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    Hard to put a positive spin on something that is swirling down the drain. I’m sure the offensive staff with Arroyo leading by default is “doing the best it can.” But if the stewardess (flight attendant nowadays)takes control of the cockpit she’ll be trying hard to fly the plane until it hits the ground. This is a bigger deal than the organization is willing to state publicly. I guess there’s really no better option than just ride out the season and hope to survive. Of course some will bail out. Geronimo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    scubog, I’ve observed this phenomena that causes “something” to swirl down the drain. It is governed by Newton’s law of motion where the Coriolis Effect causes that “something” to swirl down the drain in a clockwise direction in the Southern Hemisphere. If we were the Australian Buccaneers that “something” would swirl down the drain in a counter-clockwise direction.
    The point here is that no matter where you live “something” this bad will always swirl down the drain, one direction or another. lol!

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    We all thought the offense would be a work in progress, I’m more worried about the defense. Arroyo said something telling in his presser, the head coach has final say in everything. Seems Lovie wants to depend on a defense that doesn’t exist, and an offense that’s only allowed to throw on third, and long, maybe. The team is playing more to not make a mistake, then to make a play. Our secondary stands like statues in there zone fearing to move from there landmarks. I think the poor tackling in part is do to the effort of stripping the ball. If you hit them hard enough in the right spot the ball may come out, but how many times has a back got extra yards carring a bunch of Bucs pecking at the ball? Like Gruden use to say, let it out your arse!! Lovie needs to loosen the reigns, and just go for it.

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    Out the rest of the year? We’re *$%&ed. Where’s my exorcist Licht?

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    Disappointed that they don’t bring an an available OC (ie Chan Gailey) who could adapt/learn Tedford’s system and help Arroyo out. Kevin Gilbride is available too.

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    I coach my sons Pop Warner Team and the underlying theory is the same you need players to execute a scheme it wouldn’t matter if we reserected Bill Walsh from the ashes the fact still remains we don’t a O- line and a starting qb= no success. I’m watching qb’s in college with the hope we will have one next year to save us from the nightmare of watching McCown and Glennon. No Scu, I don’t wish either qb will suffer a “Theisman” injury as you eluded to earlier

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    I guess the OC will be the excuse this week…Prepare for another beating,this is yet another game the Space Pirates will lose…

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    macabee, I have been to Sydney. Your words are true. You do not speak with forked tongue.
    I am not looking forward to the rest of this season. It doesn’t matter what quarterback we have in play, unless the o-line shapes up, it will not be pretty.
    That said, I still hope the offense opens up this week and throws a couple of long balls. Put in an extra lineman at running back and give the qb a few seconds!

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    Are they lining up behind them, or just hiding?

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    I think what Lovie needs to learn is that the way other teams stay out of third and long situations is to get the first down on first or second down. Here’s an idea that every fan has: get 6 or 7 yards by using your hight advantage and have them go up for the jump ball on first down, then run it if you must.

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    height, P.S. PR, I hate that you can’t edit anymore

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    It was Gary Huff JonnyG. His injury was nothing like the one Joe Theisman suffered. No one wanted him hurt…..some just wanted anyone else behind center. And if it took an injury to relegate him to the bench, so be it. When a QB is struggling fans always want the back-up…….even guys like Randy Hedberg.

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      I know the injury you were referring to I was being sarcastic due to your comment as saying ” I was one of those guys cheering Huff as he was lying on the ground hurt” comparing a more severe type of injury to a stubbed finger

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    Two out of three games, the BUCS were in it until the end. They should have won both but didn’t!!! There is no explanation for the Falcons game so we just move on and forget about it. There is nothing to learn from that type of game. The Steelers are next and the BUCS have a good opportunity to win back the fans they have lost. This season is not lost…..yet!!!

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    Sorry Bill, but I have to respectively disagree here. After watching the games, it’s apparent that all three phases are consistently looking poor. IMO it’ll take another 10 weeks or so to begin to look like a respectable football team. Those 1st 2 games were home games where the QB’s were 2nd & 3rd stringers. With no pressure or pass coverage, both had their way w/ the Bucs D. This only got worse in ATL. It didn’t begin there. Add in the injury situation & that the Offense looks utterly lost, and here we are.

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