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Scott Reynolds is in his 23rd year of covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the vice president, publisher and senior Bucs beat writer for PewterReport.com. Author of the popular SR's Fab 5 column on Fridays, Reynolds oversees web development and forges marketing partnerships for PewterReport.com in addition to his editorial duties. A graduate of Kansas State University in 1995, Reynolds enjoys giving back to the community as the defensive line coach for his sons' Pop Warner team, the South Pasco Predators. Reynolds can be reached at: [email protected]

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    Not going to comment on the politics aspect of Kaepernick’s actions. I think it is also fair to note that Kaepernick did doante $1 million on Thu.

    However, the NFL disciplinary process is a clown car driven by a clown called Roger Goodell. The latest example of Giants kicker Brown who has had a history of women beating getting a one game suspension just goes to prove that Goodell is a lackey for folks like Mara and Jerry Jones.

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      Scott Reynolds

      Kaepernick said he “would” donate his first $1 million of his $11.9 million salary. He hasn’t done so yet. I hope he follows through and picks some positive, worthwhile causes.

      1. 1.1.1


        Fair enough. However, considering the high profile issue this has become, it will be really stupid on his part to not follow through.

      2. 1.1.2


        No, and he already HAS millions from his contract. This is, IMO, a cover you azz move to help hi image. His IMAGE would improve if he STOOD for the National Anthem like ALL Americans do. SO glad he’s not a Buccaneer problem.



          I think this is where it gets tricky.

          Trying to define another person (as an American or as a particular race) is not fair. This quickly gets political, but it is fair to assume that there are Americans who are unfairly treated, in different scenarios. As long as Kaepernick is willing take responsibility for his actions, I see no problem in how he is protesting.

          If he gets cut and he declares he got cut because of his stance, then there is ground to criticize him.



          Agree 100% Garv. People were calling out the fact that he hasn’t done anything for the community and now all of a sudden , he’s donating a million dollars. I don’t know him, but to me, that is a clear PR move.



            In all fairness, Kaepernick has been very involved in children’s charities since entering the league. I’m not defending his current actions, which I think are needlessly divisive. I just don’t think it’s fair to say he hasn’t done anything for the community.

      3. 1.1.3


        I think he will donate the money. I know this is a very polarizing thing, but frankly I think the guy has a lot of courage. Patriotism is more than flags and anthems. He is actually standing up (forgive the pun) for what the Constitution really means. And he is putting his career on the line. I am guessing unless he ends up starting at some point this year that this action is going to financially hurt him. That is a big sacrifice to make when you make the kind of money that most starting NFL QB’s make.

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    I’m glad that the Bucs made it out of the pre-season without any major injuries. With Winston going into his second year and a much more responsive defense, I would think that the Bucs could be pushing for a wild card spot by the end of the season. I was figuring that Minnesota and either the Cards/Seahawks would be occupying the wild card spots. But, with that really unfortunate injury to Bridgewater, I think that there is a legitimate shot for the Bucs to go to the dance this year.

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    another thing about Coach Koetter last year is he put up those numbers with a rookie QB, with 3 undrafted rookie free agents at WR & TE playing major snaps, an O-Line with 2 rookies that was considered one of the NFL’s worst coming into the season, and being handcuffed by Lovie’s philosophies on offense… not a bad job at all!

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    Your site, I understand, but your right-wing views seeping into the Fab 5 are getting rough and not surprised by your reaction at all. I know there have been responses to Kaepernick all around the country so you are free to do so here as well. As a registered Republican, son/grandson/brother of military personnel, I have no problem what Kaepernick is doing. Was he is doing is a peaceful protest to what he believes is America not living up to the standard that it should. My issue is that, much like Rodney Harrison saying he isn’t black; we are crucifying him from the start and possibly not know what he is doing behind the scenes.
    Your views on BLM are pretty on point with others that are white, Republican, NRA types. No, BLM doesn’t seem perfect and as I white man myself I have nothing to do with it, but calling BLM an anti-police movement is like calling all followers of Islam terrorists. It’s narrow-minded and only points out the extremists in any particular group. Maybe I am speaking out of ignorance on all this, but when someone, like you, wears your views on their sleeve and are so slanted to one side, I can’t fully take anything you say with any seriousness.
    All I ask is branch out from your normal comfort zone and see the good he might be doing. Veterans for Kaepernick hashtag on Twitter would be a good place to start. Don’t pigeon-hole yourself into your views so strongly you can’t see the other side. I never respond to this kind of thing, just disappoints me you follow so closely to those views I find on my crazy trumpoholic uncle making on Facebook.

    1. 4.1


      took the words right out of my mouth… i was gonna ask is this a sports website or an Alt-right blog like Breitbart?

      1. Statistics show that police actually kill more whites than blacks? African American account for 24 percent of those fatally shot and killed by the police despite being just 13 percent of the U.S. population. Black Americans are 2.5 times as likely as white Americans to be shot and killed by police officers.

      2. Where’s the white on white crime uproar? when are we gonna fix this “problem”? 2014 FBI numbers show that of the 3,021 whites who were killed by guns, 2,488 were killed by other white people. Similarly, among the 2,451 black victims of gun homicides, 2,205 were committed by other black people.

      3. Malcolm X? the same people that complain about Malcolm X’s rhetoric complain about obama being soft on our “enemy” and that talking nice isn’t gonna change people that hate us… his tough talk was not wrong, considering the atrocities blacks were faced with at the time it… it wasn’t a love my enemy kind of time… if given the opportunity to live today i’m sure Malcolm’s rhetoric would’ve been along the same lines as Muhammad Ali… part of the reason for being killed was because he had already softened his positions that went against those of the Nation of Islam.

      4. Castro shirt… no defense… at first i thought it might have been a art piece like the Che Guevara shirts that are pretty awesome but nope… just crazy!

      5. I stay away from news sites and television to get away from the non-stop divisive B.S.!! and i usually ignore but when i see misleading stats or people just not having an open mind or dismissing an obvious problem, i have to speak… let’s just stick to Bucs news please 🙂

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      Standing for the National Anthem and support the police who put their ives on the line serving and protecting ALL races (and come from all races themselves) are “right wing views?” Really?

      1. 4.2.1


        A majority of the police officers do put their lives on the line. However, based on available evidence and the number of disciplinary proceedings, there are a significant (not using majority) number cops who are accused of bad things, as well.

        Once again, I really do not know why politics comes up in a sports site this often. If the intent here is to have people of a certain political leaning to come together, then it is okay. Just make that official.

    3. 4.3


      Logged in for the first time in a long time to comment on the same thing. Fab 4 has absolutely no place on a Tampa Bay Buccaneers Football blog. We pay for Bucs access, commentary and analysis. This is OpEd political nonsense. Not that I couldn’t disagree more with Scott’s position (I could not), but I simply believe it has absolutely no place on this blog. If I wanna read some poorly thought out All Lives Matter, macho man patriotism garbage I’d turn on Fox or go to Breitbart.

