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Scott Reynolds is in his 23rd year of covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the vice president, publisher and senior Bucs beat writer for PewterReport.com. Author of the popular SR's Fab 5 column on Fridays, Reynolds oversees web development and forges marketing partnerships for PewterReport.com in addition to his editorial duties. A graduate of Kansas State University in 1995, Reynolds enjoys giving back to the community as the defensive line coach for his sons' Pop Warner team, the South Pasco Predators. Reynolds can be reached at: [email protected]

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    Good job again Scott. I sure hope this defense does put consistent pressure on QB;s. It will definitely make our DB’s look that much better. Ready for Saturday.

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    Great Fab5 as always. We all knew safety was going to be a weak spot this year (for those screaming we needed to draft one earlier, there were a LOT of holes and there was no way we could address everything in this one draft) but disappointed to hear how much McDougald is struggling.

    Do we have any interest in Donte Whitner? Any idea of some other safeties that are out there on the bubble that we could pick up once roster cut-downs begin?

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    Fab 1- Great insight on a young and upcoming coach.
    Fab 2- Too many Smiths; oh my.
    Fab 3- Excellent analysis. Some things I never considered.
    Fab 4- Too many good DL. Never thought we’d have that problem.
    Fab 5- Conte is a stud that most people don’t know about. I am surprised about McDougald. How could we have been so wrong about him?
    Good job!!

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    hopefully the light bulb comes on for mcdougald. that’s a scary place to have a weak link in your defense, and you know defenses will target the heck out of it. Game 3 is vs RGIII and the Browns, who have been completing 40+ yard passes for fun so far this preseason…we should learn something about this holdover safety tandem from that night

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    I suspect that if Mike Smith turns his defense around he will be in line for another head coaching job. In that scenario, I can see them promoting Cullen to DC and Spicer to full time DL. I can also see Daryl Smith becoming a LB coach when his playing days are over.

    I know it’s only one preseason game but what a contrast between two former head coaches name Smith that were fired it’s been a year off from football. LovIe claimed he spent his year off in his basement watching film and was going to give us some innovative football. Instead he must have been watching old film as his product reminded us of the old Yuccaneer teams Bennett, Perkins, & Williamson fielded. Mike Smith appears to the real innovator of the two based on his giving offenses multiple things to account for before every snap. It really looks like LovIe was way overrated as a coach. I think he road Dungy and Kiffen’s coattails as a defensive gurus to get the Rams DC & Bears HC jobs. Ron Rivera was his DC in Chicago,, so was their winning & defensive scheme really LovIe or Rivera? How much did he really have to coach up Hardy Nickerson who was already an established Pro Bowl LB and Derrick Brooks who had already showed flashes of being a future Pro Bowler his prior rookie year?

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    Successful head coaches are able to attract and retain great assistant coaches. I feel that we have a great coaching staff this year. They seem to be great teachers that are developing players. Hopefully, it will generate wins.

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    I believe the defense will be the strong point for the Bucs this year. While Jameis, Doug, Charles, Mike, ASJ, Cam and Vincent are great I fear that WR depth will be an issue this year especially if/when injuries occur. I also believe o-line play could struggle at times this year. I think Ali Marpet will be our best linemen and Dotson is a solid veteran and I am hoping Donovan can take a big step this year and become more consistent. I don’t feel comfortable going into the season with Pamphile as our starting LG and I’m not too big on our centers. I still have confidence in Koetter and Winston to find ways to put points on the board but I feel like overall depth at WR and O-line needs to be addressed after this year, we shall see. I think Mike Smith will prove to be the best offseason move and I am excited to see his defense unleashed in the regular season. Our d-line is looking worlds better this year and I believe could turn into a strength. The LB core with David, Kwon and Smith will be very solid and it’s great that we finally have some depth at CB. I’m hoping Grimes and Verner can play up to their capabilities on the outside throughout the season and JAB and VH3 can play well in the slot. I am not too concerned about the safeties. I think Conte will be solid and it is not like McDougald is horrible although I would like the Bucs to go out and get a better safety next year. I have never been this excited for a season in a long time Go Bucs!

