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Scott Reynolds is in his 23rd year of covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the vice president, publisher and senior Bucs beat writer for PewterReport.com. Author of the popular SR's Fab 5 column on Fridays, Reynolds oversees web development and forges marketing partnerships for PewterReport.com in addition to his editorial duties. A graduate of Kansas State University in 1995, Reynolds enjoys giving back to the community as the defensive line coach for his sons' Pop Warner team, the South Pasco Predators. Reynolds can be reached at: [email protected]

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    I get the strange feeling Noah Spence is not going to play much this year. With Smith out for the season I thought we would hear his name being talked up this week, and I don’t get the feeling he is even in the mix. What gives ?

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    Really nice article Scott. I think the Tight End group is going to be the key this week against the Cardinals and I’m going on record to say that ASJ is going to have a monster game this week. I look for the Cards to slide additional coverage over to better protect their rookie corner and that’s going to leave the middle open for a big target like ASJ. Say what you like about Austin, but he appears to finally be taking the game seriously and this is the week he is the big dog!

    We DOGS! We ain’t no puppies no mo’!


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    The Pats did a nice job of gameplanning for the talent they had available and I dont think those are necessarily the strengths of our team. We can win playing our brand of football bc honestly we have more weapons on offense than the Pats did on Sunday. Smart, disciplined football on both sides of the ball should give us a chance to send the Cardinals to 0-2. I foresee a few more FG attempts so hopefully Aguayo keeps delivering. Go Bucs as always!

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    I don’t think the Bucs played their best game last Sunday against the Falcons. Jameis missed some TD passes in the 1st quarter. There were a few blown coverages. Which is understandable with a new defense and being on the road. The interception due to a mis-communication due to the noise on the road (and being the 1st game). So, there is a lot of work to do. If the Bucs did play better football, this game could of easily been a blow out. But, winning a division game on the road to open up the season is very encouraging.
    Scott, the Fab5 is one of the reasons I look forward to Friday. Keep up the good work. Thanks also for the insight on Jason Licht and his Dad. Go Bucs! Beat Cards!

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    Your Fab 5 had very little new information Scott; a lot of quotes repeated from other articles. I keep reminding myself the Cardinals could have still beaten the Patriots except for the fact they kept shooting themselves in the foot. This is going to be a very tough game for us to win, but still winnable. Pass rush is what this game will be abou, plus fumbles and interceptions. We need a big game from the defense! Go Bucs!

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    Nice read Scott. On FAB1, I am glad to hear that Koetter wants to have that approach. No doubt, the forward mentality will bite us at some point, but I firmly believe it to be the better approach. The confusing thing for me is, why then did we switch to “run out the clock” mentality towards the end of the 3rd quarter. That’s Greg Schiano football and it bit us way more often than the “go for the throat” approach. Maybe it was Koetter’s first game, maybe he thought we had more than enough points that it didn’t matter (I suppose we did, just barely, in the end), but I would love to see us keep the foot on the throttle a little while longer before we fight the clock.

    On FAB5 – well said by Marpet…5 hits is too many and these guys need to keep raising the bar, which I’m sure they will do.

    GO BUCS!

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      @eastendboy I completely agree. Koetter coached himself into an actual game last Sunday with the vanilla playbook once we got the lead. Im hoping he had a case of the first game jitters but the score def shouldnt have been that close. Our defense is improved but not to the point where we can mail it in for a whole quarter like the 4th qtr in ATL.

    2. 6.2


      I agree EEB. Play fight the clock with 4 minutes left.

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    Pretty good reading in the Fab 5 today. Also props to PR for pumping out quality articles all during the week. I don’t remember so much output as we have been seeing this year. KUDOS

    In my opinion the hiring of Dirk K is the best thing that has happened for the Bucs since 2002. To quote Scott “When he’s not smiling, Koetter resembles Clint Eastwood’s famous character “Dirty Harry,” Make my day PUNK. That, to me tells it all, here is man doing what he loves and enjoying every minute. Not to mention getting paid quite handsomely to do it. I’ve got no problem with stealing strategies from other teams or emulating great coaches. I just hope Koetter keeps his positive outlook and keeps the team having fun, and winning of course. This team seems to really like the head coach, very refreshing. Taking plays from other teams is cool. I think Belichik looks like he sucking on a lemon most of the time. I’ve tried to think back of him smiling, after winning the Super Bowl is the only time I can think of.
    Going for the throat. Love it.

    Weapons galore, this is fantastic. Dougernaught catching passes excites me a lot. If we can get teams to fear Charles Sims running game it will confuse them greatly. What are the Running backs going to do, catch or rush? It should cause some consternation in opposing teams heads. I remember watching the Eagles when Randall Cunningham was playing and thinking, what is this team doing next. This week let us freak every one out and complete a TD to LUKE STOCKER. Hell yeah.

    They are going to have to account for Kwon, that’s all there is to it. Then Lavonte steps in and gets his. With McCoy and Alexander occupying multiple blockers I look for Otrher members of the defense to have good games.
    I don’t know anything about Mark Duffner, maybe sometime Scott could give us some insight on him. We all enjoyed the last coaching profile he did.

