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    Good afternoon all Bucheads.
    I’m not inclined to go along with the nay sayers concerning lack of depth on the D-Line. I really believe that absent off a superstar on the line, we are still formidable. Keeping those guys fresh by a rotation is to me a great tactic. Do I see a 10 plus sacker on the team? No, but I see 4 guys that can get close to it, maybe 5 if I count Spence. In a dream world McCoy would break the 10 sack threshold. Add a solid 7-9 sacks from Ayers, Spence, Smith and McDonald I would be quite happy.
    I’ll be optimistic and predict 15 sacks total for Line Backers and Secondary and our total could be as high as 55-60 sacks.
    Now I know some of you will say what the hell is he smokin’, but I’m a going to be an eternal opitimist and predict 60 sacks this season.
    That’s right, 60 freakin sacks.

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      chetthevette, Hurry up and no huddle offenses compromises a rotational defense.

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        For sure it does. The secondary will have to man up and help out. But I’m still excited and optimistic. Woke up this morning and donned my rose colored glasses. GO BUCS

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        I dunno so much about that. You would think a rotational D-Line would accent a hurry up no huddle ofense, seeing as u will sometimes not be able to eat up clock when drives stall thus having the D come back on the field. So, one would think a rotating line keep the guys fresher and plays into that method of play.



          It would help to have depth/ rotation if OUR team’s O can’t sustain a drive, but the other team running no-huddle makes subs/ rotation more difficult for our D

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      All right. I’ll be the one. Chetthevette, what the hell are you smokin? I think 45-50 would be a stupendous leap over recent years and (barring a collapse by Winston) put us in the hunt.

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        I like a good Cohiba, sometimes a Arturo Fuente with a strong expresso.



          Tampa cigars rock!



            Not a football comment, but, the cigar bar at the Columbia is awesome. Good smokes and great coffee. I’m tea totter. Also good looking bartenders, if you know what I mean. GO BUCS

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    I hope it happens for him this year. Lord knows we need it. IF We can get our DL working this year, who knows how good this team can be ? It would really help our secondary too. It ll starts up front in the trenches. If we can get to the opposing team’s QB, We will have a great year.

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    Good article Eric

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    I don’t see Gholston as a 10 sack DL but if he can get his numbers up to 7 or 8 he will be a valuable commodity.
    I think Joe Cullen really helped him out last year. I remember a couple f stories back then where Cullen was riding him pretty good and Gholston was mature enough to realize Cullen was only trying to make him better.
    His play improved considerably last year and if he can continue his ascent, maybe even jongruden will give him some kudos.

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    I have seen Gholston’s potential from the start, and it has been great to see his growth last year. Don’t forget Bennet after three years only had seven sacks, but then really blossomed to a double digit sacker at Seattle and was always good as a run stopper. Gholsten should start at LDE for first and second down then bring in Spence as a speed rusher on third down. I think Used that way Gholsten will help shut down the opponent’s running game and still get seven sacks this year. If Licht will quickly give him an extension, he can equal Bennet’s productivity in coming years just like Bennet blossomed.

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    Love his attitude if he keeps it in check.

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    “My history has been we’re going to roll guys through, keep people fresh and just keep coming after people in waves”. When ever waves are mentioned, you have Surferdudes attention! Last weekend with no football, can’t wait to get this season started.

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    Gholston is an average rotational DL, but he is no fast pass rusher. He will be on the team and play, but three years of average play says alot. I had high expectations for him when he first arrived, but now I see him as an average player and is a valuable back up. Go Bucs!

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    Good run stopper, average pass rusher. His value is that he can play DT too I guess. Love to see him become more of a force in passing game, but I don’t think he’s fast enough really. Strong guy though. Good bull rush. To get 10+ sacks you can’t be a one trick pony. Need several moves and a very fast first step. Don’t think he’s really had either? Anyways go Buc’s!

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    Owlykat Gholdron is not and will never be Bennett. Letting Bennett go for 5 million then overpaying Johnson and other bums to try to get D.E. Production was one of the dumbest things done here last 10 years. –
    And Bennett is not flourishing because he’s in Seattle he is a damn good DE.

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    ‘…if he can continue his ascent, maybe even jongruden will give him some kudos…’ ‘What are you smokin’,drdneas?

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    He has turned into a good rotational player. Hope he keeps improving and we do resign him.

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    76Buc, I know, I know. But I remain the eternal optimist in regards to human behavior. I know it’s character flaw but I believe in the old therapists joke, “How many therapists does it take to change a light bulb. Answer: Only one but it has to want to change.”

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    Not a comment On VG. PFF actually put our receivers in the top 10. That must mean we are in the top 5 seeing that PFF hates us.

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