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    I’m not sure I understand why Gurley is ahead of Winston in the ROY Award in some circles? Winston has been everything that the Bucs were hoping for and more… I guess that’s all that matters. Winston is right; this team needs more “chips.” Ponch and John’s, if you will… Guys with chips on their shoulders. Guys that are in that locker room to win… not just to pick up a check. I’m assuming Licht will be taking that into consideration in his upcoming evaluations.

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      The fact that anyone at this point is being considered ahead of Jameis is a joke in of itself. You don’t give rookie of the year to a guy who missed 4 games. jamies’ stats speak for themselves not even considering his leadership and what he’s been asked to do. What a qb goes through and what a rb goes through are 2 totally different levels.
      Jameis better win that ROY.

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        Agreed. I just read something on NFL.com and the writer had Gurley first, Mariota second and then a group of guys including Winston… What a joke.



          Mariota? was that a recent article? LOL

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    Winning in the NFL comes down to talent and preparation. It’s clear that some of these guys aren’t talented enough but according to Winston some of them don’t prepare themselves properly for the games. Both are big issues that I hope we address in the offseason. From what I saw this season I believe Winston does the proper amount of preparation, but I need to see more from a talent standpoint before I buy in that he is a franchise QB. If Winston is ever going to lead us to a Super Bowl he first has to learn to lead a football to his intended receiver consistently. Fair enough? For me a franchise QB needs to complete at least 63% of his passes while keeping his turnovers down to a minimum. If he can do that next year and the year after I can believe in him being a franchise QB. I know we seem to have a tough schedule next season, but I don’t directly couple wins and loses to QB’s, just to HC’s and GM’s. The QB doesn’t have a say in who he hands the ball off to or blocks for him, his defense or his kicker…the GM and HC select and coach those guys (again talent and preparation) so I put wins and losses on them.

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      I think it’s time to put the Mariota vs. Winston debate to rest. Both had outstanding seasons for rookies. I agree that Winston has to improve his accuracy especially with the long ball. But let’s not forget who he was throwing to these last six weeks. The Buccaneers were among the leaders in dropped passes and while his percentage is lower than desirable, his ypp was quite good and at an elite level. I’m not ready to crown him “elite” or “franchise.” That stuff takes years to figure out and is about media hype. There have been many franchise quarterbacks who completed less than 63%. I don’t know where you come up with that figure. Take a look at Terry Bradshaw’s career statistics and then look at how many super bowls he won and go visit his room at the hall of fame. I was a strong advocate for Mariota and I still have trouble with some of the stuff Winston did as an undergraduate, but he certainly has passed the eye test as a rookie quarterback. Now he has to take the next step He has to improve on third down; he has to not throw into triple coverage; and he has to start games stronger. I agree, let’s crown him, anything just yet but we should also appreciate that he gives us as fans hope for the future.

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        I didn’t say anything about Mariota, he didn’t complete 63% of his passes either. It’ll be another two years before I close my book on how good both of those guys can be. The 63% I stated above is based on my number where I consider a QB to be accurate. Really I prefer 64% or higher but I put down my bottom line number. The number itself is subjective, not a sole indicated of QB’s who will win a Super Bowl. The number is as subjective as the term “Franchise QB” itself.

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      You make good points Pink and I do agree it does take a few years to technically declare someone a franchise QB. Although Jameis has shown the necessary traits in spades so to speak.
      As for completion percentage, that’s a pretty interesting way to say a qb is franchise. Drew Breese never completed 63% of is passes his first three years, neither did Peyton manning. Heck 63% when I’m looking at the star qb’s in the league is pretty high. Id say around 60% in an offense like ours is more the norm. A lot of deeper running routes in this offense as you have said do yourself. Let’s not forget how many receivers have dropped passes as well.
      Jameis does need to work a lot on the deep ball, which kind of surprises me as his days in FSU, he was money deep. His mechanics will also get a good bit of work which will help in the high throws.
      But judging a franchise QB on completion % is pretty strange.

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        I’m pretty strange. But as I said above, both the completion % required for a franchise QB and the term “franchise QB” itself are both subjective.