    4. 4.4


      Let me preface this by saying I’ve been heavily involved in a soon to be released documentary that explores a lot of what this article discussed when it veered into giving stats on why Kaepernick and the BLM movment are “ignorant” and “misguided”. I lost a lot of respect for this site when it felt the need to use extremely slanted statistics, that are not correct, to completely diasvow what both Kaepernick is doing as well as the entire protest movement that has swept the nation since what happened in Ferguson. I am a white male, 40 years old, who has tended to leans slightly more conservative than liberal. I have no agenda. My team and I simply went out to explore the factual tendencies in the areas where these high profile shootings occurred to truly see if anything systemic was happening.
      All I’ll state here is that the focus on the bullet leaving the gun and hitting a person – and what color that person is – is the truly misguided part of all of this. It’s what has happened before the gun was fired, with the profiling and relations between the police in these towns and the minority communities that they are supposed to serve. In one of the higher profile towns, and this is info that is readily available to anyone who cares to search for it, 95% of all tickets, warrants, citations, traffic stops and arrests involved African Americans despite the fact they made up only 34% of that town’s population. Thinks about that. To the blacks in that community, they feel like they are being hunted everyday, afraid to drive on major roads – not because they’ll get shot, but because there is a great chance they will be pulled over and issued a bogus traffic ticket they cannot afford. Which leads to fines and penalties they cannot pay. Which leads to warrants. Which leads to spending time in prison. Which leads to resentment. This is happening in at least a dozen towns I’ve investigated around the country.
      So… Mr. Reynolds, with all due respect… walk a mile in a different pair of shoes and thoroughly research both sides of an argument before spewing out the one source you could find that supported yours.
      PS – I’ve interviewed Roland Fryer, the Harvard professor you so eagerly pointed out was black as if that somehow made his findings more true. I spoke with him at length and on camera he has pointed out that his methodology when applied to the more rural areas of the country where a lot of the shootings have occurred – show decidedly different results.

      1. 4.4.1
      2. 4.4.2


        Filmbuc, with all due respect, site your sources. The term “African American” as a general term to represent all Blacks is ridiculous in itself. Not all Black people in this country are from Africa. What race is Jamaicans that are black, huh? I really would like to know the specific research you allegedly obtained/investigated. Please tell me where I can find it. I find your spew to be ideological NOT FACT based. I HAVE walked many miles in many shoes so I guess your logic has me in high standard. Can you at least name the dozens of towns you allegedly investigated? I have fought for your freedom more times that you can count your ideological rants with. No, I’m not a right wing nut nor am I a left wing nut, I actually know what facts are and in the context of how they are represented because I am blessed with a clear, intelligent critical mind. These are complex issues that cannot be concluded with simple conclusions based on two sides of an argument. there are several sides hence, complex. SR gave an opinion piece that you don’t agree with and by the way you took out of context. There is no friend I agree with 100% and i do respect and love them all the same. It is actually possible to not agree with someone (SR) and still respect their site. SR could write how Kaepernick was the greatest player in the NFL for making a stance yep, i still would respect his knowledge on the Bucs…give it a try sometime!

      3. 4.4.3


        You nailed it Filmbuc.

        No one knows Kap personal contributions and it’s not their business but to attack and call him “ignorant” shows a short-sighted views and clear agenda. When is the last time you’ve watched a man shot for no reason and left to bleed out in front of his girl and 4 year old daughter? Call that ignorant or by chance? When have you seen armed Caucasian men harassed and made to be a person of interest with no evidence and life ruined forever because he was black and armed and protesting like white Americans do? Stats can be made to tell stories all day long but the truth is Kap was unprofessional and unpopular but to make the point that he has no cause and the perceived oppression is false is flat out wrong! Scott I’ve always admired your work but man you really took some steps back on this one. I hope you can do more research and counter your on points about police and our social/racial issues in America. Not sure we live in the same country.

    5. 4.5

      FAITHB 20

      I seldom post on this site and have to agree with many folks on here. Scott when it comes to topics as sensitive as this, can we please stay away.

      1. Not bucs specific and I think the endless coverage by espn and the likes have done enough
      2. This isn’t a political site but a BUCS site. Lets keep it that way.

      I also very disappointed with the ever increasing political views being sprinkled into this site when I come here for Bucs news and Bucs news only. Leave the B.S for ESPN to report… that seems to be the speciality there. Lets get something we came here for, SPORTS news relating to the BUCS. Please lets just go back to talking about Bucs and not the other stuff going on with our political and personal views. Its really really starting to get annoying especially when you just want to bash people RIGHT or WRONG.

    6. 4.6


      Amen,, TheDuder. Also white male. Can’t even imagine being subjected to the profiling that is done. More white males commit mass shootings but do we look at our white male coworker with trepidation. Your stats are flawed. View them in the eyes of per capita and they are grossly skewed. I thought you were staying with football. PLEASE DO!!!

  5. 5


    Great Fab 5 as always.
    FAB 1. I have hope that Koetter is the real deal. I believe the key to his success will be his assistant coaches. He provides the vision but his assistant coaches must implement the vision.
    FAB 2. I like the “take the handcuffs off” direction. Players need to be loose within the scheme. Hopefully, this carries over to the real season. I actually believe Cleveland will be a much improved team this year.
    FAB 3. Let’s win this next one for Smitty!
    FAB 4. I believe your giving way to much attention to Kaepernick which is just what he wants. Don’t mention his name, don’t show his picture, and don’t give him a larger audience.
    FAB 5. I loved the insight into McDonald.

  6. 6


    Koetter is obviously loved and respected by his staff and his players. The same could not be said for Jon Gruden. There were trust issues and Gruden had an abrasive personality. His success was built on players taught and trained by other coaches. Dirk Koetter is an upgrade in every sense of the word. Gruden was a great OC. Koetter is better, and will prove to be far superior as a HC, because he inspires trust and loyalty in everyone around him. The foundation for a dynasty is being built in Tampa.

  7. 7


    Duder, as a white card carrying member of the ACLU and the Deocratic Party, I take offense to what Kepernick, who to date has done nothing to advance the cause of civil rights for anyone, black or white, has done.
    Also, to date, Kapernick has contributed no money to anyone. He has said he would give his first pay check to some unknown group or groups.
    He is a fraud, sir.
    For one thing, he has reduced this to a black and white issue. Civil rights, sir, are for everyone
    The trampling on of civil rights is more of an socieo economic plight, not one of black and white.
    Those who reduce it to a black and white issue are ignorant fools and racists.
    How many rich people do you see having their civil rights trampled on.
    Reynold was right to bring up many of his points including the horrendous black on black murder rate.
    Chicago has one of the highest murder rates in the world with much of it being black on black but most of the population of Chicago, including its black residents, seem to be in a state of malaise over the situation.
    But when a white police officer shoots a black man for driving a one ton deadly object through the streets of Chicago crashing through road blocks and into other objects while putting people at risk, the black residents become outraged.
    Why? Because the officer was white.
    That sir, is racism.
    Goddel may be a mini dictator, with full authority given to him by the NFL Players Union, but if he doesn’t get a handle on this his hallowed shield will start to get tarnished.
    If you look up in those stands they aren’t filled with ‘hood rats in droopy pants and hoodies, the majority are filled by red, white and blue white folks who like their football served with apple pie and Bud Light.
    You start “dissen” the flag, they will just stop going to games and quit watching the games on TV and then guys like Kapernick can go and try and get a job at Wal Mart stocking shelves and worrying about how his supervisor isn’t respecting his civil rights

    1. 7.1


      the horrendous black on black murder rate is the same as the horrendous white on white murder rate… sick of that spin
      “hood rats in droopy pants and hoodies”? see folks there are “racist” democrats it’s not just the republicans LOL

  8. 8


    can you feel it…Can You Feel It…CAN YOU FEEL IT!!!!

