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    It may be interesting to note on many of these plays the defense knows what play or type of play is going to be called.
    In the passing drills, they know at the very least it’s going to be a pass.

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      And the defense is new and unfamiliar and there is no offensive game planning. Just run the play.
      It will get better.

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    While I’m excited for this year – my enthusiasm is tempered because it seemed like the defense was playing well against our offense last season then then came the preseason and saw that other teams were handling it pretty well. Lets see how the other teams do.

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    Just got back after watching the last 3 training camp practices and got a lot of great information. I’ll try and spread my posts out over the next few days so the posts aren’t so big. However to me the biggest news I actually got from Scubog since we’ve watched the practices together the last few years. I had been on business travel since the end of June until about a week ago and hadn’t been on PR so I didn’t know Macabee said he planned to stop posting. I hope he changes his mind because I loved to read his posts but if not I wanted to send him a final shout out and I hope he at least plans to keep reading the articles and posts on PR. Regarding practice what I’ll say for now is based on what I read in the spring and the other practices I expected the DB’s to be performing better which they did, but to me the offense as a whole is somehow playing worse than they were at this time last year, which is not what I expected. It’s not just the defense affecting them either. I saw a lot more fumbled snaps, fumbles by ball carriers, dropped passes, errant throws and pre-snap penalties than I saw in the 1st weekend of training camp last year. The number of INT’s was about the same but they happened differently; more passes deflected by defenders or dropped by receivers that ended up in the hands of defenders this year. All I’m trying to say is don’t be surprised if the offense looks flat in the preseason and it may carry over to the regular season.

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      Interesting comment there PInk, I am looking forward to more. I have tried to read other fans posts on other sites and most of the reviews have been positive on both sides. However sometimes the fan glasses need to be taken off. Keep us posted.

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      Thanks Pink. Different perspective. Need Mac back posting with his off the cuff remarks. Miss them.

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