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    Some of those tackles were after he got either beat on the pass or wasn’t there fast enough. He has played okay which is adequate considering our other holes to fill. He is doing a better job than Barron for sure.

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    Major Wright was a major reason our defense finally began to gell. The way the Browns are beating up on Cincy tonight shows you how far we improved on defense last week in cold weather and away from home. I think you will see some revenge by the Bucs on the Birds Sunday for the beating they administered early this season.

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    “When the latter was traded for 2nd- and 4th-round picks at the deadline last week” – good article Zach, but I think you meant 4th and 6th round picks. I wish tho!

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    Interesting how the coaching staff is singing the praises of a player they cut and then kept on the bench. So much for the off-season evaluations. Defense played well enough to win these last two games. If the offense had scored more points we wouldn’t be singling out the defensive errors. All secondary players get beat.

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    I hope Wright continues to provide a boost to the defense. As for Banks, do a good job of covering J. Jones then we’ll talk. They are in the same division and around the same age. Also, Banks is the tallest CB we have. Verner is too short to cover Jones all game, especially in the red zone. I would only re-sign Banks after his contract ends if he can cover the tall WR’s in our division, J. Jones and K. Benjamin. If not, we need to keep searching until we find someone who can. Did you see last night how much having Haden shut down A.J. Green helps the Browns? That’s not the first time he’s done it either.

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      When given the chance Banks has shown he can cover man-to-man. Go back to the Detroit game last year, when Revis went out, Banks kept Megatron in check the entire 2nd half. He gave up less catches and yards compared to Revis. the problem is he is not always put on the big WR, just like last year when for some unknown reason L. Johnson was put on Jones at the end of the game

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    I think off season evaluations may be misleading-especially new coaching staffs. You have lousy offences practicing against lousy defenses. They all look great!

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