    Superb quote of the week from Scott “a vanilla path of despair”…LOL. Makes you feel for the folks in Illinois.

    I think you’ve hit on a new nickname for coach Dirk “Goldilocks” Koetter…he’s not too hot, not too cold, just right.

    I’m glad the players are having fun…glad the coaches are having fun…and will be glad to be having fun myself this year, which will be the result of us winning! Too many years of “vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate despair”…I want to be back on top after more than a decade of dread. Let’s Go BUCS!…yes, I can feel it !

  9. 9


    Good read. I’m very excited about this team. More so than any other time since Gruden left. I think we have the right coach. I like what I’ve seen from Mike Smith too and his aggressiveness he’s shown even in pre-season.

    The Duder your entitled to your opinion and I’m not going to attack you or belittle you in any way, but you think only white people are disgusted with Kaepernick? Hmm ok. I have talked to lots of friends and folks at work etc, that aren’t white and overwhelmingly think it’s disgusting.

    Kaepernick is a moron. I’ll comment on it again then I’m not saying anything else. Politics bore me and although I’m conservative mostly, both parties are a joke anymore. I vote lesser of two evils.

    Kaepernitwit is Sitting there making millions of dollars in the most free country in the world and not standing for national anthem is utterly disgusting, classless, and stupid.
    We are most the powerful country that has an African American for a president and most powerful person in the world! It’s not perfect, but I respect the hell out of our military that allows idiots like him their freedom of speech. I also respect the hell out of police and the dangerous job they do for not much money. Are there bad ones? Yes like any other thing in life. 99.9 % are doing a great job. There is no conspiracy to kill people of color. Is there some conspiracy by the man to keep people of color down? Ridiculous, but you could say lot of democrats and some republicans for that matter, giving handouts and welfare instead of school or training to help people rise above their situation is enslaving them and making dependent on government for votes instead of helping them out of poverty.

  10. 10


    The third string QB for the ’49ers was photographed at practice wearing socks with pigs with police hats on. I have no respect for someone who shows no respect. Law enforcement risk their lives every day. He plays a game. His parents did a lousy job. He should just retire and go away. He can afford it. Disgusting.

  11. 11


    Dirk Koetter replacing the listness and monotoned Lovie Smith was obviously the single best move of the offseason. Bringing in Mike Smith to be the DC as icing on the cake, a wonderful bit of fortune on the part of the Buccaneers. This IS and energy and optimism on both sides of the ball that we have not seen here in years. Of course a tremendous part of it started with the drafting of Jameis Winston before last season.

    Cannot wait to get this thing going! Starting strong in Atlanta will go a long way to make believers out of those who cling to the past and the “same old Bucs” thought.

    Scott, a postive and well thought out Fab Five was just what we needed to get to September 11.
    Thanks and a hat tip!

    1. 11.1


      Oh and regarding Scott Reynolds… and his Fab 4… It is NOT JUST a political issue, it happens to be tied into Football, so it DOES have a place in this BLOG.

      Key word..this is a BLOG, it is not the Tampa Bay Times. You sign up to this site to get 1) Bucs news 2) Scott Reynolds Opinions on all matters he wishes to discuss.

      You do not HAVE to subscribe, and just like I may not fully agree with FAB 1, because DUNGY was as quiet and Stoic as Lovie, you don’t have to agree with Fab 4. it is what it is. And a BLOG by all means is ABSOLUTELY the place for opinions.

  12. 12


    Not only does Koetter have the players energized I believe he as the fans energized as well. I am a season ticket holder for the last 9 years and even though I could tell the offense was on an upswing last year I wasn’t even excited for the next year because I believed Lovie was going to get one more year. Needless to say I was happily surprised when the Glazers let him go. When I attended the 3rd preseason game this year I could tell their was such a positive energy in my section that I don’t ever remember being there when Lovie was the coach! Also, I think you hit it on the head in your FAB 3 when you said “Smitty” was the best aquistion this team made this offseason. I personally believe we can go 10-6 or 9-7 because of the natural improvemen with “Smitty” coaching our defense. Just a quick question on the last two SR’s FAB 5 you put out your radio appearances schedule on WDAE 620 AM and you have listed 3 appearances on Monday and only 1 appearance on Friday. Is this info correct? I just thought you might have 2 on Monday and 2 on Friday? Just wondering as I don’t want to miss any, as you guys always have the best info on the BUCS!

  13. 13


    Look Scott, Ill give you credit where it is due- Because I remember your Washington article and I was very critical of it. I was because I didn’t see the “Koetter to replace” part of it, just the fire another coach part, which seemed ridiculous to me: we needed stability. Koetter told everyone he didn’t want a HC position, and I repeated that many times to people who brought up KOETTER as an alternative to Smith.
    Had I known Koetter wanted to coach, anyone could see he was a great candidate. I still would have given Lovie the year.

    But I cannot agree with the idea of coaching energy. Smith was like Dungy, a guy just put in the Hall of Fame for his coaching technique. he was as low energy as one of those spiral light bulbs!! So was Tom Landry. I can name others.

    It wasn’t energy, Lovie smith simply wasn’t a good head coach because his in game decisions were predicable and weak. Dungy faked punts. Dungy went for FGs and Touchdowns on 4th down.

    So yeah Scott, you called it last year, and you were the first and only major outlet to do so. And I was wrong to want to keep him. But I wanted to keep Raheem too.

    Lets hope this defense really does turn it around.

  14. 14


    sorry GARV didn’t mean to post this under you…
    Oh and regarding Scott Reynolds… and his Fab 4… It is NOT JUST a political issue, it happens to be tied into Football, so it DOES have a place in this BLOG.

    Key word..this is a BLOG, it is not the Tampa Bay Times. You sign up to this site to get 1) Bucs news 2) Scott Reynolds Opinions on all matters he wishes to discuss.

    You do not HAVE to subscribe, and just like I may not fully agree with FAB 1, because DUNGY was as quiet and Stoic as Lovie, you don’t have to agree with Fab 4. it is what it is. And a BLOG by all means is ABSOLUTELY the place for opinions.

  15. 15


    Let me preface this by saying I’ve been heavily involved in a soon to be released documentary that explores a lot of what this article discussed when it veered into giving stats on why Kaepernick and the BLM movment are “ignorant” and “misguided”. I lost a lot of respect for this site when it felt the need to use extremely slanted statistics, that are not correct, to completely diasvow what both Kaepernick is doing as well as the entire protest movement that has swept the nation since what happened in Ferguson. I am a white male, 40 years old, who has tended to leans slightly more conservative than liberal. I have no agenda. My team and I simply went out to explore the factual tendencies in the areas where these high profile shootings occurred to truly see if anything systemic was happening.
    All I’ll state here is that the focus on the bullet leaving the gun and hitting a person – and what color that person is – is the truly misguided part of all of this. It’s what has happened before the gun was fired, with the profiling and relations between the police in these towns and the minority communities that they are supposed to serve. In one of the higher profile towns, and this is info that is readily available to anyone who cares to search for it, 95% of all tickets, warrants, citations, traffic stops and arrests involved African Americans despite the fact they made up only 34% of that town’s population. Thinks about that. To the blacks in that community, they feel like they are being hunted everyday, afraid to drive on major roads – not because they’ll get shot, but because there is a great chance they will be pulled over and issued a bogus traffic ticket they cannot afford. Which leads to fines and penalties they cannot pay. Which leads to warrants. Which leads to spending time in prison. Which leads to resentment. This is happening in at least a dozen towns I’ve investigated around the country.
    So… Mr. Reynolds, with all due respect… walk a mile in a different pair of shoes and thoroughly research both sides of an argument before spewing out the one source you could find that supported yours.
    PS – I’ve interviewed Roland Fryer, the Harvard professor you so eagerly pointed out was black as if that somehow made his findings more true. I spoke with him at length and on camera he has pointed out that his methodology when applied to the more rural areas of the country where a lot of the shootings have occurred – show decidedly different results.

