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Scott Reynolds is in his 23rd year of covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the vice president, publisher and senior Bucs beat writer for PewterReport.com. Author of the popular SR's Fab 5 column on Fridays, Reynolds oversees web development and forges marketing partnerships for PewterReport.com in addition to his editorial duties. A graduate of Kansas State University in 1995, Reynolds enjoys giving back to the community as the defensive line coach for his sons' Pop Warner team, the South Pasco Predators. Reynolds can be reached at: [email protected]

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    This whole thing is sad. We have so many holes that calling us Swiss Cheese would be an insult to the Swiss. It’s symptomatic of a series of GMs, present staff included (it’s early but so far so bad), who are poor talent evaluators, and an ownership that can’t discern the difference between good GMs or coaches. If L& L misfire again in next yr’s draft and free agency, that could set us back far enough that it will be new regime time in ’16/17. Flying home for the game again this weekend but all the years of uncompetitive teams in the post Gruden era is starting to wear thin.

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      You think this team misfired in the draft? With Evans, Simms, Seferian Jenkins!?

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    Good Fab 5 Scott,

    Agree with everything said for the most part. We shouldn’t be surprised at Foster’s lack of success at MLB. Frazier said as much in his first introductory presser. But we shouldn’t write Foster off though. He is a good LB and is a natural at the SLB position because of his tackling ability.

    I think Scott intended to tell us that the dynamite little LB from Memphis name is Tank Jakes. And We all know that Shayne Skov who did not work out in Tampa had a fantastic career at Stanford.

    Also the LB from Norfolk State shouldn’t be written off as another D-II wonder. By the way, at 6-7, 260, he is no small kid either. He was also rated by Rivals.com out of Miami Booker T. Washington as one of the top 5 DEs in the country. He was recruited by all the major FBS schools and decided on Florida. I don’t know what happened at FL as a freshman that moved him to transfer to Norfolk State. Worth keeping an eye on because of his speed rush ability.

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    Fab 2. Wasn’t favouring “nasty” players what led the Bucs to draft Adrian Clayborn as opposed to Cameron Jordan? With the obvious lack of talent (in general) on this team do they really have the luxury to bias their talent evaluation to very specific traits? The front office needs to do a better job of evaluating talent, period.

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    So the BUCs need and want to become nastier. I agree, but not only on defense, how about on offense?
    If Incognito is still available, why hasn’t he been picked up? He is probably the meanest player currently available. I guess he must really be a head-case for the BUCs to pass on him when they so desperately need someone with his level of talent.

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    Another great Fab 5 Scott. Keep up the good work man.

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    Norfolk State?

    1. 6.1

      1Va bucsfan

      Ironic that they are the NSU spartans! I live down the street from NSU. It’s a 1AA HBCU

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    Talking about Sims taking over #1 RB is crazy. Our O-line is awful. Looking at what he did in college and preseason and comparing that to Martin is a huge stretch. Is Martin the problem or is it the O-line. Not a big advocate to Martin, but in this instance my money is its the O-line.

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    Fab 1: Doesn’t matter to me who plays at RB. Now that we’ve drafted him I hope Sims gets a legitimate shot to show what he can do running, pass blocking and catching the football.

    Fab 2: I agree completely with getting nasty players. We’d be a lot further along in that process if we hadn’t been getting rid of nasty players we already had in house like Penn, Talib and Revis over the last 3 years. The last time we played Minnesota was indeed Martin’s breakout game as you pointed out, but I remember it as the game Penn fought with J. Allen. I could read Penn’s lips when Penn called Allen a b#!^h after they were pulled apart. Allen got a sack on the next play, but Penn had been punking Allen all game up to that point and Penn manhandled Allen every play after the sack and we won the game. Allen had one tackle and one sack in that game. I was so proud of Penn during the game only to come online and hear most folks condemning Penn, saying he shouldn’t have “poked the bear”. Many on PR felt the same way. I never understood why so many around here ignored Penn’s production and focused solely on his weight. At least Collins is in good shape for a LT, right guys? Talib played nasty, physical and is productive but all everyone focused on was the headlines. If you want nasty players they’re probably going to come with headlines, like Suh. BTW, bringing in Suh for McCoy is lunacy. McCoy and Jackson are the only leaders we’ve got. Suh doesn’t even attend offseason workouts. We need leaders and nasty players, so lets not trade one for the other. Revis was another nasty, physical guy. He became famous for shutting down Moss in bump-n-run coverage, which had never been done before up to that point. The scary thing is that this may go all the way to the top. The Glazers seem to have zero appetite for nastiness. Would they allow Licht and Lovie to bring in and pay those type of guys? I doubt it.

    Fab 3: Agreed.

    Fab 4: Thank goodness!

    Fab 5: Great info. Keep it coming!

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    One more thing, during our bye week last week I heard the commentators announce during the Raiders game that the Raiders O-line/RB’s/TE’s had only given up 4 sacks on the year as a unit going in to that game. I’m sure Collins has given up that many by himself. Just wanted to throw some data in there.

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    Mr. Incredible

    As I recall, Aquib Talib was a “nasty” player. Wasn’t Lagerrett Blount “nasty” as well? The problem with nasty is that it tends to present itself off the football field too. Just an observation.

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    I wouldn’t take any of our next five games as if we should expect to win. Both Vikings and Browns are up and coming just like us. In other words we are creating who will be in the Top 5 spots in the draft.

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    Woah, woah, woah. Mister Alexander hails from the National Champion Florida STATE Seminoles. Not that bowl inelligble swamp school down south. That’s borderline blasphemy SR.

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    I think I’m getting soft. I’m almost afraid to watch the Bucs on Sundays. Scott, watched that MLB last night, Miami, V Tech. He plays with some nasty. If we lose at home coming off a bye, to a rookie Q.B.,we are the all time worst Buc team .

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    Lovie’s “God Squad” isn’t quite working out, is it SR? This is not a church choir, we need some intimidating players, who bring a bit of fear and unpredictability to the table.

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    Buccaneers are an NFL team?~coulda fooled me..another year of excuses and lowered expectations~the Glazers are doing a hell of a job…My Sundays are freed up and no more need to waste money on the NFL package~its a blessing in disguise…

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    My thoughts exactly BuccanAy. Many times I read comments from fans who were more interested in acquiring players they would find worthy of dating their daughters than who could actually play. Fact is, it takes a variety of personality types. But above all, each must be who they are. But as someone mentioned; we get rid of Talib and Blount. Somehow they are welcomed by storied, highly successful teams in Denver and Pittsburgh. None of us want to be embarrassed by players making headlines for the wrong reasons. But the headlines we have about our favorite team now are no laughing matter either.

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    Bottom line? I don’t trust Lovie/Licht to acquire “nasty” players, to even evaluate players well enough to make a difference. One of the worst, no THE worst offseasons EVER as far as FA is concerned. And now we’re supposed to be excited about a 170 lb kick returner with a lingering hamstring injury who fumbles? Honestly, how are fans expected to react to that? LOL
    Really hoping for a turnaround tomorrow against the Vikings. A convincing victory would at least give some hope to those of us grasping at straws to feel good about this team.

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    I am a big fan of Sims and hope he gets the start tomorrow along with Josh. If they do we can turn around our offense. Hope the rest for two weeks helps too. Go Bucs! Hope the new LB from FSU can play MLB!

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    Owlykat: Sims isn’t eligible to return to the active roster until next week.

  20. 20


    My bad Owlykat. Apparently Sims is eligible this week.

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