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Scott Reynolds is in his 23rd year of covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the vice president, publisher and senior Bucs beat writer for PewterReport.com. Author of the popular SR's Fab 5 column on Fridays, Reynolds oversees web development and forges marketing partnerships for PewterReport.com in addition to his editorial duties. A graduate of Kansas State University in 1995, Reynolds enjoys giving back to the community as the defensive line coach for his sons' Pop Warner team, the South Pasco Predators. Reynolds can be reached at: [email protected]

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    In my best Jim Mora voice; PLAYOFFS, you want to talk playoffs?? I just don’t think they are ready yet. Lack of depth and serious lack of WRs after Evans. Watching the Cardnials smoke the Bucs should be cause for great concern. This offense which had firepower against Atlanta’s lower echelon defense was near harmless against playoff ready Arizona. With defenses like LA, Denver, Carolina in the future, I hope they can figure it out quick. They need players like AJS to step,,,,,,,,, ugh! Never mind. How long is Doug out for?

    PS, A QB after rd4 would probably be a good idea. Please no more Aguayo surprises!

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    If managing success is wining one game, then we have set a pretty low bar for our team. I’d like to think we lost to the Cardinals because they have a very good team and could not afford to go 0-2 at home. Their performance this week against the Rams is predicated on the individual efforts of key back-up players, coaching, and the ability to ignore all the intangibles such as managing success, four straight losses to a team, and the myth that a team that has failed to score a touchdown this season is somehow vulnerable. When you are a Buc you play each game like it’s your only game of the season.

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      The problem is that bookies give home teams +3 points; except the bucs who get -3. WE have a home team disadvantage!

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    Earlier in the week I was skeptical when I heard speculation that some Bucs players were riding high after the win in Atlanta and that somehow affected their preparation for Arizona. Professional athletes letting their own press affect the next game? That seems incredibly unprofessional to me. It seems more like just an excuse at this point. I think we all know that the Bucs didn’t lose in AZ just because some players may have been riding too high on their own perceived greatness. It may have been a small contributing factor though. If so, I hope they didn’t read too much press this week. Because the consensus is “You suck again”. My advise to the players is this; don’t pay attention to any of it. Get your head in your preparation, do your job, go in there with the attitude that you CAN win if you play well and you WILL lose if you don’t. That’s it. Forget about ASJ, Martin’s injury, etc… and do your job right. Just win and then win again. Is that too much to ask?

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      The Pats have a saying that work…just do your damn job! Twisted, these guys are young and just learning to be professionals.

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    It’s time the Bucs players look in the mirror. If Coach Koetter is everything the players say then the effort needs to increase and remain consistent. We have seen scheme changes, personnel changes, coaching changes but the one thing that still is the same is our attitude. I see players that when it’s going bad, like week 1 last yr against Ten and last week against AZ, mail it in and quit. This team has to learn how to fight through adversity and start winning games where things are going as planned. I remember Lavonte David said last year after the TN loss that the team was deflated after a penalty call early on and never recovered. That type of thing is exactly what I saw last week and it’s getting pretty old. They expect fans to show up and cheer but dont consistently deliver a product worthy of fans dollars. I can handle a close loss or even a missed FG in the last seconds but being blown out with this much talent is only about heart. Until this team finds some we will continue to spin our wheels and dollars on players that dont have what it takes inside to man up when things arent perfect. I hope im wrong bc this group could be special but I see some of the same tendencies that have plagued this team for years.

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    Great Fab 5 SR!
    Fab 1. Based on what I saw last Sunday, it is far more likely the Bucs go streaking down Dale Mabry than win 4 games back-to-back. I just hope the linemen don’t participate:) I know it was only one game; understood, but that lose was even worse than the lopsided score-it was ugly, no worse , it was fugly. I just hope the Glasers give Koetter time. They are known as the Donald Trumps of the NFL (YOU’RE FIRED!). If they win 4 it will be in the back half of the season.
    Fab 2. First they have to have some success to handle.
    Fab. 3 They practiced against GRM last year and it didn’t help. I I agree that GRM and Donald have different types of quickness, but it’s difficult to explain. I think Donald is more cat like quick, whereas Gerald is explosively quick. I didn’t like that Dotson came out this week saying he thinks Donald is the best tackle in the league. I wonder how that made his teammate feel?
    Fab 4. I agree we need a QB. Ryan has not set my heart on fire and we need 2 good back ups. I think they will get more than one qb from somewhere. We need a burner WR, the best safety we can find, and lot’s of DL and 1 good OL. However, the first pick should be the BPA.
    Fab 5. Why won’t that idiot ASJ play. You don’t think he’ll be somber by then? My buc shots: I hope we don’t go for the WR Mike Williams coming out of college next year. That’s almost as bad as drafting a Clemson pass rusher. All the Mike William’s WRs have been big and slow in the NFL.

