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Scott Reynolds is in his 23rd year of covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the vice president, publisher and senior Bucs beat writer for PewterReport.com. Author of the popular SR's Fab 5 column on Fridays, Reynolds oversees web development and forges marketing partnerships for PewterReport.com in addition to his editorial duties. A graduate of Kansas State University in 1995, Reynolds enjoys giving back to the community as the defensive line coach for his sons' Pop Warner team, the South Pasco Predators. Reynolds can be reached at: [email protected]

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    I could easily see the BUCs first pick spent on the OLine. It’s not sexy but we’ll see.

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    Fab 1: Obviously Oregon has a great offensive system, but why mention the spread offense? Most college programs are running it, including UCLA (Hundley’s numbers aren’t anywhere near Mariota’s) and most of the PAC-12. Brees, Rodgers and Roethlisberger aren’t in this draft so we have to draft who is available. Mariota or even Winston could end up even better than those three so you never know. “There is a lot to like about Mariota, but he is not as accurate as his numbers suggest, and despite his mobility he takes too many sacks because of his lack of pocket presence.” How is he not as accurate as his numbers suggest? Is he not as fast as a timer suggests or is not as old as his birth certificate suggests? Like Parcells said, “You are what you are”. He “takes too many sacks” because his O-line is more injured this year than last year. He escapes many more sacks than he takes due to his mobility; check out the Thursday night game he played in a few weeks ago. SR, it’s like you’re trying to instill fear into us and to be afraid to draft a perfectly good QB. No QB is perfect so why overlook so many positives when we clearly need a QB? Drafting any position has risk (which the Bucs have proven by drafting DE’s Gaines and Clayborn, QB Freeman and safety Barron recently). Why not take a great player like Mariota cheaply in the draft when QB is the most important position in the NFL that makes the most money in the 2nd contract (about $20 million/year)?
    Fab 2: I haven’t liked any of the OT’s I have seen play this year, but I haven’t watched an Iowa game yet so I haven’t analyzed Scherff. I’ll be sure to check him out though. He sounds great, but how many sacks has he given up this year? No mock draft has him ranked in the top 10 where I’m sure we’ll be picking so unless we trade down he seems like a fantasy pick.
    Fab 3: I agree on all points made. I don’t care who we keep from the guys you pointed out. Suh would be great, but again that seems like a fantasy pick since we resigned McCoy (smartly so).
    Fab 4: That’s what I guessed was going on between Tedford and the team since Lovie seemed abrasive on the subject. That sucks for us but I don’t want him back if that’s what happened.
    Fab 5: I agree on all points made and I would love to add some more speed to our WR core!

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      Nicely put Pinkstob…I too don’t understand how “he is not as accurate as his numbers suggest”…for the same reason…even Lovie this year said “you are what your record says you are”…how is Mariota not as accurate as his numbers say he is? I watched him put a licking on Stanford (a pretty darn good college D) and I’ll tell you his accuracy was great, his pocket presence was great, his escapability was great, his arm strength was great, his finesse was great, and he’ll be great for the Bucs!

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    If not a QB in 2015, when? Need to start over on offense so get a new OC,QB at the same time and rebuild the OL. I’m so tired of missing on DE’s we need to pass on DL in the first round. With the new scout dept. it sure looks like we still need someone that can evaluate talent. To get a NFL OC means we will get someone that is fired from another team or someone with no experience so why count out a college coach? 2015 will be Lovie’s second year and we have made no progress in year one. We have no QB,no OC, poor OL and a poor D. What else could go wrong, plenty I guess.

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    At this point in the season I believe a debate over which QB we draft is a bit premature. 2 or 3 wins and we are out of the running. Let’s see how 2014 plays out.

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      True – but which 2 or 3 teams are we going to beat…we don’t play Oakland, Jax, the Jets, Tenn…our best chance is maybe this weekend, but we’re on the road and it’s going to be cold in DC (I can see Morris running for 200)…then at Chicago (no chance), Cincy at home (I guess their not great), then we’re on the road again to Detroit and Car to get killed, and our last gasps are against the Pack and Saints…if I was a betting man….

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      2 or 3 wins they should not even have 1 win. We suck!

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    I feel for Tedford, but that is a very “interesting” point on Tedford. Thanks for the insight.

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    Just so you know, you are not subject to HIPAA. Now, your source, if it is someone within the Buccaneers, likely is, assuming they got the information from Tedford’s medical records and not Tedford himself.