    1. 15.1


      Do you mind sending me some information about the documentary you’ve referenced here? I’m very interested in seeing what your team was able to find.

  16. 16


    The sheer amount of feedback in this article (derived from one part of it at that) demonstrates the pressing need for constructive conversation on the matter. Seems like that was what Colin was alluding to. His actions–and our responses–support his perceived intentions. THAT is irony.

    The first argument (Colin disrespecting armed forces) in Fab 4 is a logical mess btw. Well written though.

  17. 17


    Great Fab 5 Scott, This is truly the best weekly article written on the Bucs anywhere. Probably by years end Koetter will be my favorite Bucs Coach. I love em so far and still have just a little reservation left but I love what he’s done so far and I am very excited to see the 2016 season unfold. GO BUCS!!!
    I am so tired of hearing the Kaepernick stuff already but I read what you wrote anyway and I couldn’t agree more with every single word you said.
    Kinda like what some PR Fans were saying on the blogs a while ago. I Don’t want politics, religion or personal social causes getting mixed in with my sports. That’s what I and most of us Sports Fans use to get away from this crazy world we live in today is sports so I hope this doesn’t start becoming a habit of sports players trying to use there (paid time by a sports team) time on TV to bring attention there latest social cause of the day.
    It’s so exciting to see the players so excited about our coaching staff and buying in. This will be a special season for Bucs Fans I believe and it’s been so long since any Bucs season was special in Tampa Bay. BRING ON THE FALCONS! GO BUCS!!!

  18. 18


    I , for one am very excited to see what Koetter brings to this team. I couldn’t stand Lovie and his mime looks on the sideline. Truly unemotional as he was watching his defense get picked apart week after week. Getting Smith was a huge bonus for us as he is actually using the pieces they have instead of trying to make them something their not. Crazy idea huh?
    This defense is playing with much more energy and I think the real icing on the cake was also landing Jay Hayes.
    Week one is a good game for us to win and even though it’s on the road, the players are going to come out fire for our coaches.
    I hope the boys take the handcuffs off all season with the way they played that game. Heck I got Evans on my fantasy team as well. That lost weight makes him look much faster this year. And every catch was with his hands away from his body.
    For Kapernick, I’ll put it this way. He has the right do do what he’s doing, the very flag he denies gives him that right. I think this turned more into a flag issue than the actual issue he’s trying to get at and that’s police violence. I do have a problem with Goodelle as he was against the Cowboys having police stickers on their helmet for a game, but this is ok? Oh and love Kaps pig socks, real classy.
    I’ll leave at that as i have family members that are police so won’t even get into that topic.
    Anyhow, love the direction of this team and I am looking forward to talking about football and not politics.

  19. 19


    Hey Scott, pretty good Fab Five.
    Fab. 1 Vanilla and blasé, what good words to describe last years coaching effort. It seemed that players were somewhat discouraged to speak their mind and show leadership in more than a white bread kind of way. I still am amazed Lovie reprimanded a player for dropping an F bomb while getting amped up for a game.
    It’s good to hear the players describe Koetter as cool, firery and exciting. The team actually seems to want to play for him.
    So, I’m ready for some Cherry Garcia with Jack Daniel chocolate sauce kinda coach.

    Fab 2 I remember when James wilder was playing for us, Wilder up the middle Wilder right Wilder left, punt. Predictable as hell. Now I don’t know what is coming. Though I hope we get a bunch from our RB’s it will be refreshing to see some bombs down the field. Let these guts have fun and play some exciting football. Win or lose, go for it.

    Fab 3 This is I believe the biggest game of the year for us. This game will indicate if the players actually believe and want to win for their coaches. If Smitty and Koetter can’t fire em up for this game, what game can they motivate them to win. I think we go into this game with serious attitude.

    Fab 4 Okay, where do I start. First off I think Kaepernitwit, thank Fredster for the moniker, is a dumb ass. Fining him though is beyond stupid. If someone fined me every time I did something stupid I would be broke as hell. The first amendment is #1 on the list for a reason. But, this guy has no standing with me. If he wanted to do something why wasn’t he marching with Black Lives Matter? Then his fashion statement is another issue. Black socks with white shoes, c’mon man. This is just some kind of game he is playing to become relevant. So he is going to part ways with a million bucks when he gets his check. I’ll believe it when I see it.
    Then we get the racial issue about who or what race or what race the shooter is. This has never been a racial issue with me, this is most definitely a socio-economic issue. White, black, brown or yellow doesn’t mean squat if you got the money to escape from the situation that confronts the very poorest Americans. Now I am pretty far to the left on most of my political stances, but we can not just discard our poorest citizens and give props to some mega millionaire under achiever. The police have their own issues to deal with, but don’t think the police all over the country aren’t aware of this.
    I might be a little biased about this because of who is doing this, but I respect his right to do it. Lets see if he has success with his protest.
    One more thing, Scott has every right to speak his mind. Right wing it may be. I haven’t seen Scott delete any rebuttals to his comments. I think he could do that as he owns the site. Thank you Scott for actually entertaining us leftwingnuts.
    Florida got lucky this week, not too much damage from Hermine.

    Man I can not wait to sit in my easy chair and lose myself in some awesome BUC BALL.

  20. 20



    Obviously, Pewter Report is your website and as the owner and editor you can publish and curate whatever content as you please, yet I strongly disagree with your decision on inserting yourself in the conversation / controversy surrounding Kaepernick, certainly not using the website – a platform for most up-to-date Bucs news and analysis, not political op-ed – as a way to disseminate political opinions or even, influencing the ongoing debate.

    I felt the inclusion of your op-ed – if we can expect to see more of such pieces being published here – is a detrimental to what Pewter Report usually brings to the table: in depth coverage of a sports team that I support. There are plenty of other avenues if I wish to consume political news or opinions; but when I visit Pewter Report I expect reading about the Bucs, not discussing racial tension or police brutality or the definition of patriotism.

    Again, I understand perfectly as the publisher you have the right to publish whatever you see fit, but as a consumer of your words I would like to be able to make informed decision on whether what you publish is something I wish to partake.

    The funny thing is, if an user has posted what you have wrote on The Red Board, the mods would probably just delete the thread for being off topic.

  21. 21


    Great to hear about the confidence with which the Buccaneers are starting the season. To win, you must believe you can win. Scott knows football; he knows nothing about race and profiling. Besides, this is a First Amendment issue. Fine, he has the freedom to speak here whether he speaks in an informed or uninformed manner. The same freedom/privilege I give to Kaepernick, I give to Scott.

  22. 22


    I agree with SRs take on Kaepernick, but as others have said…… it has no place here. SR is running his own site into the ground and it makes me sad. I will be looking for other sources for Bucs info from now on and its pretty obvious others are doing the same. I have never gone anywhere else for Bucs information so this will be a new experience for me.