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      Ok cool aid time. Any one who believes the bucs are a playoff team, please seek help

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    Okay I am going to put this game on Coach Koetter and Coach Smith? Here’s what I believe should happen. Coach Koetter; put an OL in place of Stocker and get the ball out quickly for 5-7 yard passes and throw deep. We might have to gamble here and let Jameis run when needed. Coach smith; we know you don’t have a pass rush so go to blitzes and also let N. Spence play in a 3-4 defense from time to time. D. Smith is so slow I wouldn’t play him and just go to the Nickel the whole game and let one of those guys blitz from time to time too. Right now we just don’t have the talent and I’m a little concern about Meatheads choices of draft picks and free agents.

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    Pewter Report, Do you know how not easy it is to go back a few articles when something like ASJ happens? I bet you don’t get that many comments on your Fab 5 because it’s already off the radar? Just saying you have to improve this web site. You’re losing hits. I’ve talked to a few pewter report fans and they are going to other sites because the information is not easy to get to. Just letting you know.

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    Well Horse, you didn’t call me.
    I still find PR has the best information and honest analysis of any site out in internet land and believe me I have read them all.
    By the time I write this ASJ has been cut.
    My main concern going into the Rams game is because of Ayres injury we have virtually the same defensive front that didn’t get any pressure on Case Keesum last year.
    Clinton McDonald did not play last year and I may be wrong but I don’t think Alexander did either.
    Whatever the case, it is imperative the Bucs put consistent heat on Keesum this year.

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    Another SR Fab 5 with great insight. That was an intriguing point w/ facts to back it up about having to go on a streak to make the playoffs. I never looked at it like that before. I always broke the schedule in to 4 quarters and felt if there were two quarters of the schedule where they go 3-1 and then the other two quarters of the schedule they can go 2-2 then the playoffs should be almost be a lock. As I look at the schedule the Bucs need this Ram’s game so they can go at least go 2-2 these first four games and then hopefully 3-1 the next four games which would then put them into position the last half of the season to have a chance.
    As for your Fab 2 I don’t buy that the Bucs lost the game to the Cardinals because they couldn’t handle success from week 1. I just think they paid the price for having to go face the Cardinals after their disheartening loss to the Patriots. Thanks for the insight about how the Rams will try to use Donald and how that might be a key to the game. I will definietly watch to see how that goes! Again, Pewter Report is the best in the business and I absolutely love the new design of the website! Keep up the great work!

    1. 9.1


      Nice wishful thinking. The Rams will beat the Bucs on Sunday

  10. 10


    So I will be the negative post here. SR both you and Mark the most experienced and knowledgeable writer on this site predicted a win last week and we were blown out. Here is my take on this team an this season. DK is an average NFL coach, JL is an average NFL GM, we have average overall talent and an average NFL caliber QB. JW is an excellent leader and and average QB. So with this group we will be a AVERAGE team. Think Bengals, Cowboys,Charges etc…JW is NOT a franchise QB, they don’t play the way he does. I predict medirocrity for 10 years. We will need to move on from JW, it si just a matter of how long it takes. 5 years from now fans will be making Josh Freeman comparisons

  11. 11


    SR- PLAYOFFS???? this team is somewhere between 4-12 and 8-8. IF we make playoffs we are out in round 1

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  12. 12


    Let me ask you this Bucs fans, would you rather have a head case TE who can’t stay healthy or a (hopefully) solid kicker for 10+ years Im very disappointed in ASJ i will admit i got my hopes up for him and got burnt waste of a 2nd round pick