    I think the bigger story here, is not that he is out and chose not to come back, it is that there are people in the Bucs organization that were unhappy about it. I would like to know more about that, and I don’t think the specifics of his medical condition are necessarily relevant. I certainly respect someone who suffered a major heart issue to decide that they do not want to return to work, which is no doubt probably a huge source of stress. Lovie and the Bucs organization in general has always seemed compassionate and fairly understanding…seems out of character for them to criticize someone in Tedford’s position.

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    SR,since we don’t have much to keep us interested this year as Buc fans and we are all keeping an eye toward next season let me ask you this.
    Has there been any talk behind the walls of 1buc in possibly trading for Johny football? It would give us the flexibility to draft another pic with our high pick,It would put our stud WR with his BFF,It would sell tix,It would create interest,and he is a year removed from his rookie season and matured a bit.This just seems to make too much sense.Hes solid both in the pocket and using his instincts.
    With Hoyer most likely getting an extension do you think this is something Licht would entertain?

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    Good topics SR. PLEASE NO QB IN FIRST ROUND!! SCHERFF gives us the best opportunity of not having a first round bust and like you said is tough. From what I gather, Telford had a change of heart (no pun intended)He has every right to walk away, now if next year he is an OC or head coach somewhere then that bothers me. Glennon deserves a legitimate shot IMO. Give him some lineman more experience this year and SCHERFF next year with Simms healthy could make a world of difference on offense. Defensively, outside of 5 players, START OVER! GO BUCS!!

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    Very frustrating to hear about Tedford. No doubt he did lead to the collapse of this team.

    I’ll have to do some more research about Brandon Scherff. I personally prefer Andrus Peat over him.

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    I remember watching the Tedford PC and thinking about how Tedford seemed like a very bright guy, who also seemed to have a strong opinion of how he wanted to do things. In a case where Lovie would cede Tedford the offense like Gruden did with Kiffin that could work. But I wondered to myself if Lovie was capable of that, and quite frankly it doesn’t surprise me that he wouldn’t be.

    Tedford certainly seems like he can be a great asset for a team but at the same time you have to know what type of guy you are working with and what you are going to get from him pros and cons. And I suspect Lovie was not up to the task.

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    Hey SR I love ur article but I’m going to have to disagree wit u the tackle from Iowa because the last few can’t miss elite left tackles from there never get to play left tackle because they are not athletic enough Robert gallery was a can’t miss number 2 pick of Oakland and never worked out well Brian bulaga of green bay kicked to right tackle I believe Winston and mariota would b smart picks I have watched both and I truly feel with how young we will b on offense and our potential on d we get either guy we will b a dynasty I feel we all got ahead of ourselves and forgot this team needs time to gel I think Dotson needs to flip to left tackle kick Collins inside to guard let the rookie take over at the right tackle but whatever happens we need time to gel we have pieces were we could b special in the near future,

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    Very easy draft philosphy when you need a qb and your in position to draft a franchise qb you do so, period. I do not the second coming of jarmarcus Russel in Winston, the guy is dumb as a box of rocks, anyone who shop lifts in a city where he is the most recognizable is stupid beyond stupid. Mariotta is a gifted athlete who has size and speed if we pass on him we might be as dumb as Winston

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    Hey Scott, if Tampa were to release all these (or at least a few) free agents we JUST signed, wouldn’t it be a turnoff for any potential FAs next year?
    I wouldn’t want to sign with a team knowing they just released players that they signed the year prior. Even if I was super confident in my abilities.

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    We can talk QB all we want, but what has cost us most games is no pass rush. If our RDE isn’t there at our spot, I hope we trade down.

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    At first I thought about joining the debate. But then I thought why debate an obvious eventuality. Lovie spent a year in his basement. I going to take a guess that he doesn’t want to return there soon. I say let the evidence speak for itself. Watch the game Sunday and the next 6 games.

    Then decide if you want to return next year with McCown, Glennon, and new OT Brandon Scherff as the path to winning in the NFC-South. Oh don’t get me wrong, Scherff is a great pick just like Jadevon Clowney was a great pick. Horse, Clowney is the example of the can’t-miss defensive player you’re talking about.

    I’m not going to waste any more of your time with useless rhetoric. If Lovie wants to end up on his back with both legs in the air, follow Scott’s advice and pick an OT instead of a QB. And like the good journalist that he is Scott will write a nice Obit for Lovie and his past accomplishments and remind us that the key to victory in the NFL is a franchise QB.

    I rest my case!

