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Scott Reynolds is in his 23rd year of covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the vice president, publisher and senior Bucs beat writer for PewterReport.com. Author of the popular SR's Fab 5 column on Fridays, Reynolds oversees web development and forges marketing partnerships for PewterReport.com in addition to his editorial duties. A graduate of Kansas State University in 1995, Reynolds enjoys giving back to the community as the defensive line coach for his sons' Pop Warner team, the South Pasco Predators. Reynolds can be reached at: [email protected]

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    Scott, as usual I enjoyed the Article. I’m not sure about the undersize players mentioned at the East-West practices; maybe a shot as post draft signees. Go Bucs!

  2. 2


    “Koetter the next Arians?” I’m glad my fellow ASU Fans out here don’t read this publication they would die from laughter about that statement. Koetter was a huge failure here and was run out of town. You take on Winston over Mariota? I’m leaving that alone as I’m done with this argument.

    1. 2.1


      I will say that while you have more screen time with Koetter than the rest of us, this was the ONLY hire that really made sense when they fired Lovie. We can hope that he learned from his past head coaching gig and come improve. The college game involves so many more players, recruiting, and basically babysitting 18-21 year old kids.
      Hopefully he’ll be a better coach for us, or you’ll be letting us hear about it every week. haha
      Oh and after the combine, when Jalen Ramsey blows every one away. I will gladly take that bet sir. Hell I’ve seen Ramsey as the top player over all on a board or two.

    2. 2.2


      Jongruden…You are trolling for a debate about Koetter, but then decided to drop the mic cuz you’re done with the argument. What argument did you make? Here is a stat you can chew on about the comparison to Arians…Arians was head coach of Temple for 6 years and compiled a 27-39(.409) record. Also forfeited all 6 of his teams wins in 1986 because his Heisman candidate RB signed a professional contract before the season started. Meanwhile Koetter was 26-10(.722) and 40-34(.540) as a head coach in college. Looks like Koetter is a BETTER coach than Arians based on your college experience argument.

      1. 2.2.1


        And that, jongruden, is how you drop the mic on an argument!



          Damn good points BucWild, we can only hope that Koetter has a similar path to success as Arians did.



          Well Done, GO BUCS!!!!!

  3. 3


    Mark …enjoy your remarks and I know your proud of you school but…. Please try to hold back that Winston will be a better qb then M.M. Who is the better athlete,who has much faster foot speed and who is the way more accurate qb?

    1. 3.1


      If only Mark wrote this article and not the KState Scott…

      1. 3.1.1

        Scott Reynolds

        Lol … yeah, this is SR’s Fab 5, not MC’s Fab 5.

    2. 3.2


      Oh you mean the QB who can’t play a full season, had more turnovers in less games, and won less games? That QB? We get it sunshine, you think Mariota is a better athlete. That means absolutely nothing in the NFL, especially at QB. You got your Titans jersey yet?

    3. 3.3


      Sunshine, you mean the elite foot speed of MM that rushed for 252yds and 2TD last season compared to Winston’s 213yds and 6TD’s??? LOL! you Mariota lovers are comical! Foot speed doesn’t mean anything.

    4. 3.4


      Clearly Scott wrote the article dude. If you read any of it that would be obvious. Then again, youre also saying MM is “way more accurate” than Winston. I don’t think you’re very good at “obvious”