    1. 22.2


      You’re obviously free to leave, but if that’s the case you should never click into ESPN, NFL.COM, Yahoo Sports, or any other national sports media page. Getting the other side of the argument FOR Kaepernick’s contrived grievance — which is what you will see on literally every site — is the other side of the same coin. The only difference is we’re fed some social justice-driven non sense on a far more regular basis, and it’s mixed right into our sports coverage. I can’t even watch BSPN any more because it’s core to not only their editorial crap, but also their straight coverage.

      I for one think we’re sorely lacking in the public argument being made by Scott. Save for a couple guys on FS1, every where you turn there’s legitimization of Kaepernick’s objectively false narrative. We may as well be watching that shite on MSNBC when we turn on NFL Network.

  23. 23


    Scott, you are a total hypocrite. You made a vow to leave the political nonsense off of your website only weeks ago. What gives? Will you continue to be two-faced in the search for extra clicks and comments in today’s heated political atmosphere, or be a man of your word and stick to something you know about like Buccaneer football.

    Also, I’ve seen you repeatedly bring up the too all too “PC” America of today, which I wholly agree with. Yet, it’s ironic that you’re now casting stones at an individual being politically incorrect in a completely peaceful manner. Is Kaepernick harming you, or is he just hurting your “PC” feelings? There’s nothing more American than peaceful dissent, if this was not true we’d likely still be living in a segregated society today.

    Local Buc blogs are becoming a bastion of sensational political opinions from both sides of the aisle, and it profoundly disgusts me that I can’t find refuge from it. Shut up with it already.

  24. 24


    “Kaepernick’s misguided beef has nothing to do with the United States of America, which is the freest country in the history of mankind.”

    Do expand on this comment, too, Scott. You just went into a flag-waving rant without expanding on what his misguided beef has to do with, because it seems pretty clear cut it’s about an issue in today’s America.

    Also, you continue to interject the military in your opinion of Kaepernick’s dissent, in which he’s explicitly said is not his intent. How is this unlike your analogy of a mechanic and restaurant? “Oh, the ignorance and the irony.”

    1. 24.1


      The only thing it has to do with America is that he’s talking about the conditions here. SR is 100% correct: CK’s beef should be against the conditions in inner city America, which aren’t perpetuated by the police, military, or any other institution of power – aside from local governments that are run and controlled by Democrats, usually of color. It’s about a total erosion of personal responsibility, respect for the rule of law, and violence being accepted by a large swath of the population.

      Take 2 minutes and Google the stats. Even though African Americans are massively misrepresented in the law enforcement contact population, they’re killed at a lower clip than Whites and Hispanics during contact. It’s simply a fallacy that “blacks are being murdered in the streets.” We just happen to be fed that crap by a ratings-driven media. But I’m going to guess the facts are irrelevant here. The social justice crowd, after hearing something like I just typed, will fall back on a white whale argument like “institutional racism.” But there’s literally zero fact-based evidence of said instutional bias. If I’m wrong, I’d be more than happy to be pointed to that government regulation, law, etc, that is racist. Poverty? High violent crime rates? 70+% single parent households? All contribute to the lawlessness in predominantly African-American areas, but none are the result of government policy (unless you want to count those meant to “help”). There was once institutional racism, but that ceased to be legitimate grievance a long time ago.

      Just like with BLM, if CK is worried about violence in inner city America and “bodies in the street” his concern is misplaced with the police. Or the next time I see a city go up in flames over a repeat violent criminal murdering a black child, and not a police officer killing an armed criminal, we’ll know the desire for change is real.

      1. 24.1.1


        Take two minutes to Google false dichotomy. You are a bigger part of the problem than Kaepernick.

  25. 25


    Scott, you ARE entitled to your opinion. I happen to AGREE with it and commend you for expressing it on YOUR site. If that JACKAZZ Kaepernick is FREE to express his “thoughts” than SO ARE WE! I am a long time Pewter Report subsciber and will continue to be. Those that “threaten” to leave (don’t recall a single one of them before today) remind me of those PATHETIC “celebrities” that threaten to leave the country if a Presidential election doesn’t go their way.

    Just do it. Go. You won’t be missed!

  26. 26


    It’s interesting that people get their pants wadded up their crack more about not standing for the national anthem than they do by the daily injustices and inequities in our society, most of which fall far more heavily on minorities, and especially black people. So, now, a prominent athlete causes a stir, and instead of looking at what his protest is about, people want to argue about whether he was being respectful enough to the military and police. Queue up the patriotic sentimentality. Honestly, I don’t have a strong opinion on whether Krapper’s actions were in the appropriate venue, but I know he is making a valid point that people need to be listening to. Maybe if the right wingers, who like to throw out the patriotic military propaganda when it suits their purpose, paid a little more attention to issues of freedom, justice, and inequality right here and now in this country, there wouldn’t be any need to engage in such protest.

    It’s no surprise that Scott takes the standard right wing position here.

  27. 27


    So as a former Marine I can tell you this whole thing with Kaepernick really ticks me off. If he wants to protest that’s fine but the flag is not something to protest. It’s like when people burn the flag, it doesn’t do anything to further your cause it just turns people away from you. I went through boot camp in San Diego (yes I was a Hollywood Marine) and I know that the people in San Diego that went for military appreciation night deserved better than Colin being stupid.

    On to the Bucs. The energy the team showed in the Cleveland game was very refreshing but on the other side of the coin we have the game against Washington. I know the starters didn’t play but that game showed we have no depth. Our WR’s are terrible. Should we look into bringing in a guy like Roddy White for insurance or is it too soon to worry.

    1. 27.1


      Why is it so hard to ignore what he’s doing? Especially if you’re there for military night and “deserved better” why the hell should one guy silently kneeling have anything to do with the football game you came to watch or the flag that you are showing your respect to.He’s not pissing on a flag and waving it in soldier’s faces, even though that would be easy to believe with the amount of people on this thread that like the word ‘disgusting’ because they think it sounds harsh, but no. He’s kneeling in silent peaceful protest. Not everybody in the military deserves my respect and not everyone that speaks out against this country deserves your hate.

  28. 28


    I’ve been on this site for almost 8 years and I for the first time will have to consider cancelling my subscription and urge my friends to do the same. There is no reason why I should click on a site that is dedicated to the Bucs and be subjected to someones political view. One that has NOTHING to do with the Bucs, if this was just a blog site and that is all and it was, and free of charge then I would understand. But I did not PAY to read someones political view (esp one in which is on a subject that effects many of your readers). If you felt the need to express these views you could have at least made it a general post and gave readers the options of reading it or not.
    Also it would do you some good to research the full National Anthem and it’s meaning (I have copied a link), and I would also suggest you fact check your numbers on killing and what they do and not include in making the claim “Police kill more whites than blacks”
    Once again it deeply saddens me that PR decided to go this route and be so inconsiderate of all of it’s readers.


    1. 28.1


      It’s not the first time SR has chosen this column to express his personal politics and/or religious slant, and it won’t be the last. Apparently it’s something we have to put up with, since this site does a lot more credible reporting than that daily tripe factory at JoeBucsFan.

      I think Scott could have bothered to take a look at the reasons for Krapper’s protest in an honest fashion instead of giving it the FauxNooz flag-waving patriotic indignation treatment. That would’ve been reporting instead of opinion.

      1. 28.1.1


        “I think Scott could have bothered to take a look at the reasons for Krapper’s protest in an honest fashion instead of giving it the FauxNooz flag-waving patriotic indignation treatment. That would’ve been reporting instead of opinion.”

