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Scott Reynolds is in his 23rd year of covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the vice president, publisher and senior Bucs beat writer for PewterReport.com. Author of the popular SR's Fab 5 column on Fridays, Reynolds oversees web development and forges marketing partnerships for PewterReport.com in addition to his editorial duties. A graduate of Kansas State University in 1995, Reynolds enjoys giving back to the community as the defensive line coach for his sons' Pop Warner team, the South Pasco Predators. Reynolds can be reached at: [email protected]

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    Mr. Speaker,
    I yield my remaining minutes to the honorable statesman from Arizona. This Fab5 was expressly written with Jon Gruden in mind. Mr. Gruden, you have the floor! I’m outta here!

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      I read it and don’t understand why you think I was in mind for this piece? What am I missing?

      1. 1.1.1


        Just kidding Jon,
        When PR tweeted this last night, you came to mind!lol.
        PewterReport.com ‏@PewterReport 17h17 hours ago
        New SR’s Fab 5 column hits PewterReport.com tomorrow morning. #Bucs draft is the focus. Get ready. Not everyone will agree.
        Well do you like Oakman, another Gholston? I know how much you love Gholston! lol.



          Gholdston is a good run stopper, mediorcre pass rusher, more of a role player than a full time player should be in on run down situations then rotate off the field with Smith. Its not the height for Oakman I don’t like its his production 4 sacks his senior yr worries me, when we drafted Adrian Claiborne he had 4 sacks his senior as well and I didn’t like him either. I’m a production says everything guy not ” potential” guy. I’d rather us take the Nagurski Award winner in 6’7 270 Carl Nassib from Penn st who led FBS in sacks with 15 and a half in second round and take highest rated player on board with the first, I’m not even opposed to Ogbah in first and Nassib in second cause we really need DE help, and with a new scheme maybe we can have Banks and Verner play to their ability

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    I am more inclined to be for trading down or Best Player Available for our Spot 9 and also the same in the 2nd round. I just not seeing an automatic starter pertaining to DE at spot 9 for us. I hope we trade down often in order to pick up some more draft picks. Go Bucs!

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    You say this, “What the team also wanted to do was to make the pricing in the same sections even and fair – instead of having multiple pricing levels within the same section.” but that’s not true. In many sections the price for Row A is significantly higher than Row B. This wasn’t the case in past years. I’m in Row B now, would like Row A, but don’t know now.

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    Well Bucs I have a seniaro of what could go down on Day one of the Draft. There rumors are circling that LA Rams want to bundle their 4 & 6 Rd pick to go after Treadwell from Miss. Tampa is at #09 if Rams wants to move up 6 slots. Then Rams would deal their no#15 and Their 43 pick in Rd-2. Then NO#6 THIS YR OR A NO#5 NEXT YEAR. tHEN tAMPA WOULD HAVE 2 NO#2,A 3RD,A #4,A NO#5 AND 2 NO#6. tAMPA COULD DEAL AND HAVE A GREAT DRAFT.PLUS, OR EVEN BETTER rAMS SELECT AT #9 tAMPA GETS #15 PLUS RAMS BOTH NO#2 THAT WOULD GIVE tAMPA 3 NUMBERS TWO.tAMPA WOULD GET HEALTHER IN A HURRY. i LOVE THE DRAFT

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    Fab 1: I kinda like Oakman…I don’t love him, but I do kinda like him as a player. I’ve watched him play the last two years and I was surprised he went back to school last year. If we could get him in the 3rd round I think that’s good value.
    Fab 2: I’m totally fine with offense so long as it’s the BPA. However, I don’t think either of the guys mentioned here would be the BPA. Treadwell I agree is more of a mid 1st round guy. Stanley on the other hand is completely overrated and to me is a 3rd round guy. I see him play and he has poor power, hand and foot placement. I see him play and he reminds me of Jake Matthews in the sense that he was overrated two years ago and I don’t know what everyone saw in him…oh yeah, his last name (related to Clay and Bruce Matthews). Jake Matthews has performed poorly for the Falcons. I think the BPA at the #9 spot offensively or defensively is actually RB E. Elliott from Ohio State. I see the same dilemma as two years ago: How do you justify drafting A. Donald when you have G. McCoy? Two years later we now have the answer to that, the difference is D. Martin is a free agent where McCoy wasn’t. I like Martin and I wear his jersey every gameday, but I think Elliott is just as good if not better because he’s just as productive, younger, cheaper, less injury prone (for now) and potentially faster (we’ll see at the combine). If Elliott runs under a 4.5 at the combine I say we franchise tag Martin and draft Elliott. I think Elliott’s value will rise to top 10 status by the end of April, again provided he runs under a 4.5 at the combine.
    Fab 3: I agree, but effectiveness over size should be true of every position, particularly CB. I’m deeply bothered by the shift to size and length over agility and intelligence in the NFL over the past 4 or 5 years at the CB position. Hopefully Licht favors effectiveness over size at every position.
    Fab 4: I still like Pamphile. I liked him last offseason and I like him more this year. Hopefully that trend continues.
    Fab 5: I don’t have a horse in the season ticket price debate as my buddies and I can only make it for the home opener every year so it doesn’t affect us as much.