  4. 4


    Bold, fiery, aggressive, swagger…I’ve heard those buzz words a lot here at PR at least over the last 6 years or so, probably longer. Those words used to fire me up, but Schiano was bold and aggressive and so was the move to hire him. Gruden was fiery and aggressive. Morris had swagger and was aggressive. My point is that ultimately there is no correlation to those buzz words and a point differential in the Bucs’ favor, at least not nearly often enough. That’s why I recently started saying that winning comes down to talent and preparation. Coaching is only a part of preparation. Preparation also includes the players putting in the work physically, mentally and emotionally in the offseason and during the season to win games. Preparation even extends into who the player hangs out with, dates, what they eat, how much sleep they get, etc. That’s why I didn’t care whether Lovie got fired or not or who they replaced him with. I still don’t buy that Lovie had nothing to do with the drafted players (he could still veto whatever guys the scouts and GM wanted to bring in) and Licht had nothing to do with the bad FA’s we brought in, especially in 2015. When we demonstrate on the field that our players are talented and prepared I’ll be ready to buy into Licht. We as Bucs fans have seen plenty of Bucs rookies play well their first year and flame out later (Freeman, Clayton, Cadillac, Glennon, Piscitelli…the list goes on). I’m taking a wait and see approach going forward.

    1. 4.1


      Solid comment Pink. One can only hope that Koetter gets this team fired up. So tired of seeing us start slow and look lazy. Only time will tell.

    2. 4.2


      Yep, buzz words are used in all kinds of venues today. We used to have journalism in this country but society can’t stay away from those buzz words. SR does a good job, just have to see it all for what it is…buzz words. Go bucs!

    3. 4.3


      Pink- you are spot on

  5. 5


    I dont think it takes a FL ST homer to see Winston is the better QB. “Foot speed” be damned.

  6. 6


    jongruden, A lot of success a coach gets in college is a byproduct of good recruiting classes.
    Unlike college, in the pros you don’t have to go out and hustle players and sell them on your school, facilities and personality.
    Personally, I would never want that job and I am a salesman.
    Jim Harbaugh is an excellent recruiter, but his is also known to lie to prospects and harbor bitter resentment to players who don’t come to Michigan.
    I have read the knock on Koetter at ASU was he was not a good recruiter, which I have stated before is a task he won’t have to perform for the Bucs.
    Besides, despite not being a good recruiter, he still coached ASU to an above .500 record and his record at Boise St. was even better.
    I know it’s not in your nature to give a guy a chance before you start slinging arrows at him, but why not at least judge him after one season.
    Also, if Koetter wasn’t the guy you wanted, who would you have chosen.

    1. 6.1


      Not true drdneast, Koetter’s 2006 ASU team was a preseason top 25 program that limped to a 7-6 record. After he was fired they hired Dennis Erickson who went 10-2 and tied for first in the PAC-10 while winning PAC-10 coach of the year honors (until Erickson flamed out thereafter). Koetter’s last few teams had talent.

      1. 6.1.1


        Devasher- agree, I live here and die hard Devils Fan so you can’t presume to tell me about my team, yes he had an OVERALL record of 45-40 but honestly that sucks, he was far below 500 in the conference and lost to less than stellar teams in mediocre bowls like Hawaii. Koetter had a typical recruiting class that ASU always has, ever hear of Derek Hagan and Terrel Suggs, Zach Miller, Rudy Carpenter, Andrew Walter just to name a few? Koetter was and is what he is a good offensive coordinator never been a good HEAD coach, like Norv Turner, Marc Trestman and so on. I hope I’m wrong but until I’m proven wrong I have my opinion and its a popular one in AZ who know Koetter very well, its like trying to sell Muschamp as a head NFL Coach to Gator Fans aint happening



          Correction Koetter had a overall of 40-34 and a 21-28 conference record which stinks



            Dennis Erickson far more successful in college than Koetter winning at Idaho, Oregon St and Miami winning national titles want him as your head coach?


          Scott Reynolds

          Considering he hasn’t been a head coach since 2006 I’m guessing Dirk Koetter has learned some things over the last decade that he can apply to Round 2 as a HC. Time will tell.



            SR- agreed. But his lack of HC success is a concern. Agree?



            Thank you for saying what I thought Scott. Few people begin their careers without a learning curve. For JonnyG to think that because Koetter had a less than stellar beginning to his coaching career means he doesn’t have the credentials to after 10 years more experience to return to head coaching is silly. Different situation. Different day. No more correlation than to think Steve Spurrier’s great college coaching career would make him a good NFL HC.