        I completely agree. I mean people heard the cops comment and they stopped listening, yet Scott doesn’t take the time to speak on the other injustices that Kap is also speaking about they effect lower class Americans. I just wish I was given the option to read an article about a non related bucs story on a Bucs related site.

    2. 28.2


      It is free of charge you moron!! Good Reddens

      1. 28.2.1


        Free means I can’t criticize?

        Good Reddens? Perhaps you mean “good riddance?” The guy who can’t speak english is calling me a moron. That’s rich. Thanks for zero intelligent contribution.

      2. 28.2.2


        Last time I checked I paid to have a subscription to this site for certain aspects of BUCS coverage.

  29. 29


    Grafekdetail, using a stereotype to make a point hardly makes me a racist.
    At the same time I didn’t see you try to dispute the point I was making.
    My only problem with this whole situation, and it still remains, is that I think Kapernick is a fraud.
    As I have stated repeatedly, Kapernick has no history of giving either his time or money to advance the cause of civil rights. The fact he wants to make civil rights only a black or people of color issue makes him more of a racist than the majority of people, including myself, who took offense at his action.
    As far as the action itself, I would defend his right to do so. Just as I would if he burned an American flag.
    I would find the act totally disdainful and would consider the person a foul part of the human anatomy, but I would defend his right to do so. It is what makes this country so great.

  30. 30


    Scott, enjoyed the other football aspects of your article as well and have no problem with you interjecting a little political debate into your column. Keeps the blood flowing and enjoy reading the counterpoints to every ones opinions.
    I remember well the column you refer to when you called for the firing of Lovie Smith.
    Up until them I had been a supporter of Smith’s, but you made so many valid points and backed them up with clear concise facts, you changed my mind.
    I used to get my Buc info and stories from yours and another site, but possibly more than anything else, that column was so well written, thought out and presented in such a professional manner I rarely use any other site for Buc information now.
    I also understood it took a lot of guts to write such an opinion since you are in constant contact with the Buc coaching staff and have to deal with them daily.
    In the same vein I hope your right about Koetter.
    Of all the coaches we have had in the last few years I do believe he has the most balanced demeanor of all the coaches.
    Probably the worst was Morris.
    I remember in a game against the Dolphins when we scored a TD with 1:40 left in the game Morris was off on the sidelines whooping it up with the players and doing back bumps while I was yelling at the TV, “you idiot there is 1:40 left in the game and you need to keep your head in it.”
    Sure enough the Dolphins marched down the field to score a winning TD.

  31. 31


    This is a fabulous FAB 5… truly. I’m glad you put out that piece on Colin Kaepernick (CK). To me this isn’t about politics. It’s not even about the incredibly disrespectful jesture that offends more people than it doesn’t. It’s about truth, false narrative, and an enabling national sports media. Jason Whitlock can be a huge gas bag, but I recommend people check out his takes on CK. Bottomline, he’s simply wrong. The only bodies in the street are those from every day, socially-acceptable violence. Not from cops killing innocent “people of color.” The stats are clear to anyone that’s willing to Google them. If he’s worried about the plight of poor African-American communities and the absolutely unacceptable conditions of inner city America, there are many different things he can do to draw attention. He’s in the rare position to speak truth to power about responsibility and the consequences of actions, as well as use his massive wealth to positively affect change.

    Reality is CK is a clown. Any [email protected]@ that wears a Fidel Castro shirt to a press conference and complains about “oppression” deserves to be treated like an illiterate buffoon. It just so happens his message jives with that of the narrative spun by the mainstream media, and by extension the heavily-skewed sports media. So he’s not getting called on his BS. The argument isn’t even on the right topic; I’ll poke my eyes out next time I hear “but he has the right to protest.”

    SR is in a minority of sports media that are willing to call CK out for what he is.

  32. 32


    I always wait to read SR’s Fab 5 on Saturday mornings. Today I was looking forward to some in depth information on the start of a new season. But nooooooooooooooooo! I’m subjected to yet another media outlet giving attention to Colin Kaepernick’s “stance” followed by 50+ comments of which only a few were on the subject on which this site is supposed to be based.

    One loses credibility with me when they are professing to be concerned with “police brutality” yet only when it is directed toward one select group. In Kaepernick’s case he is only focused on “people of color.” Why not protest “police brutality” when it occurs…..period? My only objection to Kaepernick is the forum he chose that involved his entire team and not just him. Can we just let him sit and pout without making him the centerpiece of the 49er games?

    1. 32.1


      He loses credibility because he’s only standing up for people of color? What? Wow. Because white people are so oppressed by the system and need a movement to free us from daily injustice, inequality, and racism? Your comment is incredibly naive and a perfect reflection of white privilege. Are you also one of those “All Lives Matter” carnival barkers?

      1. 32.1.1


        NW: So, we should have a slogan, “White Lives Don’t Matter”? I don’t believe it’s “the system”. I really doubt that police officers are trained to shoot “people of color”. The “system” that’s wrong is the one keeping these folks dependent on it. More likely an officer, who in the heat of the moment, overreacts. I guess like the guy robbing the 7-11 and freaks out when the kid making minimum wage doesn’t open the cash drawer fast enough and kills him.

        So if a white person is shot carelessly by a police officer it doesn’t count?

        I’m being oppressed by the outrageous taxes I’m forced to pay.

  33. 33


    Scott, please don’t cave in to the threats to abandon Fab 5. Write whatever you want. If I’m not interested I’ll just skip it and read the other 4. I want the facts, but I also want your opinion. You have a perspective on this team and this sport that I can’t get firsthand. Don’t let anyone dictate the subject matter. There are bullies everywhere. Stand up to them.

    1. 33.1


      Scott invited this forum, I don’t see anybody bullying him. People are bringing it to his attention that they don’t come to Pewter Report to read his opinion on anything but the Buccaneers. Unless you wish to agree with him, or even not, nobody cares about Scott’s faith or political opinions. Yet still, he continues rub his reader’s noses in his personal beliefs unrelated to Buccaneer football.

      Scott provides hand’s down the best journalistic informed Buc coverage you can get, it’s truly a shame he demeans those standards with an opinionated self-righteous discourse his readers do not come here to expect. Of course, readers can go elsewhere, but that’s not in Scott’s best interest. He’s accountable for the content.

    2. 33.2


      I appreciate what Scott does as much as anyone, but he opens himself up to criticism when he speaks on issues in society or politics. There’s no bullying. When he regurgitates right wing talking points, those of us with a different view speak up. Pretty simple.

  34. 34


    Well said 1sparkybuc. I love the guy who said he was going to cancel his subscription to PW. How do you cancel an internet site you can get for free?
    I myself prefer my sports without politics like most people. I believe this is another reason people are disgusted with CK’s public display. But if the subject comes up within the context of a sports story I believe it is germane to discuss it. And lets not forget, we do play the 49ers this season.
    Scubog, you make an excellent point and one I have been concentrating on since this subject came up and since the BLM movement began. Why is this group only concerned about black people being brutalized by the police. Shouldn’t they, if they are concerned about civil rights, be concerned about civil rights for everyone, not just blacks.
    A few years ago in Venice, Fl a young white man was shot dead by an off duty sheriff’s deputy for pranking his house by ringing his doorbell and running off. The deputy chased him and got into a tussle with him and after a struggle he shot him.
    The deputy broke numerous procedures by doing this but was never charged with murder or fired and to this day to my knowledge still works for the SCSO.
    A lot of people were extremely upset but no one took to the streets and blocked traffic, burned down businesses or pulled innocent people from vehicles to brutalize them in protest. People aren’t animals in Venice.

