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    Awesome read! I am looking forward to more of what Mr. Verner will say and do. Go Bucs!

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    Awesome stuff!

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    I also think this was well written.

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    Yep. He has a lot to prove.

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    Al, I felt bad for you guys in the secondary last year. It must have hurt when the talking heads thought you all were a bunch of bums, not knowing you were only playing what was coached. Good luck this year,back peddle your ass back to the pro bowl, and help get us some wins, I believe you will.

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    Thanks for your insight AV ! As frustrating as it was for us as fans, I KNOW it was worse for you guys. I believe you got the 1 and only pick on a slant pass all season? Looking forward to the rebirth of a top 10 D in TB !

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    Having watched a lot of practices over the years, that included watching the DB’s back peddle then being instructed to turn and run at some point during the drill; I guess I never noticed that Lovie’s son, former coach and friend discontinued the technique these last two seasons. No wonder we couldn’t defend the slant. With the DB’s back to the QB is was an easy pitch and catch.

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    Great read, Got me fired up! I’ve always liked AV and could tell he was frustrated the last two years & bothered by not being able to help his team like he wanted to but at the same time he was Always a pro. I am really excited for him to get back to a system he has excelled in and im really excited about how much our D will be improved this year. Did I mention I am Really Excited? 🙂 GO BUCS!!!

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    I feel like I just read Alterraun diary! Very good read, and it gets me fired up for this year. I really like his mentality, and it’s this kind of self evaluation that leads to great things. I have no doubt that were going to see some good things from Verner this year. To tell you the truth, I don’t think he has a choice with the competition they have at CB this year. But I believe he will rise to the occasion.

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