  7. 7


    Scott, I would say you made your best case yet for Koetter as HC in this article. While I was in favor of letting Lovie fix his defense, I can agree that it may be worth it in the end.

    Hopefully Koetter learned some lessons from his ASU experience, because there is a reason his last head coaching job was 10 years ago despite being a bright offensive mind.

  8. 8


    Pinkstob, I have to disagree with your assessment of some of the players you say “flamed out” after one year.
    In fact, Michael Clayton and Josh Freeman would be about the only two I would agree with you on.
    Cadillac Williams didn’t flame out, he had two knees blown out.
    I wasn’t even aware Sabby Piscatelli had a good year here.
    Glennon has had some good games, but I would hardly qualify his as a player who distinguished himself and then flamed out.
    Very strange list.

    1. 8.1


      drdneast; agree with you.

    2. 8.2


      Sabby’s first year getting to play he did well while establishing himself as a good starter on team that started off 9-3. He had 2 INT’s, deflected 8 passes and had a FF so yes, he started out well and flamed out later. On Cadillac I didn’t say he was a bust, I said he flamed out. I consider playing well initially and not so well later (due to injury, drug use or ineptness) flaming out. So knees or not, he didn’t play as well as his initial year. Glennon played well enough to where he won rookie of the month and later was considered by most to have high trade value. Flaming out doesn’t refer overall to how great or poor of player you were, it refers to playing well initially compared to playing poorly the rest of your career for any reason.

      1. 8.2.1


        Agree on Sabby. That was part of the general coaching atrocity that kicked off when Monte checked out.

  9. 9


    It’s interesting that everything that went wrong with the Bucs over the last couple of years was Lovie’s fault. Therefore, this should be the perfect team from here on out? I don’t buy it. Are you saying that Licht deferred all of his personnel power to Lovie with all of those FA acquisitions? Licht, in his “aggressive” mentality objected to all of them, but Lovie overrode him? I don’t know what kind of coach Koetter will make, but I sure hope that the Glazers give him a few years to pan out. I do think that this team was on the rise with Lovie or Koetter at the helm, because the team will now benefit from having a franchise QB. All I’m looking for is stability. As for the greatest rock song of all time, Maybe Koetter & LIcht should cue up “Under Pressure” from Queen & Bowie?

    1. 9.1


      The point is E is that Lovie had final 53 man roster say, so yes, Lovie could’ve vetoed every Licht choice. I always say to people, do you really think Licht wanted Jennings, Jenkins, Conte, and some of those other scrubs? No way. Those are Lovie guys that ran his system.
      Is everything going to be roses from here on out? Probably not, we’re still the Bucs, but as you said, we have a franchise QB. We also have an aggressive coach and GM, which I prefer. But I guess well see.

    2. 9.2

      Scott Reynolds

      Licht signed the players that Smith wanted. He was complicit, too. But he was also the first to suggest that they should cut bait and went to Smith and told him just that. Licht is not perfect, but it’s obvious from recent events that the Glazers value the job he’s doing over the job Smith did in Tampa Bay.

      1. 9.2.1


        SR- with all due respect, I assume your source is Licht or someone close to him. Don’t you think he or they are spinning it now the Lovie is gone?



          Bucnut2-Licht is spinning what? Are you suggesting there is some sort of conspiracy that needs spun? THINK!!! Lovie hires his staff. Tedford was OC and Frazier the DC. Tedford never coached a game and left his pal Lovie in the lurch. Frazier was replaced by Lovie himself in year two for ineffectiveness and was leaving whether Lovie stayed or not. That is dysfunction. Koetter was the highest paid OC in the league last year. Why? Because of his championships? Nope. Because of the mess he was walking into. Lovie’s mess. And that secondary that just got torched again was coached by Lovie’s son. I think Licht and the Glazers made the toughest call and fired Lovie because they had to because he was the second worst coach in team history! A total disaster. More time wouldn’t have fixed that. DUH!

