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Scott Reynolds is in his 23rd year of covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the vice president, publisher and senior Bucs beat writer for PewterReport.com. Author of the popular SR's Fab 5 column on Fridays, Reynolds oversees web development and forges marketing partnerships for PewterReport.com in addition to his editorial duties. A graduate of Kansas State University in 1995, Reynolds enjoys giving back to the community as the defensive line coach for his sons' Pop Warner team, the South Pasco Predators. Reynolds can be reached at: [email protected]

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    All coaching attributes aside, just listening to Koetter talk, after 7 years of clowns at the podium, is a HUGE breath of fresh air.

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    While Lovie and Dungy gave the appearance of having an even keel on the outside, that is where the similarities end. Talk to Brooks or Sapp about Dungy and they will tell you how passionate and intense he was. He gave his players clear expectations and then he held them accountable to those expectations. Dungy had a plan and stuck with it and got his players to buy into it. Lovie was dispassionate and his plan changed from week to week. The players didn’t know what to expect and they felt lost. Nowhere was that more obvious than in the secondary with its revolving door and players that looked lost.

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    Good to see you cherry picked out of 90+ comments only the favorable responses regarding Kaepernick, though it seems a bit condescending toward your readers to simply ignore the topic of most heated discussion. Then again, I hope you bury it along with the rest of your political beliefs from here out.

    To sum up your reaction, 99% of the time we can expect from Pewterreport.com simply the best Bucs coverage, but with an occasional smidge of self-righteous and sanctimonious Scott Reynolds opinion to boot. Got it.

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      No surprise that I agree with BKNY. This article is Scott’s version of Fox’s ‘fair and balanced’ view of the world. And he has the gall to gloat about the fact he doesn’t delete posts that disagree with his political and religious world view! Oh thank you divine leader!! Please share more of your sanctimonious wisdom on those of us who need to be shown the light. Arrogance Beyond Imagination.

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    So if Dirk wins the Super Bowl, or goes to the NFC Championship this year, with Sparky claim he did it with Lovie’s players?

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