  35. 35


    Seems like this is not going away. Our police forces all over the states are becoming more of a paramilitary organization than a civilian force to uphold the law. But I can’t fault there strategy by doing so. To have a job that requires you to answer calls that can and do turn violent must be very unnerving at the least. The pervasive gun culture in the USA has put these men in awful situations that most of the time end well, but sometimes things go south.
    CK stance is amateurish at best. Not standing for the national anthem is just not going to cut it for me. Put yourself out on the front line if you feel compelled to protest. Stupid fashion statements to excite the already starved media outlets, c’mon man. It’s bad enough that everybody with a phone has to post every stupid thing people do to inflate insatiable media outlets.
    His representation of black people is also suspect to me. I repeat, this is not about race, it’s about money, always has been and always will be. Like I said before, put up or shut up.
    Roger Waters said it best ” with without, it’s what the fighting all about”
    One more week folks and it will be game on. GO BUCS

  36. 36

    Lord Jameis Christ

    “freest country in the history of mankind” We have 25% of the global prison population with only about 5% of the total population. A country where you have to treat the police like royalty or risk being beaten or shot. A country where a rapist serves 3 months in prison while marijuana possession can lead to years in prison. A country where the exit polls do not match the vote totals by a wide margin. You need to travel more SR.

    1. 36.1


      Indeed, the right wingers love to talk about how free we are… As if no other country has freedom. Real freedom, some would say, can be measured in upward economic mobility, but the U.S. is among the lowest in the civilized world on that measure. We incarcerate people instead of educate, largely based on skin color. That’s freedom? We have an electorate that is virtually helpless in standing up to corporate power when trying to protect the environment. That’s freedom? A small percentage of the population is permitted to drive the economy into the toilet in the name of “free market” economics. That’s freedom?

      In fact, the only freedom the right wingers seem to care about is the freedom to buy as many guns as you like and carry them around wherever you like.

      1. 36.1.1


        I guess the very message board posters who are crying about Scott’s opinion on his site think their opinions matter more. Can we delte tham as they’d like to delete Scott’s? LOL

        And we incarcerate people based on skin color rather than their crimes? Good God, there really are people who believe that. Next time someone murders his wife or kills a cashier at a convenience store maybe we should teach them Algebra or English literature rather than imprison them. Yeah, THAT’S the ticket!

        GO BUCS!!! 8 days until it begins……….



          Well, Garv, the point is that we should do a better job at educating and providing real economic opportunity. Instead, we imprison more African American men than go to college. That speaks volumes about racism, poor education, and lack of real opportunity for too many. When so many are stuck in such circumstances, crime and incarcerations are the result. We could spend the money we waste on prison systems and invest it in education and programs to remedy the systemic inequalities, but we don’t, partially because too many white people are too comfortable with incarcerating black men.



            I agree with your point about providing educational and employment opportunities. Some way we need to encourage youngsters to follow that “way out”. To do that, youngsters have to want it and take advantage of it to end the generations on public assistance. The mindset needs to be fixed. That’s where Kaepernick and other prominent “folks of color” could help. Throwing money after it can only go so far. When the young man (white or of color)chooses to be a drug dealer, thief, pimp, scoffs at the neighborhood school, and has four children he’s not supporting, then doesn’t he have some culpability for it? What’s that saying about leading a horse to water?

            As Lord Jameis they way society deals with these things isn’t working. Perhaps we should try something new. What is there to lose?


          Lord Jameis Christ

          Black people get harsher sentences for the same crime from the same judge.

          The jail system needs to be a place where we teach these people a real life skill they can use for a career instead of creating a tough guy atmosphere where gang culture thrives and these guys share car jacking and lockpicking techniques.

          We need to identify the mentally ill, get them out of prisons and into asylums/hospitals with good doctors that don’t abuse them.

          Or keep doing what we’re doing. It seems to be working SOOOO well.



            When I was a young man I used to live in Arcadia FL. One day after funding was taken away from state mental hospital the most of patients were just showed the door and said good luck. I’m not kidding, close to 1500 mentally ill people were just wandering around central Florida.
            The penal system is far to profitable to many industries to abandon now.
            More people earn their living dealing with criminals than any other segment of the economy.
            Warehousing of poor people is not justified but you’ll see no change until bigger enactment of liberal laws are applied.
            I see a lot of the posters feel somewhat appalled by what is happening, and that is good. But we are a couple of election cycles away for that kind of policy to be favorable enough to vote in politicians that are leaning that way.
            I’m an old geezer so I most likely will be dead by the time this happens, but remember this. Good almost always triumphs over evil. A good sign is that young people do not seem to hate our minorities as much as my generation did and does.
            ONE MORE WEEK
            GO BUCS


            Lord Jameis Christ

            @chetthevette My brother is 17 years old. The younger generation is barely racist. I think the internet and media is just connecting people at a younger more impressionable age now. Who knows what new challenges will arise when we hit the tail end of this century!

  37. 38


    Very good Fab 5, and I agree with 100% on the Kaepernick thing.

    It is a shame that young adults today are clueless on many things regarding our nations rich history. But what’s even more sad is that it appears that most don’t even care to know, or learn, about them. I blame this on their parents, and ‘common core’ education. They don’t know because either they have not been taught correctly, or there has not been the right kind of emphasis put on such things.

    Black lives matter is nothing more than a racial hate group. Anyone who would stand with any group that promotes one race over another for whatever reason has been misguided. What really matters is truth, and life—all lives matter. We are all made in the image of God with no exceptions for one race over another. It is at the very core of this belief that will determine how a person lives their life, and what moral standards they will value.

    Only a fool would protest a country whose liberties and freedoms have been paid for by those who were willing to pay the ultimate price, so that the fool can live a life of luxury and not worry about making the same sacrifice.

    God Bless our men and women who serve our nation and give their lives so that we may sit here and discuss football, the Bucs, and the fool exercising his right by their sacrifices to protest this great nation they serve.

    1. 38.1


      I don’t know where you’re getting the thought of “young adults are clueless on many things regarding our nations rich history” but its absolutely a false statement. The young adults of today are incredibly well more informed than any of the generations that have come before them simply due to the internet. Older generations have a problem with young adults because they challenge the commonly accepted. When you were told a “fact” about a historical figure or event from your teacher or parent you accepted it as truth whereas the young adults of today are immediately skeptical and do their own research. There are plenty of men and women in our military that don’t so much as skin their knees for my freedom but I have to immediately respect and honor anyone that’s ever been to basic? Nah.

  38. 39


    This entire coaching staff has me feeling more optimistic than usual! I won’t go as far as predicting a Super Bowl, but I’d say the Wild Card is a realistic goal. We have a tough schedule but we are clearly a MUCH improved team over the last few years. The coaching staff has a big part in that, as do Jason Licht and his staff’s drafting strategies.