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      Agree 100% with Matthew. Need to spend a high pick next year on OT for sure and either G or C depending on the play in both spots this season. I don’t mind having an above avg K but think of how much better you’d feel if we had another starting caliber OL or WR in the mix right now. In the next 2 seasons we need to come up with 3 new starters on OL. Until then JW will have to work his magic to squeak out a win or hopefully two that we’d otherwise lose. Hope we can keep this coaching staff together at least one more season after this.

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    Very interesting and informative Fab 5 today.
    I can’t think of another source where you can find such great material.
    Even though it’s still preseason, I believe the Bucs defensive line will be much improved this year.
    Not only have they added Ayres and Spence, but I believe the rest of the lineman like Gholston, Akeem Spence and Jacquez Smith are just beginning to mature as players. All of them are entering their fourth years and both Spence and Gholston were very raw products when they were drafted. Good coaching from their previous coaches, especially Cullen, has helped develop them.
    A lot of people cited the Eagles poor offensive line for the Bucs success but the same Eagles line seemed to hold their own against their next opponent who didn’t put nearly as much pressure on the Eagles QB as the Bucs did.
    It’s interesting Scott that you singled out McDougal’s play as I noticed the same thing after watching the replay of the Bucs-Eagles game. McDougal always seemed to be out of position to make a tackle or a play.
    One final thing about Spicer, who I didn’t know that much about until today. When a new coach keeps a prior assistant coach from the previous regime it speaks volumes about how the head honcho thinks about the man’s ability.
    When he had a chance to clean house and hire another guy, Kotter chose to keep Spicer instead.

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    Understandable that we could not fill all holes in the offseason, but safety has been such a glaring need – really attrocious effort last year – it’s mindboggling how we did nothing to address it…I’m sure Aguyao will be a fine kicker but the gain he represents over Conor Barth versus the gain we could have had at safety in round 2 over McDougal, will be our weakest link this year.

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    Scott, great Fab5 again.
    Did not know diddly about Spicer before today. Seems like a good guy to keep around. So much talk about the defensive line being thin the last few months I’m heartened to hear that might not be so. I’ve said this before, 1 or2 superstars don’t make a defense great. You need the solid lunch pail guys to supplement them. Getting C. McDonald back will be awfully huge.
    Did not know diddly about D Smith before this season. Sounds like he has had a pretty good career so far. He has had some nice stats over the years. I’m not really an AFC kind of guy so those AFC guys don’t pop up on my radar. Hopefully Smith can kind of play a Nickerson role, after all Is said and done experience counts.
    Super excited about the defense so far this year. As an old time BUCS fan I really believe that defense wins it all. Had high hopes for McDougal, always liked an underdog. Hope he picks it up so R Smith ca return punts and kickoffs. I’m starting to think that passing on V Bell might be a mistake.
    Here are 2 words the I didn’t think I’d hear in the same breath. Conte / Stud. Good for Chris. Maybe he has been bad mouthed all these years because he was coached by a certain individual named Lovie. Funny how people can be judged by who they attach their wagon to.
    Come to think about we damn sure have a bunch of Smiths on the team.
    Getting more psyche up every day. Regular season can’t get here fast enough.

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    I made the observation when attending practice that Kourtnie Brown’s stature now resembled Simeon Rice. I was not surprised by the pressure the defensive line was applying to the Eagles because it was evident each practice session. Wave after wave of pass rushers. Maybe a new defensive nickname is in order,”Tidal Wave”. There will be some difficult cuts.

    I’ve never expected much nor seen much from Bradley McDougald. To me he;s always been “just a guy”. I suspect he’ll remain the starter by default. Might keep fewer safeties and more corners than in the past.

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    Did you not see the game ending INT McDougald had against Dallas last year scubog?

    1. 12.1


      I’ve seen every play since 1976. One play doesn’t make # 30 a star. I’m not saying he’s terrible; but he’s sure not among the game’s elites.

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    That was the game we flew down for last year Drd- and we were in the endzone section w/a shit ton of Cowboys fans. That play made the walk to the car much better!
    I’m excited about the depth of the D-line, as injuries really hampered their efforts last season…
    Nice work on the background info on Fab 1&2 SR! Didn’t know much about either of them…

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