SCORE MORE SALES – PARTNER WITH PEWTERREPORT.COM is an NFL-credentialed high-traffic website and media company that has spent nearly three decades covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Get your business in the game and engage in sports marketing with an advertising campaign on to reach close to one million Buccaneers fans.’s fan base – which consists of Bucs season ticket holders and club seat owners – consists of the following demographics:

• 95% male audience
• 91% are age 25 or older
• 77% either married (64%) or in a committed relationship (13%)
• 64% have children
• 88% college educated


Digital banner advertising has the “billboard effect” that lets your company’s message be seen to a vast audience of Buccaneers fans with click-thru capability that sends our visitors to your company website. The “click-thru effect” has proven to be more successful than TV, radio or print advertising, and the best way to measure results and track your ROI (return on investment).

How could 10 million impressions and thousands of click-thrus per year help your business?

Pewter Report receives tens of thousands of visitors each month through SEO generated by people searching for and actively engaging in our articles.

Advertising with PR is more than just getting your business in front of these readers, it’s viewed as an endorsement or partnership with us.

For more information on the benefits of digital advertising, read this article by Think Marketing Magazine:

Why Online Advertising Works

There are various sponsorship opportunities, as well as short- and long-term advertising campaigns available on We offer discounted rates for longer commitments, in addition to offering exclusivity for businesses that really want to tackle the competition.

Tickets to a Bucs game in’s luxury suite are available for most annual advertising partners and all advertising partners are invited to our Exclusive Partner Events held throughout the year in the Tampa Bay area.

The sales staff will work within your budget to maximize your advertising dollars and create an effective campaign that delivers results for your business.

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