concerns about Winston’s maturity are legitimate, you cannot possibly denounce his ability. National Championship, Heisman, 21-0, remarkable comebacks, top tier physical tools. The wearing a uniform to a pregame warmup should clue you into the obsessive nitpicking that Winston has been under. When in the history of covering football have you ever heard an uproar over a player wearing pads to a warmup. Or yelling out an internet meme in public (remember he was mimicking a meme) that caused him to get suspended for a game. It’s incredible. The Glazers are the single reason this team is where it is, if they have even a remote say in the direction of the franchise at this point you can imagine it will point downward like it has the past dozen years under their incompetent watch. So naturally they’d be against the best QB prospect to come out since Andrew Luck.

  14. 14


    The 2015 draft is April 30, 2015 in Chicago. That’s an eternity in NFL time. All of the QBs we’re talking about will have to stay healthy, have great closing performances, declare for the draft, perform well in pre-draft bowl games, excel in combine tests, and stay out of off-field trouble. Quite the gamut before they are ready for prime time!

    Already NFL analysts are weighing in comparing Mariota to Kaepernick and RGIII, two QBs that are not faring very well in the NFL now and TMZ (who I have little respect for) reporting that Winston may be involved in some point shaving scheme in the Louisville game. Pete Schrager, Fox Sports believes Connor Cook and Sean Mannion are the best NFL ready QBs in the draft.

    I put very little faith in anything that is being said now, but I caution against selecting one of these QB before they have run the gauntlet to the draft. Now nothing of what I have said changes the fact that the Bucs need a QB for Sunday’s game and my belief is they should draft one in April. But I do not know who that QB is yet!

  15. 15


    Good read. Early in the process but my take is Mariotta in the first if available. Only QB I would take in first. If not available then trade down for additional picks if possible. It not, take best player available (DL, OL, or LB). Also, would like to see Bucs contginue to play their rookie OL. Both Pamphile and Edwards, if they don’t show promise then we need to draft additional OL. This season is history so lets see what the young guys can do, otherwise we could be looking at drafting a whole new OL.

  16. 16


    I disagree, Winston and Mariota are both sure fire NFL stars. And if they don’t draft one of them,then they need to draft a LT(and move Collins to RG)in rd 1,and draft 1 of Bo Wallace/Brett Hundley in rd 2. Those 4 QBs are the only ones worth drafting in the first 3 rounds IMO,with Winston and Mariota the sure fire NFL stars and Hundley and Wallace the solid starers in the NFL.

  17. 17


    if the Bucs draft ANY QB in the first round next year,it will be a mistake and be no more than a lateral move…Its a weak draft class at the position,need or no need.

    Brace yourselves BUCS fans~ they have been screwing up this franchise for over a decade with little to no positive growth over that time period and next year will not be the end of it(nor will it likely stop for another 4-5 years at best).Plan on spending the better part of the next 10 years at the bottom where this team is currently since this team cant seem to get a hire right at coach/gm or draft more than one decent player a year.

    its amazing this teams owners are the same that own the most successful and profitable Soccer club yet cant field a decent American football team to save their lives…

    I feel every word from media outlets about the Bucs should be taken with a grain of salt since we have been fed BS for over a decade about the improvement of this team…

    If it were my call,I would disband the Bucs and the Raiders,move both teams to Los Angeles,change the names and owners and erase the stain both teams have left on the league…

    The SPACE PIRATES suck today,tomorrow and will well into the future…trust me..this boat is riding the reef and has for years~and at the bottom of the ocean is where it will likely stay until a real salvage operation tries to raise it from the deep…

  18. 18


    Great writing guys. Winston does not seem like someone who will transition well. Look at the top QBs in the leaugue… All solid pocket passers besides Wilson. Newton has leveled out and so has Kaepernick. Mariota seems like a solid pick. Still not sold that Lovie will take a QB round one. McCown is the starter this year and next most likely.
    Also Cook talked about zone blocking vs Man blocking on the What The Buc show. Seems like our OL play last week was more of a scheme success rather than player success. So, not sold on the players we have up there. Lot of time between here and the draft. 8 games to see what this team is made of. Would love to see Frazier get the boot. He did a lot of questionable things in Minnesota and was never my choice for DC.