    3. 9.3


      Your comments are spot on. I am NOT a Lovie fan and disagreed with the hire but the facts are that Licht tossed Lovie under a bus in part to save himself. The national media has figured this out, but those with sources inside one but have a different spin. IF Licht is as courageous as SR posits he should have owned those signings.

      1. 9.3.1


        I prefer SMART to aggressive.

  10. 10


    Shame about Sapp being excluded from the Shrine game because of his past minor problem.
    Everybody makes a mistake and this is a country that allows second or third chances even.
    Perhaps is Sapp was associated with a murder during Super Bowl week, he could get a network gig instead.

    1. 10.1


      Ummm Sapp has plead guilty to Domestic Violence as recently as 2015. So between the hookers, DV and being a general a-hole you think that’s a minor problem? The league doesn’t think so.

      1. 10.1.1


        Devasher- Agree again, underage hookers at that

  11. 11


    I don’t see Javon Hargrave on people’s top 100 or more so far; so, yes, this is looking like a real sleeper. I can see it now, he wasn’t big school; therefore, he can’t play in the NFL. I can see De or Cb in the first, and Hargrave(or maybe someone else; I really haven’t checked out the Dt’s this year; De’s are the only position I’ve checked out for the most part).

  12. 12


    I’m sorry, but the firing of Lovie is a win in and of itself. I was a huge supporter of his, but it was clear that he was past his prime as a head coach. His defense especially was not at an NFL level. At times it was downright embarrassing to see teams march down the field in their 2 minute offense with little resistance, so little that they could score the game winning points without having to use all their timeouts. I could go on and on about the defensive woes, but suffice to say that the defense was seriously lacking, even costing this team games, and it was due to Lovie’s brand of defense. So even though Im not 100% sure the Koetter hire will work out, I do know that the dismissal of Lovie was the right one. Also excellent article SR.

    1. 12.1


      Agreed PP. don’t think all of the spin is true but we are better off without Lovie.

  13. 13


    This is a great theory Scott, and I am sure looking back much of it is true. Three observations: 8-32 record over past 2 seasons, 3 new HC’s coaches in 4 seasons (all on the payroll), and we are plunging toward another off-season full of questions, excuses, and expectations. I have a theory of sorts. we should see if there is a way of selling tickets to our off-season soap opera. “As the Buc’s Turn,” comes to mind. IF, IF, IF Maybe.

  14. 14


    WOW, Cinderella, I haven’t heard that band name in a L O N G time…. Another great article Scott! I agree it is a shame to hear that Sapp wasn’t able to participate in the EWS game. Sometimes decisions made, have severe LIFE CHANGING consequences. It will unfortunately be an uphill, tough row to hoe. “Don’t know what you got till it’s gone” (I couldn’t help myself…)

  15. 15


    I remember that story jongruden but don’t remember anything about the girls being underage. If they had been, the charges would have been much more serious.

  16. 16


    Please publish who the corporate sponsor was that blackballed Sapp so I can boycott their products.

  17. 17


    I don’t understand why anyone would defend Lovie Smith on these boards. This is the town that put a billboard up to fire a coach. And you want to defend Lovie?! His game management was awful. His ability to settle on the right 53 was horrible. The blowout losses and lack of home wins may have ruined any notion of respectability for years to come while rekindling cellar dweller laughingstock comparisons. And he could have cared less. “Yes, it was a tough loss today, but it’s only one game” That was a phrase he uttered after losing 56-14 to Atlanta in which they were losing 56-0 at one point. It’s a phrase he would get good at saying as he repeated it multiple times over his 24 losses in his two long years as head coach. Good riddance to him and his family of coaches.