    I’m taking that Jason Licht has a Germanic background. Being German descent and from the mid west has got to have something to do with his toughness. He just seems to me to be rock steady and dependable. Reminds me of all the guys who I’ve known over the years from the mid west, Go to work, work hard and get it done.
    It’s a plus that he is a drafting Ninja.

    Vic Beasley, another Clemson defensive player maybe not panning out. How unusual. Besides Humphries, I can’t think of any player from Clemson succeeding in the NFL. I did not even realize that Humphries was from Clemson until someone pointed that out to me. Glad he’s not on our team.

    1. 7.1


      Never,ever, ever, never……draft a pass rusher from Clemson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. 7.1.1


        Help me out. Has there ever been a great player from Clemson?
        GO BUCS



          maybe William “the refrigerator” Perry….?



            Great eater for sure,

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    I’m glad Humphries is on our team:)
    I think Lovie’s approach in managing time outs is obvious and the rest of you don’t understand. Time outs are cumulative and if you don’t use them they are added to the amount you will have available for the next game!
    Speaking of Luke Stocker brings to mind jongruden. I miss his post (seriously-never a dull moment). He lives in Arizona so he may be conflicted this weekend; or maybe he is a cards fan now. lol

    1. 8.1


      Timeouts are cumulative. At least Lovie thought so!

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    Another good Fab 5 Scott.
    Koetters go for it mentality is such a refreshing change of pace from Lovie’s bullshit take a knee approach. You know just from watching one game that he will be the kind of coach that takes his shots. I also think he’s got this swag or arrogance about him that I really like. He just looks like he knows his offense is better than your defense.
    We have some special weapons on this team and we will need them this week for what could turn into a shootout. Id like to see even a few more two tight end and two back sets to really throw them off. But I agree that we will see some 3 and 4 wide sets to get Arizona out of that traditional 3-4 scheme.
    I love Lichts ability to take calculated risks. I mean in hind sight, trading back in the first and still getting Hargreaves was another well calculated risk.
    Great to see Jameis not only getting his offensive player of the week award, but also his Fed ex player of the week as well. I’m sure Bucnut is completely surprised that someone with so little talent could do that.
    My prediction for this week end? Bucs upset Arizona 27-24. Go Bucs!

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    Couldn’t agree with you more about Clemson pass rushers 76Buc and William Perry was one of the most over rated DT’s to ever play the game thanks to the media who loved him because he was fat.
    When I saw Beasley’s height and weight I said he would never hold up in the NFL as a defensive end.
    I would be surprised if the Bucs run a lot of rubs this week although it would be great if they did. The main reason is because I rarely see them running rubs anyway.
    Besides; New England’s offense is designed for short to intermediate routes that lend themselves to rubs/
    The Bucs are designed for more intermediate and long passes and the only time Winston goes for short passes is when he is dumping the ball off because the receivers downfield are covered.
    To be honest, Lovie also liked to defer receiving the ball till the second half for the same reasons but unfortunately was never gutsy enough to do anything with the philosophy.
    Again, in his defense, it wasn’t like he had Peyton Manning, Tom Brady or even Andy Dalton around to toss the rock. Josh McClown sure didn’t instill a lot of confidence and last year Winston was a rookie.
    If the Cards play like they did against New England, the Bucs have a good chance to beat them but I never predict W’s and L’s. I’m much to superstitious for that sort of existential meddling.

    1. 10.1


      Don’t know if I’d call Perry fat while he was playing. Lets say weight challenged. That was one big strong dude. I’ll say he could choose the salad bar more often though.
      GO BUCS

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    Forgot to mention that really love it when someone complains about the content of the stories in Pewter Report like Horse did.
    How much does it cost you to read it, Horse?
    Like complaining about the free lunch your company or a friend bought you.

    1. 11.1


      Good point Dr. D. When something is free, the recipient always gets his monies worth. I get a lot of free lunches and they are always quite tasty.

      Looking forward to this game. Playing opponents against whom few “experts” give us a chance is always a bit more relaxing than facing a foe we are expected to defeat. I suspect the Cardinals are on edge. How they collectively handle the added pressure is key. I suspect the Buccaneers are going in with a “why not us” mindset that we have not witnessed in recent years. If the “good guys” can hang in there and weather the Cardinals best efforts early their confidence will continue to soar and frustrate the red birds even more. Stand up to the bully and take his ass down in the end with a TD pass to Luke Stocker. Bucs 20 Cardinals 17.

      Arizona Joe will be so excited wagging his finger in the face of the nearest Cardinal fan who only two years ago was probably rooting for the Cowboys. JonnyG will be ripping off his Cardinals jersey to expose his old Josh Freeman # 5 underneath. All of us ols school guys and gals here will dig up the words of that 1979 fight song from our memory banks. Sing along folks. Hey Hey Tampa Bay, the Bucs know how to shine!

  12. 12


    I hope Palmer will try and pick on VHIII because of his rookie status, with VHIII nabbing a couple out of the air. That would be sweet! I think Hargreaves is going to be a special player in this league. Go Bucs!

  13. 13


    Egads, Scubog, I love you like a brother but I always hated that song. Much preferred the pirate, “Ho. Ho, Ho I’m a Buccaneer.”

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