The Buccaneers held their third and final rookie mini-camp practice on Sunday morning at One Buccaneer Place.

Bucs head coach Jon Gruden gave his overall impressions of the three-day rookie mini-camp.

“We wanted to evaluate the players that were here,” said Gruden. “Some of the guys that were drafted and were invited to our camp – it was a priority to see some of those guys to see if we missed anything in the draft. Obviously we wanted to get our rookies underway here in terms of how we practice and what we’re doing on offense, defense and special teams. We didn’t get everything done, but we scratched the service.

Not all of Tampa Bay’s try-out players will be signed to the team’s active roster. In fact, there’s a chance the Bucs will not invite any of the try-out players to training camp, which begins on July 26.

The Bucs won’t make any decisions until they have a chance to review all of the film from this weekend’s practices.

“We wanted to see what these guys could do and see how they executed,” said Gruden. “Some guys did well and some guys didn’t do so well. The guys that did will be back and the guys that didn’t won’t.”

Although temperatures were a bit cooler than the previous two days of practice, Bucs head coach Jon Gruden had his players work up a sweat by pushing and testing their conditioning Sunday.

At the end of Sunday’s practice, Gruden and the coaching staff had the players run wind sprints, also known as gassers.

Gruden wasn’t trying to punish the players. Instead, he was trying to drive the message across to the players that their conditioning must be up to par if they are going to max out as football players and as a team.

“We won’t practice if we can’t practice because we’re tired,” said Gruden. “That’s when guys pull muscles and when a lot of guys get injured. Being the nice human being that I am I’m looking out for player safety, so we’ll just condition, won’t we? We’ll just have a nice gasser drill and we’ll push sleds and we’ll do the things you need to do to get everybody on the same page where they can go out and move explosively and finish plays like National Football Players do.

“I wanted to send a message to them. Not in a sinister way, but in a realistic way that we play Seattle on the road to open the season. [Defensive end] Gaines Adams has to get ready for Walter Jones. [Linebackers] Quincy Black and Adam Hayward – if you want to play you better know who [running back] Shaun Alexander is because he’s going to go wire-to-wire and bring 223 pounds in between the tackles repeatedly, and we’ve got to be ready for that.”

Tampa Bay head coach Jon Gruden has stressed to first-round draft pick Gaines Adams that he is expected to lead the league in effort. Adams has already gone on record as saying he embraces his head coach’s challenge and plans to do just that.

According to Gruden, Adams got off to a nice start this weekend and finished strong at Tampa Bay’s rookie mini-camp.

“I think he’s going to be a leader in his own right, particularly with this class,” Gruden said of the rookie defensive end. “He’ll be a guy that if anybody falls out of line he’ll be responsible. He’ll take full responsibility for each one of these guys. He did show good effort, good finishing effort. I think the more shape he gets in the more you’ll see him flash.”

Due to the fact that the local media was only permitted to watch the first 40 minutes of practice, most of which featured stretching and redundant drills from the previous two days of practice, will not file a Pewter Insider report for Sunday's practice.  

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