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    The word on Kenny Bell is getting to be that he looks great in underwear football but when the pads come on is like a magicians bunny rabbit.
    Could that be because he appears to be slight in stature and is intimidated by contact.
    I can’t give the answer for that but it is worth watching during full contact scrimmages and preseason games.

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      Well he had lots of contact in college and he did ok there. Maybe it’s just the year off and getting used to playing in pads again. Kid has talent. I like the coach not gushing over these young guys but giving a little praise when they show up in practice.

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    Time to step up boys.

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    When you list the reps, it would help if you added two info bits, if caught or not…the approx yards of the throw, and if the pass, was to “which third” of the field, using a shorthand system. Such as…a pass or 25 yards to an area between the left hash and the sideline, after your rep comment, just add,,,25L. Any pass behind the line of scrimmage could be 0…0M would be a middle screen, or 0L a bubble screek (to a wideout) or a check down if to a back. 15M could be a middle seam. 40R could be a fly or post corner to the right side. 15L, a 15 yard out to the left, etc. Just a thought. Go Bucs!!!

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