    As for the Kap situation, as a veteran I can see both sides but tend to be of the opinion that one can stand up against racism without disrespecting his country and anthem. But then again, I and many others have fought for his right to do so…

  39. 40


    Scott, it should be clear by now that your repeated use of a sports blog to advance your political and religious beliefs is ruining the Pewter Report experience for a significant portion of your readers. Knowing this and still choosing to force feed your religious and political views on your readers as if you have a special insight to offer the world betrays an arrogance and lack of consideration of others’ opinions that makes me want to vomit. ——- Importantly, I’m not saying you aren’t entitled to an opinion, just that if you think you’re such a special snowflake that the world needs to hear, or care about, your opinion then please post it on a right wing / Christian themed website and stop gratuitously denigrating the beliefs of your fellow Americans. —— Fairly amazing that your business partners allow your blatant disrespect toward and mistreatment of your readers to continue; hard to imagine you doing the same if the site was used to advance views inconsistent with your own beliefs. Arrogance beyond belief.

    1. 40.1


      I welcome Scotts posts. And I like to read all the rebuttals. As I said before, Scott has not deleted any retorts or criticisms of his thoughts. Actually it’s refreshing to get every ones perspective.
      6 MORE DAYS
      GO BUCS

    2. 40.2


      Did anyone notice that our current President is black. So is the First Lady. So were 2 of the last Secretaries of State and a recent Chief policy advisor. A recent Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff was black. The majority of our entertainment and sport industry performers are black. Blacks are the fastest growing middle class ethnic group followed closely by Hispanics. Asians will soon pass both. As a business professor I have young blacks in my class and they are no smarter or dumber than any other ethnic group.

      1. 40.2.1


        I have noticed that Obama is black. I’ve also noticed that he gets zero credit for sweeping up the s**t that the last bunch left. It won’t be long before the white majority is no longer the majority. I see great things ahead as our political system gets more diverse.
        C’MON SUNDAY
        GO BUCS



          I have noticed a total lack of perspective, other than noticing a certain traitor’s race. Sweeping up, huh? He’s taken a huge dump on your country, while you were sleeping.



            Obama has been in a knife fight for 8 years with the house and senate over every little thing the executive branch has suggested. Sleeping? My eyes are wide open pal. I see constant hate being spewed by right winger Fox news addicted lackeys and down right bigots. Overseas the people are quaking in their boots over what might happen in this election.
            Look man I’m not the biggest Hillary fan, but Drumph scares the hell out of me and most sane people. Sleeping, get real, if this country makes in 20 more years without major civil unrest I will be amazed.
            Here is an idea, lets make America great again for everyone, not just the mega rich and the mega white.
            While I’m awake I might as well make a prediction. If Drumph wins we will see major backward steps in foreign policies that have taken years to implement. Drumph has no idea what he is doing today let alone in the future. So keep listening to Hannity and all the Fox news fascists and wake up.

    3. 40.3


      You Sir need help. I hope you get it soon. OBTW I know many leftest religious people.

  40. 41


    Sorry I should have said ‘many of’ your fellow Americans, as there is a dwindling but still significant subset of the country that shares your far right wing, nationalistic, one supreme religion perspective. My bad.

  41. 42

    Scott Reynolds

    Here is what I love and respect about our PewterReport.com readers. I have read every single comment and haven’t had delete a single one – and there have been over 80 comments. I appreciate everyone’s comments and opinions, and respect the fact that both sides of this argument stated their case in a civil, respectful way. Thank you, PewterReport.com readers!

    1. 42.1


      As a disabled veteran I have a lot of time on my hands and have read this site almost daily for as long as I can remember. I have been a buc fan since the beginning back in 76. This is the only site that I visit to get my buc info and although I rarely post, I am a big fan of pewter report and especially the red board. Roughly a month ago or so I took a break from this site because I read enough politics on other sites and didn’t want to see it poison this site by pitting users against each other.

      As a veteran I have served this country and had close friends give their life to protect the rights of our citizens to be able to engage in peaceful protest about any topic that is important to them. The ability for each of us to have the right of peaceful protest is one of our greatest rights and what separates us from other countries.

      To try and shout down the person protesting because you think they aren’t protesting the way you think they should or to try and attack them personally so that you can try to change the conversation in a way that suits your political position is the real disgrace. These are trying times and complicated issues which deserve a more thoughtful and thorough discussion than can be provided in the middle of paragraphs dedicated to buccaneer football. This country is divided. Everywhere you go there is division and people are being forced into more and more heated confrontations. The one place I thought that we could at least all be united was on this buccaneer site which is why I love this site so much. Or at least I used to love this site so much. By not having a more balanced and thoughtful response and instead picking an opinion from one of the hard edges you are alienating the people on the other side of the issue and the people in the middle.

      I come to this site to escape politics and to join with a community of people who share the same goals and desire which is to see the bucs win. How to accomplish winning and all the discussions that come from that is why we all come here. This site has been around a long time and in a few short months with your injection of politics you have damaged your site. Please leave the politics to other sites. We al ready argue enough on this site but at least it’s about football. I will now exercise my peaceful right to boycott this site and the advertisers. I know since I am not an active poster I won’t be missed, but I am hoping that for those who remain you will refrain from injecting your political views into pewter report. However it’s your site and you have every right to do so if you wish.

      Signed a patriotic disabled vet of the 3rd infantry division.

    2. 42.2


      Scott you sir are ducking the issue. I stated days ago that this type of info belongs in the COVE. You should know as thet are your rules.

  42. 43


    It is sad that when a person in America exercises his right to free speech, on his webpage, that there are those who complain, and tries to tell him that he has no right to exercise his freedom of speech.

    But what’s even more sad is when people come on here claiming to be veterans, and you may well be, and then take part in the persecuting of this person because he is exercising his right to free speech. That’s hypocritical!

    If you don’t like what SR is expressing, don’t complain and threaten to leave if you don’t get your way, just leave. Nobody wants to read your complaints either, they just clog up the blog. But it is your right to do so, and SR and PR does not persecute you for doing it. Not like what you do him.

    That’s the problem we are facing right now in America, everybody wants their freedom of speech, but there are those who want to protest, and complain when those who hold a different opinion exercise theirs.

    Remember, you don’t have to partake of something if you don’t like it, all you have to do is leave, or turn the page. But I’m sure that SR exercised his freedom of speech to insight good equitable debates for discussion, and not for cry babies to come along and complain because they don’t like what he said. Be an adult, give an opinion about the topic, or don’t say anything at all. But don’t go telling him what he should or should not talk about. It’s his site, his article, and his right to express whatever he feels. And as an American I applaud him for that.

    This is America, and it is the first amendment right. Our constitution is what makes America the greatest nation on earth, and separates us from all other nations. The moment people start trying to rewrite our constitution, and take away our freedoms and liberties, will be the moment when this nation will no longer be the America our founding fathers had envisioned. Nor will be the greatest nation on earth. We will be just like all of the other failed nations that are in the world now, and throughout the world’s history.

    So the next time one of you wants to trample on someone else’s rights, think about this—you are no longer acting like an American, but you are acting like the rest of the world who hate us because of who we are and the freedoms we have. Then, think about how it would make you feel if you were in that person’s place and someone was trying to trample on your freedoms and rights.

    Some of you may think that I’m doing that here to you now, but if you read this carefully you will see that I am only defending our first amendment right.

  43. 44


    Great Fab 5, Scott. I think your views on Kap are just as valid as some pinko commie’s left wing drivel, so spout on! Looking forward to a great season. Got tickets to the Oct. 2nd game with Denver, and going to Arrowhead Nov. 22nd to see the Bucs beat the Chiefs. Its going to be one helluva ride! And I just want to say that denying Dallas the right to honor fallen heroes is BS and despicable, and Goodell should be ashamed but he has no shame.

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