Tampa Bay tight end Doug Zeigler (undisclosed), linebacker Jeff Gooch (shin splint), wide receiver Charles Lee (hamstring), guard Matt Stinchcomb (calf) and tackle Derrick Deese (bone spur) missed practice Tuesday.

Deese underwent foot surgery in Miami on Tuesday morning to repair a bone spur that’s sidelined him for a few training camp practices and will keep him out of several more.

“Derrick Deese will be out 7-10 days,” said Bucs head coach Jon Gruden. “He (had) a minor procedure done to remove a fragment or bone spur that’s in the top of his foot. He’ll be back, but this is a little bit of a setback for him.”

Bucs second-year tackle Anthony Davis will start in Deese’s place in practice and against the Cincinnati Bengals on Saturday night.

In other injury news, Bucs Pro Bowl weakside linebacker Derrick Brooks suffered a sprained knee during the morning practice. According to Gruden, the injury doesn’t appear to be serious.

“We took a good look at Derrick and he’s going to be fine,” said Gruden. “He might be day to day. We got a scare, but fortunately he’s okay.”

Running back Jamel White suffered a minor concussion in the morning practice.

“Jamel White got a slight concussion, but he’ll be okay,” said Gruden.

Bucs linebacker Derrick Brooks and running back Jamel White’s injuries from the Tuesday morning practice were apparently related.

During an 11-on-11 practice session, Brooks’ knee got rolled up while fullback Casey Cramer was attempting to hold off his blitz in the backfield, but Brooks’ knee got sprained in the process. When Brooks got off the ground, he appeared to be angry, slamming his helmet to the ground in frustration.

A few plays later, Bucs defensive end Dewayne White apparently attempted to get some payback for Brooks’ injury by absolutely drilling and driving Jamel White to the ground on a running play up the gut. Jamel White laid motionless on the field for nearly a minute before he eventually stood up and walked off the field under his own power.

After that play, Bucs head coach Jon Gruden blew the horn and gathered his players together in an effort to get their emotions under control.

“I addressed that internally,” Gruden said of the two players that occurred during the physical 11-on-11 session. “I think there was a little too much emotion being displayed there and I wanted to point out that we needed to get control of ourselves. I think our team respects that.”

Gruden said his players are anxious to tackle players from another team. They’ll get that opportunity on Saturday night when Tampa Bay hosts Cincinnati in both teams’ first preseason contest of the year.

“You hit yourselves every day, I think you get tired of hitting yourself,” said Gruden. “You look forward to participating and competing with someone else. It’s hot, very hot today. Tempers flare at times. That was a very physical period, particularly in practice. People are fighting for positions and fighting for jobs. Sometimes tempers just flare.”

Don’t think Tampa Bay’s 7-9 record in 2003 will change the way Bucs head coach Jon Gruden approaches the team’s four preseason contests this month.

Some teams play their players as late as the third quarter in their third preseason game, but with the exception of his offensive line, Gruden doesn’t like to play his starters more than a half in exhibition games, and for good reason.

“Injuries happen sometimes,” said Gruden. “But over the last five or six years, since I’ve been a coach, I don’t recall anybody playing their starters into the third quarter. I know Dallas did it a couple of times last year, but not a lot of teams do that. I think teams are eager to see the guys play that need to play. Some of these guys need game experience. We’ve got a rookie in Mike Clayton that’s never played an NFL game at flanker, we’ve got Edell Shepherd, who could use some snaps, Chris Simms can play. But you could take all of the plays from all the preseason games and still not have enough game-ready snaps. It all depends on how you look at it. We’ve been a pretty good preseason team in terms of winning and losing. We’re going to do everything we can to win yet evaluate all of the guys that need to be seen.”

For inquiring minds that want to know, Gruden has compiled a 7-2 record in preseason games with the Bucs.

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