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    Im sick of the rain messing up our training camps. We should have had an indoor facility years ago. Its embarasing and puts our team at a disadvantage.

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    Agree! Get an indoor facility already. They’ve been saying it for YEARS. Newsflash: It rains a lot in the summer here.

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    The indoor facility has to be built. But before you go and just throw up a big inflatable structure I have a crazy idea that will never happen but would be cool to see. Have the interior walls of the practice field be giant LCD screens. Then you can make the inside of the practice facility digitally look like whatever stadium and field the upcoming game will be in. Then pump in crowd noise and get ready for the away game. That wouldn’t cost too much……..right?

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    I believe Howard Johnson either died or went out of business, or both, but I don’t see him listed on the roster. There is a Howard Jones there who made some plays last year. I hope he has more of an impact this season. What’s up with Sweezy? Did the Bucs make a mistake by signing him?

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    Rain in the morning? For years you could set your watch to a afternoon squall. Now I never know when it’s gonna happen. Here’s an idea. Rent the Amale arena out for short passing drills and 7 on 7 drills. I’m sure Mr. Brooks might go for it. Arguyo could practice kicking into the hockey goal. GO BUCS

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