          I agree on two counts. Don’t reach any conclusions short-term and hese considerations are highly subjective. You’ll know if Winston or Mariota are Franchise, elite, or even HOF quarterbacks in due time. My standard is about eight years. If you look at Football Outsiders article on whether Kurt Warner deserves to make the Hall of Fame, the standard is based on Warner’s career of 124 games and his comparison with other quarterbacks first 124 games. The data on completion percentage is interesting:

          Bradshaw 51.1
          Staubach 56.7
          Elway 54.9
          Eli Manning 58.7
          Peyton Manning 63.9
          Rothlisberger 63.2
          Aikman 62.4
          Tarkenton 53.9
          J. Kelly 60.4
          Brees 64.9
          Farve 61.1

          Obviously, the West Cast offense has made the comparisons then and now hard to gauge. I think a better measure is yards per pass. Palmer leads the league this year with 8.7; Rothlisberger and Dalton are next at 8.4 and Wilson is at 8.3. Winston and Mariota were tied at 7.6, 11th in the league–ahead of Ryan,both Mannings, Roma, Bridgewater, Luck, Carr, etc and tied with Tom Brady. Kurt Warner had 7.9 for his whole career. 7.75 for a career gets you elite status. The big question with Winston will be can he continue to improve.

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    I admire Winston’s guts and determination, calling out the slackers not by name but by innuendo that not everyone is on the same page that it takes to win in this league. Unlike many fans, I actually think the franchise made progress this year. I was expecting 4 or 5 wins and we won 6, but it’s not so much about wins and losses. In my view, the team is growing, but needs an infusion of veterans who know what it takes to win. We can’t be the youngest team year in and year out and expect to become an elite and consistently winning franchise. You look at the winning franchises and you see that each of them has a core of veterans. The thing I liked best about Winston’s tirade yesterday was his commitment that he’s starting today on the 2016 season. That’s what it will take.

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    The final press conference from Winston was outstanding. Love to hear that he said if the players wanted it as much as the coaches we would be fine. That means the leadership is in place. If I was a 2015 Buccaneer, I would look hard in the mirror and decide if I am “all-in” or not. Building a culture, that most important part of turning a franchise around. Keep the coaching staff in place. Either convert the players that are not bringing it, or replace them with those that will. Jason Licht needs to look as what Steve Keim “his buddy” has done in Arizona. I think Jason is doing a great job, but still need to get those guys that buy into a culture where people look out for each other, play as hard as they can, and hate losing.

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    In the beginning I said I’d be happy if we got 6-7 wins, but then we lost the last 4 games it gave me pause to think Lovie didn’t deserve the third year. After a night of thought, I am happy how far we have come this season and after I let go of my last four game emotions about Lovie leadership, I can see more wins than loses in the 2016 season. Go Bucs.

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    I love this kid! I am glad he is on the Bucs. I can’t wait to see what he does in his second year.Go Bucs!!!!

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    Every NFL analyst I have ever heard would say a player should never call out teammates in the media, but the way Winston did it just seemed to be done perfectly. He still has a long way to go before he is in the elite QB conversation, but I am thrilled with what I have seen and heard from him. My optimism for next season is higher than it has ever been at the end of any other season.

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      Agreed. The way Winston called out teammates was smart as he criticized himself first, and then mentioned the heart of other teammates.The future is pretty bright with our young talent as long as we have the coaches to develop hit.

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    Winston sounds like he is ready to go to the Combine and sit in on the interviews and start grilling players for a gut check.
    Good for him.
    I’m sure there were some players out there yesterday who didn’t give it a 100 percent,
    Austin “Gator Arms” Jenkins.
    But overall we just got beat by a better team with better players, Especially on defense.
    Unfortunately the loss of Vjax, Kwon Alexander, Clinton McDonald and Akeem Spence really hurt this team during the final four weeks.
    Actually pinstob, 60% completion percentage is what most NFL coaches and QB’s shoot for but I like 63% to.
    I believe Winston finished with 15 INT’s which I think most coaches would be doing cartwheels over with a rookie QB.
    There were a lot of so called experts who had him tossing in the 20’s, high 20’s.
    Unfortunately this team needs to go back into FA for some starters, unlike last year when we actually picked up players for depth.

    1. 8.1


      Agree. I said it a couple of days ago; we need starters from FA. WR, CB, DE. Then repeat during the draft and add an OL.

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    I was at the game last night. It is entirely clear to me that there are guys on this team who are just earning a paycheck. I was not that surprised to hear his classy postgame press conference. Guys needed to be called out by somebody, and the way Winston did it was very skillful. As a Bucs fan I was not disappointed that we lost, but embarassed by the effort of some guys. Lack of talent is one thing, but not having enough personal pride to give it you best effort is another. Some guys just need to go. And by the way, if this team ever wants to be any good, they need to start by figuring out how to beat the Panthers.

    1. 9.1


      Being that Winston didn’t call out any player or group of players by name… If a player felt that Winston was talking about him, he is only part of the problem.

      Jameis will lead this franchise to a Super Bowl.. mark my words!