  13. 13


    Good Fab 5.
    Streaking? We are putting the cart way before the horse with this line of thought. I get it that winning some games in a row is vital to making the PO’s, but let’s just win Sunday.
    This game will be just as tough to win as Denver in 2 weeks. In spite of having Jim Fisher as a coach. It’s amazing he is still employed.
    Glad you talked to Cherilous this week, he is a big key in winning this game. The O Line needs to step it way up. I know I sound like a broken record about the O Line but, you can’t win a football game if you can’t block. Period.
    I spent years playing and that was drilled into our heads every 10 minutes.
    Dallas competes every game because of serious talented linemen.
    Market and Phampille will be tested Sunday.
    Yes the BUCS got the big head last week, many that smack down will open their eyes.
    On the ASSJ situation, boy o boy am I disappointed. How can someone be this irresponsible. Not only is he in Dutch with the law but, losing a job that pays in the millions must be heartbreaking. I’m tempted to call him a butt-nugget but I’d rather say to this young man, go to rehab now, on your own, don’t wait until Goodle tells you.
    Trust me you’ll feel better. Good luck to him.

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    Well Scott, in spite of Horse complaining about the difficulties he has navigating the FREE Pewter Report site, I for one, look forward to reading it every morning and have even figured out how to work my way through the succession of articles.

    Fab 1 made me recall the Bucs 5 game winning streak to start the 1979 Worst to First season. I still have that SI magazine “Unbeaten, Untied and Unbelievable”. But more often than not over the years our streaks have been more of the “Don’t look Ethel” variety.

    It’s going to be interesting to see how this team reacts to the beat-down, injuries to key players, ASJ and the added pressure of playing an opponent against whom you are expected to defeat. They can’t start singing Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen. Need something good to happen early this week.

  15. 15


    scubog, I have found the way too, but it’s not an easy flow. Also PR is free and yes they have good Articles. Us older guys have more patience to go through the motions to find the older articles from a day or two ago if we want to post something else, but not most younger people. I just threw my 2 cents out there.

  16. 16


    Horse –
    You are literally the only person I ever see around here complaining about the quality of content or the ease of navigating the site. Stop being dramatic and saying that you and other people are going to other sites because you can’t find the articles that are coming out. A monkey could navigate this site. The homepage scrolls through the 5 most recent articles posted. Besides that, all the Fab 5’s have their own section on the homepage just below that most recent article screen. I know you’re an older person but it really can’t be easier than it is. Any other article is shown under the menu button under “news”. If you have a problem why don’t you email or message Scott or Mark privately instead of trying to get attention by complaining about it in the comment section. I’m sure that they would be happy to answer any of your complaints. Some people just can’t be happy with receiving FREE and amazing coverage from an independent source I guess. One thing I’ve learned from working in the service industry is that some people just can not be pleased no matter what you do. Don’t complain because YOU aren’t competent enough to navigate a basic website layout. This is 2016, this is the Internet, adapt or die. (Or go to Buccaneers.com) which uses a much more complicated web server.

    Now enough about that, how about these first two weeks? What a rollercoaster. I’ll admit I drank the Kool aid after that first win. I think it is easy to get so high after a week one win like that because we have been so starved for wins these past few years, especially season openers. However, this week is not a must win but as close to that as you can get in week 3. The game will be won in the trenches. If we can control the line of scrimmage and contain Donald and Quinn and keep Jameis clean we should get out of Ray Jay with a W. If we can move their QB off his spot and not let him get comfortable then he shouldn’t shred us like he did last year. We have an awful history of letting these career backups kill us these past few years and if we ever want to get out of the NFC South cellar then this trend has to end now. Jameis has to protect the ball and we have to do something we haven’t done yet and TAKE THE BALL AWAY. If we can get a +2 turnover margin and win the battle of the trenches then this should be a sound win for us that we can build upon. Look for big bounce back games from Jameis and Lavonte as this team shows that this is not the same old Bucs. I can’t wait for 4:05PM tomorrow, show me something Tampa, let’s not be the same old Bucs of the past 10+ years.

    Go Bucs!!


  17. 17


    Its been 15 years since the Superbowl season. We have not played well since then against tough, physical football teams. I am going to guess that there is more to last weeks loss than players reading press clippings.

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