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Scott Reynolds is in his 23rd year of covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the vice president, publisher and senior Bucs beat writer for PewterReport.com. Author of the popular SR's Fab 5 column on Fridays, Reynolds oversees web development and forges marketing partnerships for PewterReport.com in addition to his editorial duties. A graduate of Kansas State University in 1995, Reynolds enjoys giving back to the community as the defensive line coach for his sons' Pop Warner team, the South Pasco Predators. Reynolds can be reached at: [email protected]

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    Finally a “prediction” I can get behind! I think the Buccaneers can and will make the playoffs next season. I also agree signing some of our own FA’s is important, including Gholston, Spence and Russell. Bradley McDougald too. But I would like to Licht try to sign a veteran WO and maybe another T in FA before the draft. Who? That’s your job Scott! LOL

    SO impressed with our young nucleus this season. The future is bright but it is also NOW IMO. Seeing Noah Spence ball after popping in his dislocated shoulder? Damn, these kids want to play and to win! The crowds at the Ray Jay really got into the games, big crowds going home happy. I’m sure the players enjoyed playing at home the past four games in Tampa and want more. So do we Scott, so do we>

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    Statement 1: I don’t agree. What we need at WR is speed. This offense needs speed. If Brate comes back, we don’t need another big, lumbering reeiver; we need a burner that can take the top off the defense, stretching the field and opening up the running game as well.
    Prediction 1: Until he proves otherwise Sweezy is Carl Nicks to me. – Light needs to find a quality starter on offense and defense in FA. – Glennon is gone as teams desparate for a QB bid up the price.
    Prediction 2: Losing to the Lams and Oakland were tragadies. we should have been 11-5. I don’t think we will lose those kinds of games next year.

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    Coach Koettee has already said this team needs speed so I think dismissing Desean Jackson as a target this summer is a mistake even with him being 30. I remember Joey Galloway playing late in his career and being very effective as a speed guy. Jameis simply needs to be more accurate to take advantage of his speed. So I’d also add Ross from Washington to list of guys we are considering. I think we should draft BPA in the first round. I could make a case for a DL, OL, WR, RB, And TE as needs. I think we are good at safety. I’d make McDougald a priority and then give Conte a 2 year deal and let them both compete for the other job. I’d also target Goldston but let Spence walk. We need another dynamic body inside like perhaps Kawann Short who might be available. Or maybe Demarcus Walker in the 2nd round. I’d look for a starting center in the draft also. I think if Sweezey is actually healthy we have the pieces for a good OL. Playmakers on offense and a dynamic body for the trenches and we are all set. Lastly I’d consider Tabor if he fell to our 1st round pick. Grooming a starter behind Grimes is key bc he is older and play can drop off at any minute, see Vincent Jackson for details.

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      Ted Ginn is another example.

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    Statement 1: I agree that we need some size, but speed is a priority to me. I thnk the throws will come down for jameis once he gets that stride under control. He still has to get that pitchers motion out of him. However Corey Davis gives yo both size and speed. He’s looking to me like who we should target in the first unless Cook starts to fall a little. If Cook falls to like 13 -15 range, you make a move.
    Statement 2: Anger has been worth every penny to us and his ability to drop it inside the ten every time is an amazing talent to have. Glad they locked him up. On a side note, in Koetters press conference , he stated that he will be bringing in kicking competition next year and isn’t afraid to move on from someone based solely on what round they were drafted. Good for Koetter, I love that guy more and more every day.
    Question 1: I agree completely with this. Our secondary has been Light years better than last year. Of course it helps when yo don’t have a moron trying to teach your guys how NOT TO back pedal. Dammit Lovie was a clown!
    Question 2: Tandy should’ve absolutely locked up the starting job. His stats are ridiculous considering his playing time this season. He wasn’t a full time starter until about week 6 or 7. The guy just makes plays and he’s been doing it since he’s been here. Not sure why he was never given an opportunity to start. But Glad Koetter gave him a chance. He was all over the field yesterday.
    Prediction1: I think Licht actually will be pretty cautious this year.We are going to have a shit ton of money to spend so I think we’ll resign our guys first. I agree with the fact that we have to be cautious because our whole nucleus on offense is about to become free agents, but we need a few guys for depth and competition.
    Prediciont 2: I agree with the sentiment that we make the playoffs. 9-7 was 1 game more than I thought this year so I think it can be done. Our teams mindset is finally changing and you can see it on the field. Just need a few more pieces. It does burn though , those loses to the lowly Rams and the Raiders penalty game kept us out of the playoffs. Great season fellow Bucs fans, we can finaly have real tangible hope for an incoming season.

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    I would be surprised if Licht was not active in Free Agency, this team is close and if we want to take the next step we need more talent. The draft might bring us two starters at best and seems we have a couple more pieces to fill then two. Sounds like we will have plenty of money to work with and as you say Scott, the signings of Grimes, Anger and Ayers was huge.

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    Thank the lord Coach Koetter has also said they will be bringing in some competition for Roberto “Chip Shot Only” Aguayo

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    Statement 1: I don’t think anyone would complain about bigger WR’s on the team, but we really need a WR with speed+route running + separation ability. As CG said, Corey Davis possess all 3 of those qualities. Ross is a burner, but you saw him get a little pushed around by NFL caliber CB’s. As far as the high throws, I do believe those will always be Winston’s miss. Just a matter of how often it occurs. Also, Shep should have caught both of those throws on the 1st drive.

    Statement 2: Very happy we have already locked up Anger with a new contract. He absolutely should have been a ProBowler this season. He was the difference maker in a ton of our wins this year.

    Bold Prediction 1: I really hope Licht is aggressive in FA for areas of need. Nothing more. Sweezy aside, our FA pickups were very good. Hopefully Sweezy makes a huge contribution to our line next year. We need WR, RT, C upgrades, and I think FA can fill some of those spots. Rather go defense in the draft, outside of a WR.

    Bold Prediction 2: Bucs should have made the playoffs this year, so next year is sort of playoffs or bust. (if we stay relatively healthy) While next seasons schedule looks (on paper) pretty formidable, I see 6 wins from our non division games. Jets, Bears, Bills, Dolphins, Cardinals, and Vikings are all winnable games. Go 4-2 again or 5-1 in division and that’s playoff football.

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    Sure would like a receiver in the mold of Kevin House with his long stride and deceptive speed and perhaps another who is more of a super quick jitterbug type. Seeing the Panther’s receiver’s speed as compared to ours was all too evident. Rarely is Mike Evans uncontested. We can only live off of that WR screen to Humphries so many times. Koetter did a good job getting the most out of this group of receivers and TE’s. Without Martin, the RB contingent isn’t much better. The best is a guy who has already been cut twice, a 3rd down back and two undrafted rookies.

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    Alldaway 2.0

    Bucs missed out a lot in FA in 2016 as there were upgrades out there.

    Bucs need to add a veteran WR from FA and a veteran defender before heading into the draft.

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