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    I could have afforded a 21% increase, which is reasonable. Unfortunately, my seats were hit with the highest increase, 42% which priced me out of renewing. The fact that they are in the upper level and in the corner, Section 117, didn’t help me justify the extra expense. I doubt many people in my section, working stiffs all, will afford it either.

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    Sad to see the Bucs raise prices to watch the quality of their product on the field. That’s like the movie theatre raising the price of ticket to $50 a tix to see a movie like “Cool as Ice” Starring Vanilla Ice

    1. 7.1


      Haha! thank you Jon. The fact that you even know that movie makes your coolness level raise 100%.

      1. 7.1.1


        Like you don’t know that movie? How do you even know what I’m talking about?



          OH I’ve seen the movie myself no doubt. That’s the funny part.



            “Dump that zero and get with a hero” – still the cheesiest line in movie cinematic history

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    Great Fab 5 as always.
    I like Oakman as well and if we would get him in the third that would be a steal if you ask me.
    I still think the Bucs go with Spence in the first, unless they trade back, which I think is a real possibility.
    The fact that Licht echoes what I said the other day about size is also music to my ears. I love everything this self proclaimed meat head says.
    I saw Pink above stated about Elliot at 9 which isn’t a bad plan, but with the running back class next year being nasty, I’d with it out another year.
    Having Pamphile back there makes me happy and is the right way to bring along a rookie. He has had time to develop and it’s good to see that.

    1. 8.1


      I agree that next year’s RB class looks nasty, but since we don’t know where we’ll be drafting next year a RB may not represent the BPA when we’re on the clock. I wouldn’t use next year to justify passing on the BPA this year, assuming Miami doesn’t take him ahead of us.

      1. 8.1.1


        Well hopefully pink well have to trade up next year to get one of those guys.

  9. 9


    If Stanley is available at # 9, the Bucs should take him. If not I’d go DT over DE. The Bucs could trade down a few spots and pick up A’Shawn Robinson from Ala. Put him next to McCoy and our DE’s will all of a sudden get better, because the middle will be caving in and the QB will have to roll out to be able to step into his throw. I’m superstitious and therefore after Gaines Adams and Da’Quan Bowers I’d be hard pressed to draft a D lineman from Clemson. Forget anything in the first 3 rounds but O-line and D-line. I wouldn’t mind if all 7 picks went for O-linemen and D-linemen. Part of our corners problem has been having to cover too long. We got plenty of receivers and Backs. I say beef up the big nasties !!