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    At one end of the Buccaneers locker room late Sunday, a group of defensive linemen joked and laughed out loud as they end another lost season. At the other end, Winston sat alone in front of his stall with his head in his hands with a steely look of determination on his face and a fire in his belly.

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    Pinkstob, your 63% completion analysis is meaningless when a QB throws down field and does not dink and dunk. Winston looks down field for big plays, Mariotta for example throws a majority of his passes less the 10 yards.

    1. 11.1


      Skipper, they have the same yards/pass of 7.6. Exactly the same. Buddah just posted it above two hours before your post. The same info is on NFL.com and several other sites. They both completed passes all over the field which is how they ended up at 7.6 so I don’t know what you’re talking about.

      1. 11.1.1


        Pink, that stat is a little misleading. Yes they both averaged 7.6 yards per completion but that doesn’t mean Mariota was throwing the ball deep like Winston. If Mariota completes a 5 yd pass and his receiver goes 75 yds for a TD, Mariota gets credit for a 80 yd completion. That’s what Skipper was saying. 42% of Titans receiving yards came after the catch compared to 34% of the bucs and they still had the same YPC. That stat shows Winston is throwing deeper routes then Mariota. Mariota is throwing shorted and easier passes and letting his receivers do the work. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with that. Brady has made a living doing this his whole career.

  12. 12


    There’s an old saying “it’s not that we like to win, so much as we hate to lose”….that sort of attitude “unacceptable to lose” is what we need around here….WINSTON will find some more like minded players and Licht will get them in here…we can’t be afraid of FA but we need players with attitude, not players looking to cash checks…

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    Pink has a really high bar set in order for him to accept Winston as a franchise QB. I’m starting to think my buddy has some disdain for the other Tallahassee college. I’m not sure that mere numbers and percentages are how the level is calculated. But, as an engineer, Pink can’t help wanting mathematics prove his point. How about these factors to consider when doing the calculations? Count all turnovers (fumbles too), not just interceptions, sacks, of course the number of games missed due to injury, and distance between the line of scrimmage and the targeted receiver.

    1. 13.1


      A) We and everyone at OBP all need to have the bar set high if we’re going to win the Super Bowl. B) I’ve said many times that FSU is my college team I pull for in football. I have all my life because lots of my immediate family gradated from there. I’ve had that number of 63% set in my mind for at least 10 years, I didn’t invent it when we drafted Winston. I was always hoping Freeman would achieve it someday. C) I never posted what I do for a living for a reason, but I did post several times that analysis is a big part of what I do for a living so you’re in the neighborhood. I take everything you said above into account when evaluating QB’s and it seems to be working. Goodness, did everyone miss where I said “The number itself is subjective, not a sole indicated (should have been indicator) of QB’s who will win a Super Bowl.” I also said “FOR ME” a Franchise QB needs to complete 63% of his passes. It’s subjective, but yes that is what I want to see in a QB before I consider him a Franchise QB, no matter where he went to school, what his name is, etc. I’m a Bucs fan first and foremost.

      1. 13.1.1


        Pink, Im curious, so does a QB have to average 63% his whole career to be considered a franchise QB or does he just have to do it 1 season. Or how many seasons does he have to average it to be considered a franchise QB.



          For me, it’s a per season average not a career average. As I stated above I just want to see him do it next season and the season after so that’s two seasons back to back. He doesn’t have to do it after that or for his whole career, I just need to know that he’s capable of that in the NFL for me to consider him a Franchise QB.



            Now that’s very reasonable. I was just curious. thanks

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    Winston and Humphries both play with a chip on their shoulders. The difference? One was the #1 pick and one was an UDFA. That’s what Winston is talking about when he says “the why’s or will to win.” Winston prepares/plays like he’s the UDFA. We need guys on this team who don’t care about draft position or stats. It’s all about what it takes to win on the field. Winston has always had that attitude and our guys need to acquire it.

    1. 14.1


      Love Humpheries as well. I hope he can be kept developing next year as I see a very good slot receiver role for him. Great hands as well. I hope that Kenny Bell comes back strong, as we could use his explosiveness.

  15. 15


    Posts this on another article.
    have another situation to monitor and that is Gerald McCoy. I’ve been reading there is problems here between McCoy and jameis. Personally I think Jameis was talking about McCoy in his post game speech. Rumors were McCoy was in that group of defensive lineman laughing after the game.
    Then while being interviewed, Jameis pressed started and the reporters went to check it out as McCoy says ” go listen to Jameis, have to see what Jameis says”. mccoy is a jokester and this might have been taken out if context but I’ve said all season there is a problem here. And if there is bye bye McCoy, take your jokes and your fun somewhere else. Just get a first round pick for him.

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