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    Mariota also had 16 total turnovers…

    I just hope Winston can improve on this and work on his accuracy in the off season

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      Mariota also played in 4 less games and has fumble issues. Much rather have my QB throw a INT down the field, than fumble at the line of scrimmage. Winston will be a 30+/14 guy next season. He will always throw INT’s because he is an aggressive passer. But, he will get better at when he throws them, and because he takes chances, his TD total will also go up. I don’t think Winston will ever be a 64% type of QB. I’d be happy with 60% and 30+ TD’s and 12-15 INT’s a year.

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    When do they announce the ROY, Mac? This has been a huge year for this team’s future. “We have to fix the whys on this team.” You’ve gotta love this kid’s leadership. I found it interesting that in that interview, he stood 100% behind the coaches, but he let it be know that it was some of the players in the locker room that were the problem. I hope that Licht is privy to that information and he makes the necessary moves to keep this team trending upward, regardless of the rookie wall that the team hit. Two wins to six wins with a ton of rookies and a rookie QB. If the Glazers and Licht can show some patience, this team could definitely be competing for a playoff spot next year. Continuity is the key to long term success in the NFL, as well as having a franchise QB, which we now have. The hardest part of the puzzle is solved. Keep plugging in the right pieces, Licht!

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      (From WIKI) Ballots are cast at the end of the regular season, before the playoffs. Since 2011, winners of the AP Rookie of the Year awards (offensive and defensive) are announced at the NFL Honors presentation the night before the Super Bowl along with the Pepsi Rookie of the Year award.

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    There are those that will disagree, but Winston’s got my vote for OROY – in my mind it’s not even close. Just glad he’s our QB. Can hardly wait for the sequel to this action movie!

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    just like to add on the 2nd INT his TE slipped… still a very good season by Winston…

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    Winston is ROY; who can match his play? He has also played in all games and all of the offensive plays; that’s an iron man because he has been smacked around a lot. Go Bucs!

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    Fantastic start to his Bucs career….finally we have a legit franchise QB…what a feeling to not to have moan about the most important position anymore….

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    Defensive issues fall more on poor coaching and bad schemes. Who would have thought that even three months ago? Offense is still a work in progress, but the pass defense is just a hot mess. It’s the worst I’ve seen in over six decades. The ’76 team were all-stars in comparison. The Bucs will be lucky to get six wins again if they don’t get this corrected..

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    Well Buc fans next year winston will get better. But it depends who the coach is and if Tampa gets another OC. I think if out OC goes to Phila. Then get Frank Reich as the New OC if we loose the present OC. Another thought.as it looks now Tampa has the #9 in Rd-1,no#8 in Rd-2 and no#11 pick in Rd-3. Tampa bay needs a top CB, a top DE and a top WR. if they(tampa) gets those three players the team will turn the bucs season around. A top WR make sense if Jackson doesn’t come back. It also will help the TE and wr Evans gets open.GO BUCS

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