    1. 18.1


      Are you confusing Winston with Mariotta? Mariotta is the scrambler from a college spread offense, while Winston runs a pro-style offense and is a pocket passer who runs only when the play breaks down.

  19. 19


    Newton was no chior boy either. He was expelled from Florida for stealing. Also, a frat party honcho. Maybe we can tame Winston or he will mature?

  20. 20


    There is someone who has a lot of sway at 1 Buc, who is in Winston’s corner, Derrick Brooks. That’s right, Mr. Brooks has his endorsement. If the kid doesn’t screw up between now, and April 30th, he very well could be a Buc. As far as missing on first round Q.B.’s, come on Scott, plenty of busts at all first round positions. Gaines Adams was a can’t miss D end, right? Clowney this past year was can’t miss, and it turns out he can’t stay heathy. Things happen, you can’t be afraid to pick one, and you can’t win without a good one.

  21. 21


    We need to have a legitimate offensive scheme, linemen, and coordinator to evaluate Glennon fairly. He’s got the intelligence, arm, and grit to make it in the NFL. He’s too young to say one way or another if he’s our franchise QB…he’s been on some very bad rosters with a lot of drama amidst talk of trade, benching,and coaching change.

  22. 22


    Scott, your repeating a few paragraphs at the end, including the correct player Penn replaced.

    Scott, don’t be so hard on yourself. I think you guys were right..I think the offense WAS good, remember, that was when TEDFORD was there!!

    Don’t listen to these punk commentaries , most of which weren’t even around to see a Jon Gruden Coached team. much less anything else.

    These JR Footballers need to learn from reading, not writing comments. Losing Tedford is THE no.1 reason for the record this year. Lovies Defense will be just fine, id leave the coaches right were they’re at unless this current improvement doesn’t continue.

  23. 23


    great comments, Scott. You told it like it is. Only its a little depressing to know there are no real real star QBs after Winston….who I cannot recommend in all conscience. Too scary. So I am left with a bad feeling for another year with a so so first round pick QB. Hard to watch the Bucs this year….

  24. 24


    Another pimping of Bobby Rainey by SR. I like the player too; but I think we’ve all read enough statistics about the exploits of # 43 as compared to #22. Loved the Pink5 Pinkstob. Next Training Camp I’ll make a point to join you as we evaluate the new and hopefully improved team. The QB talk is going to rage for the rest of this season and until we eventually find that guy.

    Other than the off-field juvenile actions by the young Jameis Winston; he is the best QB I’ve seen in quite a while. It’s his calm but passionate demeanor. It’s the way he takes charge especially being so young. It’s the arm strength. It’s the ability to move well enough for his size. It’s his willingness to give up his body to get the first down. It’s the way his teammates believe in him. It’s his “I got this” confidence. It’s his accuracy. It’s his football IQ. In short, it’s his “IT”.

    He just needs to mature. My bet is he will.

    1. 24.1


      Thanks Scubog! I’d love to see you again at camp next year and chat more about the Bucs.

  25. 25


    There is a long way to go and a lot of test to take before I’m ready to say that’s my guy! But If my instincts are correct, I agree with scubog about Winston.

    Here is what I will say and I’ve said it before. There is nothing about Winston’s off-field allegations that would stop me from selecting him anymore than I would select Ben Rothelisberger or Brett Farve who seemed to like sending selfies through the mail.

  26. 26


    Man.. I can’t believe some of the sh…t I did when I was his age. If he doesn’t do anything stupid between now, and April, he will be the first pick in the draft.