    1. 16.1


      That’s interesting that you are willing to write off Clowney after half a year due to a short term injury to make a point. We would take him in a heartbeat given our sad DL performance. That said, I think your point stands without dragging Clowney into it. We need a QB. More importantly, we cannot keep missing on our picks. Regardless of who we pick, we need to strike gold on 3 of our first 4 picks.

      1. 16.1.1


        I’m not writing Clowney off. Facts are stubborn things. My point is that no one is an absolute certain pick. Clowney is a #1 overall pick and he has yet to live up to expectations. It’s not me making this point’ it’s his own coach that has questioned his resolve. And it’s not one injury, it’s been one after another – the latest being the Flu. For all I know, Clowney may be all-world, but today, he’s MIA. I repeat – facts are stubborn things. Be sure you have yours together!



          Agreed. Facts are stubborn things. The flu and short term injuries are not.




            For you my friend, please listen to the John McClain video. Sorry If I sounded short, need to get my weekend started. Personally, I wish Clowney the best, but his coaches are frustrated. Enjoy and have a good weekend!


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    On Tedford: Now I wasn’t there but I can guess this is how it went down.

    Lovie says “You’re going to have to make McCown into a franchise QB. Tedford said “What? You can’t be serious!” Lovie said “and Glennon is our QB of the future”. Teford replied “That’s enough to give a guy a heart attack, seriously I’m out”. Lovie said “What? You can’t be serious!” Tedford said “Ta hell I am, see ya, wouldn’t want to be ya! Lovie said “Well if you’re going to be that way, we’re going to use Arroyo and go to the Super Bowl!” Tedford was last heard leaving the building “Ah ha ha ha ha! Ah ha ha ha”!

    Pretty sure that’s how it went down! Stay tuned, there’s more! Lol.

  19. 18


    We are embarrassment in every way! It starts with the Glazers Brothers. They could never wear Maclcom Glazer jock strap. Ever since Malcom’s health deteriorated our organization has crapped the bed ex. coaching fires and hires, dumping money into soccer which is for 4&5 year old to play. Missing in the draft year in and year out. If we pass up Winston that is it!!! If he is a Bust it will just be one more drop in our deep bucket of bust. Knowing the our organization we will draft another Clemson DE! Our O.C. situation is an embarrassment too! Hiring MR. T. was not the right choice besides grooming QBs what the hell did he do? Did he even sniff a National Title? Another great hire! I can go on and on…. Draft Winston!!! all he has done is WIN.

  20. 19


    I would not be surprised if Lovie resigns.

  21. 20


    Macabee; Are you saying Mariota or Winston are franchise QB’s? I hope you’re right. My problem is I am not convinced yet, but there are a few games yet and I hope I can follow that path too. We have missed most times drafting a QB in the 1st round except for Doug Williams, and that was 1978.
    I don’t see Mariota at all, but Winston has that we can do it factor which wants me to believe he could be our QB. My only concern is I know too many people in Tallahassee and there is doubt about his behavior. I am not sure if he will grow up soon enough. The NFL won’t put up with much like Jimbo has in Tally.

  22. 21


    No, Horse, it is impossible to draft a franchise QB just like it’s impossible to draft an All-pro DE or OT.

    Any player taken in the draft must earn those titles or that recognition. I don’t know if either one of those young men will amount to a hill of beans anymore than you could predict that DE Larry English who was taken in the first round would live up to his draft position.

    I’m saying I’ve seen enough of the Bucs to know that we do not have a QB that can compete with the other QBs in the NFC South. My brain does not say Ok,then draft an OT.

    If past is prologue and the avg. lifespan of a Buc HC is 2 years, then if I were Lovie, I’d be looking for the player that has the best chance of turning this team around in the next 12 months.

    Knowing that it could be hit or miss, I’m taking my chances with the QB. Because I know to do nothing is a guaranteed on time failure!

  23. 22


    The Tedford issue could be (just speculation of course ) they promised him a QB in the first round, possibly Carr and then they changed the plan. I would have taken Carr over McCown or Glennon to start the season.

  24. 23


    If this team is thinking at all about Winston and I hope they are, I would send #55 Brooks to FSU to investigate Winston from top to bottom. If Brooks gives the OK I would pick Winston in a heart beat.

