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    I listened to his Press Conference and Jameis is a winner! He flat out said what should have been said by the Coach. There are players playing for the money and nothing else; no real heart for the game. I’d say we need about a dozen or so new players on this team and quite a few are in Defense. Not sure why Lovie has been hiding it all when many of us knew we were not ready yet to declare we were a Playoff Team. Glad to hear the Coaches are pushing the players and will make the changes. Why can’t Lovie just say the way it is? “It’s as simple as that”. First you have to be honest with yourself, then you can get better. That’s Horse wisdom. always worked for me. Go Bucs!

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      Straight from the Horse’s mouth!!!

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      Love that that was great horse you could see it all through the defense other than the linebackers lavonte david especially and Gerald Mccoy no one else showed up and Austin seferian Jenkins and Bobby Rainey everyone else showed up except those guys

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      Well Horse I believe that QB Winston may be the QB for Tampa Bay that is right for Tampa Bay.He will get the team ready next year go bucs

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    I’m not worried about WINSTON, or LvD, or Martin, or Kwon, or probably GMC (although he really was struggling this year for large stretches)….beyond that, I’m not sure who will buy-in to the winning, adversity-beating attitude….a lot of “me” players, and guys who play as long as we’re ahead….might need a lot of changes…

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    I heard this moving and admirable promise to change the mentality to a winning attitude in his after game presser. I could feel the passion and disappointment in his voice when he said he has never lost 4 games in a row in his life and was intent on never letting it happen again.
    A lot of Knute Rockne in this kid, but he’s going to need help. I only hope he gets the supporting cast (coaches and players) he needs to make good on his promise. It starts at the top!

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    The team lacks talent but we have our qb so now just build around him but don’t expect much next yr either

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    I was wrong about Jameis. Stay out of trouble, young man, and you’ll be the star we need.

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    Passionate speech by Winston. Offensive players usually don’t call out defensive players but I would guess that is who Jameis was talking about with the winning “mentality” comments. This year the Bucs played one of the easiest schedules they have ever had. Schedule gets a lot harder next year.

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    Mike evans cares about winning enough he got ejected makes me like Mike him even more go bucs

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    I hope Winston is the foundation for the Bucs going forward. I agree, like the other 20 teams packing their bags today, we need some new and improved talent this offseason. My final observations for the 2015 season is we have our QB, we have some very talented core players, but we need a big dose of “Will to Win,” in 2016. Should be another interesting offseason, I hope I live to see another great regular season. Go Bucs

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    This is exactly what this team needs and I’m so happy Winston is our QB and not afraid to say it. Enough of the giving up after 1 bad play on defense or a turnover being overturned. Bucs have the fire now with Kwon and Winston leading the way!!!

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    This kid just gets it. Amazing at 21 years of age. This quote last night from DanTurksGhost I think sums it up, ”
    This kid is absolutely the real deal. He’s the kind of leader who can WILL his team to win football games. I can guarantee you that any slacker, loser attitudes on this team are going to be dealt with harshly by JW and his guys. And any new player, either free agent or rookie, drafted or undrafted, are going to know from DAY ONE just who is the leader of this team and they’re going to find out the moment they step foot into OBP for the first time.

    This is how you change a team’s attitude from the inside-out. The winds of change are blowing in the right direction…”

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    Jameis needs to get McCoy on board, or we’re gonna have serious issues down the road.

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    I’m willing to give all players a chance to change into winners, but it starts today. This team needs a sit down coaches and players and understand winning is the focus and not losing your composure in a game and pushing yourself to the maximum on every play is now the norm. Let it be known that this is Winston’s team. I would listen to Winston only at this point in time if I were the Glazer’s, GM, head Coach and trust Winston who are the real player’s and form your nucleus around them to go forward. Go Bucs!

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    What a great press conference. This is what it’s going to take to change this franchise. I lover that he called out the Loafers and those with weak wills. Those players need to be called out.
    What a great rookie year by Jameis a, we have our franchise QB and if some players aren’t on board, get the hell out. HE will make this team a winner, you can count on it.
    We just need a few more players with this moxie and things will turn around. Its this attitude that Jameis has that makes him so special.
    Now get out there and work on that deep ball and Mechanics Jameis, I know you will.

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    Love that he wants more from his team, but he has lots to work on himself. He missed too many open receivers and threw into coverage too much this season. Maybe next year.

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    Very satisfied as to lovie’s press this morning too. I have great hope we will be a much better team next season. Go Bucs!

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    Can Winston get on the DL and rush the QB or play as a DB.

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    chuckbville. LOL. LMAO. Sure pal. Unlike every other rookie QB who has ever played in the NFL.

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