  27. 27


    On running backs, Bobby Rainey, et al. I just watched the NFL Network Football Life feature on Earl Campbell. Now that was a RB. What is it now with these Smurf-like bowling balls that colleges are turning out for running backs?

    I want a big bruising type RB that is going to move the line. Jim Brown may have been once in a lifetime, but where are the Earl Campbells, Herschel Walkers, Ricky Williams types anymore?

    Sing with me! I like big Backs and I cannot lie!!!

    1. 27.1


      Thanks pretty funny Mac!

  28. 28


    I am interested in Kessler because of his accuracy and his wins in a USC program that is still recovering from sactions. Can we have more on Kessler please? How big is he and how is his escapability and arm strength?

  29. 29


    While Glennon played his worst game as a pro in a game in which we finally saw the offensive line and defense finally resemble the look and feel of what was expected much earlier in the season, I think it’s a bit unfortunate to remove him with no chance to redemption. His performance in the 1st half of the Browns game definitely earned him much deserved criticism, but I think he should have had at least another half in another game to redeem himself a bit.

  30. 30


    It disturbs me that the same group of reporters (because that’s all the PR staff are is reporters) who defended Freeman for years when it was obvious to many of us he had no future are making a definitive call that Glennon is incapable of being a productive starting QB in the NFL. A call based on him being brought in as a relief QB during two partial seasons under two of the most inept coaching regimes in the Bucs’ storied history of such. Look guys, I understand that you’re probably concerned about the risk continued poor play by the team represents to your franchise, just as Lovie is trying to protect his you know what by starting Josh. But you guys are using your microphone to influence decisions that, based on your track record of “analysis” you’re candidly not qualified to make. Forgetting all of the spelling and grammatical errors, it should also concern you that the posters are usually more insightful than your writers. The truth is that we don’t have enough information at this point to assess Glennon – look how many years of info it took before you realized Freeman was terminally flawed. Please think more about what you write, how you write it, and how you (theoretically) edit it. As a subscriber I’m nearing the end of my rope.

  31. 31


    Macabee; it’s a different world out there now than in the past. There are defined guidelines to follow now.

  32. 32


    Good article Scott. I have to say something about the QB’s you have mentioned in this Article. I like Dak Prescott and I hope we go after him. I think he will be a 2nd rounder. Mariota hasn’t shown me anything that would put him in a Top 5 Spot. Winston could be there, but I would never pick him because I know enough about him as a loyal FSU fan. I lived in Tallahassee for 19 years and just moved back here 3 years ago. Both my kids went to FSU.
    Winston has taken a step back in his progression. He is throwing way to much fading back on that back foot and staring down his receivers. He lacks commonsense and he hangs with people who aren’t in his best interest. Will he grow up? I don’t know; probably in time, but when will that be? I’m not willing to take that risk. We have other needs we can fill and pick another QB in the 2nd or 3rd round. Go Bucs!

  33. 33


    Winston will be in trouble all his life. He thinks he is above the law. His father didn’t raise him right and has tried to blame the coaches at FSU for not keeping someone on him 24-7. Any team that takes him regardless of round will wind up regretting it. He has no respect for his coaches or his team mates. All he cares about is himself. The Bucs should take the best LT in round 1, the best RDE in round 2, The best OG in round 3. Maybe they can get a better QB in 2015’s free agency. I don’t like Hundley, he makes too many mistakes for a veteran. In fact the whole QB class doesn’t impress me this year. This team is so many players away from having a good team. Why draft a QB and have him get killed behind the Bucs puny O-line? My 70 year old girlfriend asked me “Why do you watch the Bucs?” I said “I don’t know.” She said “Do you think the fans believe anything the Bucs tell them?” I thought about it and said “Not really.” All the Bucs have is excuses. The suffering fans want to see wins. I think Malcomb Glazer was a much better owner than his sons are. Maybe the sons should sell the team to someone who knows what they are doing.

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