  25. 24


    Kindred, I read where Brooks has been talking to Winston, and has endorsed him. 55 knows you can’t win in the NFL without a Q.B., wish Brooks ran the Bucs. Wasn’t going to weigh in on picking a Q.B., but I can’t resist. The new CBA doesn’t make it a death sentence anymore to use a top pick on a Q.B.. The Pats have Brady, yet they’re always drafting Q.B.’s, Mallet, Goropalo. Wouldn’t want to see us draft a can’t miss L.T. that we end up having to move to guard. IMO, there are NO can’t miss picks in this draft, so draft the most important position on the team, and hope he’s the guy. Without a great Q.B., we’ll always b e a door mat, can’t some of you see that Glennon, and McCown can only take us to the top of the draft?

  26. 25


    MAC, to your point of impossibility, which we know is really improbability, isn’t it better to have more picks? If you have more picks in a sample than others your probability increases finding an “it” right? You have used New England before so look at how they draft. Is it sexy? Belichick always increases his sample size (draft choices)…why? Yes he has Tom but seriously, what about the DL and OL and the defense seems to stop teams when it counts most. IF and I do mean IF L&L are drafting well then why would you not want to increase draft picks? Texans should have gotten more picks even if he did pan out. I can almost bet Bilichick would have. Jimmy Johnson in his day would have and yes, because of how improbable it is picking an “it” kind of guy. We need players (with an s) not a player. QB is important but the years have been hard on me as well as all of us. I want a playoff team. Good team players trumps finding one “franchise” player in the possibility world. IMHO Go Bucs!

    1. 25.1



      You, Horse, and others make a convincing argument for picking an O-lineman or D-lineman or even BPA. Who can argue with trading down and getting more picks? It makes total sense to do. It has proven to be a wise strategy for several winning teams – several winning teams that already have a franchise QB.

      I’m simply saying that Lovie does not have that luxury. He and Licht promised us a win-now team. If somebody can get the Glazers to come out and say “Lovie you’ve got a job here no matter how many games you lose over the next 4 years” I will gladly change my mind and embrace the “we don’t need a QB now” strategy.

      Now be honest, when you get right down to it what you’re really saying is, if we get better players around Glennon or McCown, we can win the NFC-South. Sorry, but that is a ticket for an evening on the Titantic that I must respectfully turn down.

      When you’re up to your assets in alligators, you’d better be trying to find someone who can help you drain the swamp!

  27. 26


    I like the idea of taking Scherff in the first round. The best teams have great QBs but they also have great OL and DL’s. I subscribe to building from the inside out because if the line of scrimmage is lost the skill players cannot have an impact. We should take Scherff and then trade up to take a QB. The USC kid sounds like a good prospect but so far I have not seen information on his football IQ, pocket presence, escapability and decision making. It would be nice to get a comprehensive review of the top 5 QBs.

  28. 27


    surferdudes..Thanks for the info.

  29. 28


    Macabee & Surferdudes; you have convinced me to grab a QB in first round. Your logic is very acceptable. Now the question is who and when?

    1. 28.1



      I love ya man, but don’t let me or anyone else shape your opinion on such a critical decision for the Bucs. I guarantee you that Lovie and Licht are going to toil over this one too. Remember the old Flip Wilson line “the devil made me do it”. You have put forth convincing arguments for taking on O-Lineman or trading down. Stick to your guns if you believe that is the best strategy. I’d hate to draft a QB that turns out to be a complete flop and you say “the devil talked me into it”. Lol.

  30. 29


    Lovie knows he will be on the hotseat next year, and drafting a rookie QB is the easiest way to earn another year. Its the perfect scapegoat

    1. 29.1

      Mark Cook

      Didn’t work for Greg though.

  31. 30


    Mark..Greg drafted Glennon, bad move from the start. Percentages of hitting on a third round pick is a lot higher then a first round pick. This has to be the year for a top pick QB, 2016 QB’S look a little weak.

  32. 31


    This is worst Buc team of all time we need to get QB Mariota and we need a new Head Coach and GM. Wow how many misses on the draft picks after RD 1 and all those free agents?

  33. 32


    Mike Mayock thought Glennon was a first round QB, not a 3rd rounder. I didn’t agree then nor do I agree now.

  34. 33


    Sox, what misses are you talking about. You couldn’t be talking about this last draft as ASJ looks to me like he will develop into a real good TE and we haven’t seen enough of Sims to make a decision one way or the other. Several others picked in the last draft also look promising but it is too early to tell.

