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    He looked younger on TV last year but at least he didn’t spend the year off in a cellar.
    Sure hope he didn’t have any real control over the officials this year because the officiation league wide was horrendous.

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    drdneast; the officiating is about the same that it has been for years; the difference is technolgy has allowed the fans to review just about everything in an instant from many different types of video options. I do think it might be time to set an earlier retirement age for the Ref’s; say somewhere between 52-55.

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    It now is clear to me where the Bucs have been going wrong on penalties. For years before Lovie became HC, the Bucs have tried to avoid penalties by paying refs to come to our practices and officiate the scrimmages. Lovie just followed that same practice, but nobody ever evaluated how well that practice had worked. We have had high penalties for many years. Now our new DC has just told us his method which has been highly successful in stopping penalties. I have good reason now to believe he and Koetter will be very successful on that front. That alone will help us win more games. We have often been our own worst enemy and let selfishness of some players on our team drown us with penalties.

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    These two have a good history together. Like the defensive coaching hires. Going to be interesting to see what type of players Smith wants. I think it’s interesting Smith saying another draw coming here besides Dirk was Winston. Hope free agents feel that way as well. With the number 9 pick besides Q.B., Bucs should go B.A., highest rated. We need talent more then reaching for position.

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    And here I always thought the fact that Atlanta rarely was penalized and seemed to be favored by the officiating team was because Richie McKay was on the Competition Committee. Perhaps now, Mike Smith’s being a former member of the official’s brethren and knows the secret handshake will cause the striped shirt guys to cut us some slack.

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    Mike Smith will make Tampa defensive side of the ball.Go Bucs

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