  10. 10


    Jongruden, as you know you and I rarely see eye to eye on anything but I enjoyed your posts today.
    I don’t know that much about semi pro (college) football and sure as heck don’t know how to evaluate players abilities but I like your comparisons.
    What I don’t like is hearing anything from that pretty boy Mark Dummynick. Hitting on three draft picks, all pretty much can’t miss players, in five years hardly qualified him as a reputable source.
    I told myself before I opened this thread that I wouldn’t say anything about the price increase but since PR brought it up, I can’t help myself.
    Sorry PR, I love your site and your reporting, but it indeed does sound like you are shilling for the Bucs.
    The reasons you gave for the price increase are pretty silly as well.
    The reason all those customer service agents were hired was because the Bucs were notoriously bad with customer service (almost as bad as Comcast) and there record stunk.
    As I have told them numerous times before in their survey’s to season ticket holders, I could give a rats rear end about what kind of food they serve or how enjoyable I find their scoreboard presentations, just put a winning product on the field and I can put up with anything.
    But the one thing I find about the price increase which is the most reprehensible is the billionaire Glazer boys are raising the prices on those who can afford it the least.
    if the ticket price increase was affected all season ticket holders, then I would find it easier to swallow.
    As it is, the Glazers have created a monetary caste system in the stadium.
    Make no mistake about it, the reason the Glazers did this was because if they had spread the hurt around to all, it would have affected them monetarily those most.
    If ten thousand season ticket holders in general admission cancel their season tickets, then it hurts them a lot less than if 5,000 GA ticker holders cancel and 5,000 club seat owners cancel.
    The reason is because GA ticker holders are shared revenue to both teams where Club Seats aren’t. We have Jerry Jones to thank for that concept. Correct me if I’m wrong.
    A few silly fireworks and smoke machines are hardly anything to get excited about.
    Also, we may be in the bottom third in ticket prices but we are even lower than that probably in W-L record for the last eight years.
    As it is, I find getting slugged with this price rise as appetizing as paying more for a Disney World ticket so I can go stand in a long line in the hot sun.
    Hopefully, one day, more people will come to their senses and see that’s what they are doing when they go to that price gouging obscenity.
    Hope the billionaire boys keep buying up all those unused tickets because I am more than likely not going to renew mine which I have had since 1980.
    Unfortunately there will probably be to many and the Glazers will be to cheap to do so.
    But if that is the case and I have to go to a game, there is always StubHub where I no doubt will get a reduced price anyway.
    Sayanora Glazer boys. I hope you enjoy playing in front of a packed stadium full of Cowboy, Giant, Eagle, Packer and Bear fans since all your “loyal Buc fans,” who sit in the Club seats sell their tickets to those fans to make a few dollars profit.
    You should understand those principals perfectly.

  11. 11


    Just checked out Baylor’s Wr Coleman; he’s the best of the draft!

    1. 11.1


      Well, I think him or Spence should be there at #9. I’d be happy with either. Well, I want Rankins, LoL!

      1. 11.1.1


        If neither Spence or Coleman is there, there’s probably somebody pretty interesting sitting there at 9!

  12. 13


    Very in depth Draft information Scott. I’ll always be a proponent of BPA and look forward to Jason Licht and his staff taking another step in building the roster.

    I wonder if anyone here thinks the NFL should institute a new government mandated wage scale whereby the guys on the roster bubble make the same salary as the more talented stars. It’s just not fair! (Yes, I’m being sarcastic)

    Scott, I am suggesting that you initiate a charge to post comments if the poster’s income bracket exceeds a certain level above “working stiff.” Nothing big, mind you. Just something to make those whose theme song must be, “Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen”, happy that those who have had some monetary success in their life are duly punished for it.

    Perhaps the concession stands should start accepting EBT cards.

    1. 13.1


      Scubog; so agree with you!

    2. 13.2


      LMAO, LOVE IT!

  13. 14


    Since they like bigger DT & DE, then McCoy needs to get back to 295 instead of the 265-275 he played at last year. Or move to DE which I believe he may take less of a beating at.

  14. 15


    I just Love it when we talk about coaches having certain types of personnel when they were on other teams like Jacksonville and Cincinatti… Maybe that’s why they were so bad and maybe they should consider changing their preferences…

  15. 16


    As I look at all the possibilites why don’t Tampa do all their Pre-draft planing and put the top ten players by pos and which rd they will go after. Like DE,CB,Dt ILB,WR OT,RB etc. Lert Tampa spread opposite waYS THEY ARE GOING WITH AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS! tAMPA HAS 7 PICKS.tHE BIG THING i SEE IS CERTAIN TEAMS WANT TO MOVE UP TO THE TOP 10. oK! tAMPA SHOULD NOT BUDGED UNLESS ITS A BLOCK BUSTER DEAL LIKW tAMPA GIVES THEIR #9 PICK TO TRADE DOWN 6 TO 10 PICKS AND THYE MUST GET A #2,A FUTURE #3 AND A #4OR 5. tHAT WOULD MAKE tAMPA BE READY IN 2017 AND MAYBE PLAYOFFS!

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