    1. 17.1


      My perception is that some of the players seemed to quit on Lovie or at the very least, they didn’t perform to their talent. I think some of the same players quit on the last coach or didn’t perform to their capability. Sure, Schiano was a micro managing unapologetic hard case. It’s probably what some of those players needed. Not all, but some. In the end, too many losses and not enough (or any!) support and he’s gone. In comes Lovie, but the fact remains, you must lead your team to wins. Lovie was as calm and collected as a surgeon when discussing his teams many embarrassments. So what. I love that Winston came out after the Carolina game and refused to be ok with that losers mentality. I think putting ALL players on notice that: You either care or you don’t, but if you don’t, you’ve got to go. That is a GREAT thing for the Bucs and I’m glad the Bucs finally have a coach and GM who seem to share that philosophy.

      1. 17.1.1


        Agree 100%. I too think some of the players quit on Lovie. Why not? He wouldn’t do anything about it, unless you swore in the locker room. There are only two reasons I can assume people ever defend Lovie the clown, A- he’s a nice guy, B- He’s a nice guy. I can’t see any other reason to defend his ineptness.



          Thanks cgmaster27. I agree with you that Lovie was a likable person and a nice guy and thats why people defended him. Also, the national media felt like he wasn’t given the proper time to turn it around in Tampa. Some in the press even considered the possibility of racial motivations as to the reason why he wasn’t retained. Clearly not the case. He was unable to create an atmosphere of stability(with system/coaches/players) or win games(with defense and special teams) even though those were supposed to be his strengths.

  18. 18


    Licht has to be given credit. He has put two very good drafts together back, to back. If he can do that two more times on the Defensive side of the team, who knows how good this team will be in the next couple of yrs ?

  19. 19


    Great read Scott! Thoroughly enjoyed it especially the info on Licht.

  20. 20


    Also, Arians isn’t looking too good right now.

  21. 21


    Good read…

    Though I knew some of it, I didn’t know Sapp had filed for bankruptcy and was having to fight to get into coaching. Interesting, for such a long time…as great a player as he was he thought he was better than everyone else and deliberately tried to be a jerk to fans. I was talking with his mom once…a sweetheart…and met him. The man refused to even shake my hand. Scott also once wrote that no one at NFL Network liked him. I never want to wish ill on a man who’s not hurting others. There is also a lesson on being nice to others, appreciating what you have and your fans, and living as if the rules apply to you as well.

  22. 22


    I got this out of the Chicago Sun Times. I find it interesting. All the poor Lovie. “The adage that “good things happen to good people’’ got kneecapped in early 2007. That’s when Bears coach Lovie Smith cut ties with defensive coordinator Ron Rivera, even though the defense had led the team to the Super Bowl a few weeks before.

    Smith wasn’t forthcoming about the reasons for the split.

    “You should trust me as a head football coach to put us in the best position to win football games,” Smith said at the time. “It’s as simple as that.’’”

    1. 22.1


      Looks like his chickens have come home to roost.

  23. 23

    BucFan circa76

    First of all, GREAT Fab 5 Scott! Like you, I am a huge Bon Jovi fan and it was awesome you had the chance to talk pigskin with him. I knew of his group’s unsuccessful attempt at buying the Bills. What fan – who could afford to own a good chunk of an NFL team – would not want to pursue that dream especially one near his NJ home.

    I was disappointed FOR Lovie but not disappointed that he was replaced. And btw Lovie Howell Smith, the only Buccaneer head coach to ever be hired again as an NFL head coach after being fired by the Bucs is Tony Dungy. Perkins, Wyche, Gruden, Morris, Schiano, and now Lovie, have all seen their NFL head coaching dream end here – most not by their choice. Talk about a curse.

    As the playoffs come to an end soon, it seems Carolina will keep its coordinators intact at least another season. All head coaching vacancies have been filled. Unbelievably nauseating to this Bucs Fan!!

  24. 24


    Coach Koetter will surpass Arians…and the Bucs in the next few years will put Arizona in the rearview mirror. It obvious the players are already on board. Time to win…go Bucs!

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