  35. 34


    After watching Glennon and McCown Bucs Fans want to pass on a potential franchise qb who is 6’3 and runs a 4.4 sec 40 yd dash for a OT, somewhere there is a fan of another team reading these blogs saying ” well its no wonder they suck”

  36. 35


    Always love your posts macabee. Never any anger or fear tainting your opinions. Funny how you wanted to stay out of the fray but got sucked into it. I’m a believer in drafting the best player regardless of position. There’s virtually no position where our currently rostered player wouldn’t likely be replaced by one drafted in the top 5. People are afraid to take a shot at either Mariotta or Winston because of the chance of failure at QB is so great. Instead they prefer to “hedge the bet” by drafting the “safer” player or positioning ourselves to get more choices to draft quantity over theoretically superior quality. Makes sense, unless you have the worst QB in your Division. I don’t know whether either Mariotta or Winston are that guy. But I know this much, neither McCown nor Glennon are the answer. If not now….when do we take the chance to finally get a QB the opponent fears instead of the ones we Bucs fans fear?

  37. 36


    the nfl is qb driven, most teams draft a qb high, not in the mid rounds, so we waste earl draft pick this year on non qb , then finish middle of the pack where drafting a qb is a reach like ponder or locker, if the bucs have a chance at Winston take hime, stay away from mariotta, im telling you Oregon qbs throughout history don’t pan out, so please stay winless for Winston, he just wins and is a true gamer and on field leader, the off field bs is just kid stuff, how old is he under 21, he will mature

    1. 36.1


      Yeah Dan Fouts (Oregon) never worked out either, lol

  38. 37


    Winston reminds me of Josh Freeman, I see the same player. BTW we already had Freeman and he was quite good MOST of the time. I have no idea what the off the field issues were that destroyed his career, but in this regard Winston reminds me of Freeman as well.

    Anywho we NEED a QB, Glennon isn’t the answer to anything, he’s not a play maker and we should have traded him last offseason and got that 2nd or 3rd round pick, he’s value is only going down. We NEED to draft a QB with our first pick, we NEED to trade up if we have to. If we don’t take these steps then next year at this time we’re going to be still talking about needing to take a QB in 2016… repeat.

  39. 38


    Ryan Leaf, Jamarcus Russell.Vince Young,Blaine Gabert,Joey Harrington,David Carr, Matt Leinart, Akili Smith, Heath Shuler

    Ok so where are these 1st rounders now
    Can’t miss!! what a laugh. What about our own Buc 1st rd QBs forgot to even mention them.
    Go Bucs

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  41. 39


    Finally I can get back into the Bucs fans- I look at the upcoming 2015 nfl draft a few months away. But one thing I have come have about this new Buc Coaching Staff. It’s Not how you start off from Day One But how Tampa will be looking after the season. I’ve seen that Tampa Coaching staff is molding their team for the future. It will be very Interest to see If they get to 8 and 8, or even 7 and 9. But I see progress. Tampa Bay has some salary cap money right now. I see some of the information that what they might do.Might Glenn is a good qb for a b/u. But if Tampa does win 4 or even 6. 6 and 10 would be a feat after a 1 & 8 start. I see if they do make it at 4 & 12 or 6 and 10. I would select their needs. 1. DL or OL, 2. LB or CB,3- QB, 4- Best player avail, 5 mult picks, 6-mult picks. So Lets see.GO Bucs

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  46. 40


    It is so refreshing to read some intelligent statements as compared to the super negative joebucfan site.

    Personally, I would rather draft an OLineman or trade down to stockpile draft picks.

    Too many people expect a miracle when it comes to drafting QBs. Just look at the league today. How many top notch ones are there. I could coach the Packers with Rodgers at QB; same with Brady and Manning.

    Too many flops because of the pressure to win. It takes time to build a decent team; did you really expect the Bucs to be successful this year?

    What did you expect L&L to say. Yes, we will be lucky to win 5 games. The lynch mob would have been out for them.

    What this organization needs is stability and a better reputation.

    I have written on numerous sites as to why would any FA want to come to Tampa Bay?

    Being a Canadian I can think of many reasons not to want to live in Florida; I used to winter there before I move out to BC; nothing personal by the way. I’m referring to things in general, and not the people.

    As good as Revis is, and man I wish we had him this year, is he worth $16 million.

    How many good players can you really expect to be drafted? Will they make the team? Will they contribute immediately?

    I would rather go the FA route, but be careful who you pursue.

    There has been much criticism this year over a number of them. Some of it might be warranted, but there could be things going on behind the scene that might surprise us.

    It has been an unreal year with a number of weird things happening, but I am patient and optimistic.

    Merry Xmas from Canada.

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