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Scott Reynolds is in his 23rd year of covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the vice president, publisher and senior Bucs beat writer for PewterReport.com. Author of the popular SR's Fab 5 column on Fridays, Reynolds oversees web development and forges marketing partnerships for PewterReport.com in addition to his editorial duties. A graduate of Kansas State University in 1995, Reynolds enjoys giving back to the community as the defensive line coach for his sons' Pop Warner team, the South Pasco Predators. Reynolds can be reached at: [email protected]

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    Sorry Scott bit any win for the Bucs is a quality win. When we start getting 10+ seasons every year we can look at the quality of each win. Good articles otherwise. Rodgers was awesome. Could make a nice one two punch rest of season.

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    Pretty amazing. We are 5 games into the season and we are already talking about the possibility that the kicker will not be here next year. We gave up two picks for this guy and we cannot stop anyone on defense, and we are weak at receiver, just think what we could have done with those two picks. I won’t get into David, cause I just can’t believe that someone who was all world the last two yrs is suddenly fading. He has to be hurt.

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    I don’t think David is hurt …I just think he’s adjusting to the new scheme as with the whole team and still learning. We saw on those deep sideline out routes with Olsen on Monday night David released him as he saw the RB coming out in the short flat, not really committing to either route as he appeared hesitant on which one to cover. Hopefully as the season goes forward he (again along with the rest of the defense) will improve schematically and start reacting naturally and stop thinking/guessing.

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    Good article. I Truley hope that most of our injured players can return. I did not realize Spence was also among the walking wounded. Agree they should ease Martin badk in and let Rodgers carry the load on the road in SF. A little pessimistic about who we will beat going forward. I think one game at a time is far more realistic. I have concernes about Winston and I think while he has made some good plays he shows a willingness to force the ball and risk turnovers. Maybe when some of our staters return he will settle down. Finally, in my opinion there is no excuse for missing FG’s like Aquayo has. This kid has plenty is big venue experience at FSU. Until he proves me wrong I agree this was a wasted 2nd round pick.

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    Statement 1: Monday was a must win for us to have any chance at the division. With a healthy team and the upcoming schedule, there is no reason why we can’t win 4 of the next 6. Have to win that Atlanta rematch. Being 2-3 is what I assumed we’d be before the season started. The fact that we should be 3-2 is encouraging.

    Question 1: I hated the pick of Aguayo, and I’m an FSU alum. I saw his misses his Jr. year and they worried me. I want him to succeed, but I figured he’d need to be at 90% this season to justify his draft position. Which is a lot to ask for a rookie. The fact that his misses have already affected two games is disturbing. When you have a franchise QB like Winston on a rookie contract, you better load up the offense, or draft your defense before his second contract. The fact that we spent two picks on a specialists, instead of potential position starters, is my biggest issue. Hopefully he gets it together.

    Question 2: Any win in the NFL is a quality win. Yes the Panthers were banged up, but so are we. A win is a win. Especially in the division. Yes, we have issues to sort out, but maybe we don’t panic until we start looking terrible with a full squad on the field. I really think people have forgotten how good we looked in week 1. Get healthy, rest up, and let’s see where we are after the Seattle game.

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    Good read.
    LVD will start making plays. I’ve noticed that his coverage skills are lacking. He is to good not to.
    Can’t wait until a healthy team takes the field.

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    This game was won despite the awful FG kicker and some questionable play calling. The only thing I was encouraged with was that the defense played much better, albeit with reserves but it appears to be slowly coming together. Grimes and Smith have been burnt more than the plays they finally made on Monday night so I’ll hold off on the praise. Definitely dont think our personnel decisions are anything to be giddy over. Whiff on a second round TE and then find Brate after the draft isn’t genius, its a crap shoot. Finding Hawley during the season but paying Evan Smith isn’t genius its a fool fixing another terrible signing. I wont even waste key strokes on Aguayo bc we all know how terrible of a pick its been so far. Even if he figures it out I think its clear to see we could have gotten better production from a veteran and used those 2 picks on more pressing needs. Lastly I think Lavonte will figure it out. I think he’s thinking too much on the field and thats why hes a step slow on some of his drops in pass coverage. We have never been able to stop TEs so I wont lay all the blame on him bc hes played lights out and we still couldnt chorale good TEs. Decent win but I’d like to see Koetter call TOs instead of incurring delay of game penalties in the first half. Or figure out thats its ok to stick with the run but be create with how we run. Get the ball on the edges some, run some counters or traps but Im sick of watching these predictable 1st and 2nd down runs up the gut that go nowhere. The players aren’t the only ones that need to use this bye week to get better.

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    Sorry, had to get that scream out. Can we PLEASE get over the Aguayo pick? Yes, it was a risk that most of us (rightfully) questioned/hated. I get it. I agree. But, for God’s sake, it was months ago. We ARE stuck with this kicker for awhile. I hate the fact that he’s missed so many “easy” kicks, too. But, calling for Licht’s job is a stretch. Either way, that wouldn’t happen in-season, anyway. Can we stop bitching about what could/should have been with the draft and move on to who we actually have and support that player?

    Aguayo gives me ulcers, as well. But, when push came to shove, on a game-winning kick, on MNF, he came through. Yes, it should have been 23-14 and not 17-14. But, the fact is he nailed the most important kick that won us the game, with the whole country watching and expecting him to blow it. He did not. What happens from here on will tell us a great deal about him.

    At this point, I could care less if it’s a “quality win” or not. We are 2-3 instead of 1-4. 2-0 in the division (both on the road). That is some freaking quality.

    I’m curious how a Koetter coached team will do in a “game after a bye”. This is huge, imo. Thankfully, they will have tape on how Kaepernick plays in Chip Kelly’s offense. If we can get healthy, create and execute strong game plans for SF and get us to 3-3, we could get on a roll.

    We shall see…

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    I do believe David is hurt. The way he just galloped behind Olsen up the right sideline it just seemed he was hesitant to catch him. He could have wrapped Olsen up much sooner than he did. Even if the scheme wasn’t souring right with him he would still show his aggressiveness when it’s just straight up football and he’s not.

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    S#1: hope so!

    S#2: no, just no.

    Q#1: hope so!

    Q#2: no, just no.

    P#1: hope so!

    P#2: no, just no.

    1. 10.1


      ….your symmetry today was fabulous Scott!

  11. 11

    Randy H.

    Somebody’s math is off. If Gostkowski hit 20 of 35 kicks, that is 57.1%, not 76.9%. Big difference there.

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    Good Article Scott. No question this was a big win. I believe we have to win 2 out of the next 3 games. No pass rush still and Daryl Smith was just at the right place when Hargreaves tipped the ball. Grimes is 50-50 and will see more passes coming his way than not. We need Murpghy and I hope he ia back during the bye week. Go Bucs!

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    I like this much better than “it was not a great win”. How about “Good teams find ways to win”. Go Bucs!!!

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    SR- It’s hard to take your optimism seriously. You get to pumped up by a win. After the Atlanta win you boldly pronounced the Bucs a playoff team and predicted at 1-6 record. SR- I have said this before, an while I like you a lot, you rehab eliot your perspective. Yo are now unable to be objective about the team for 2l reasons. 1- you are note objective about Winston because you advocated drafting him. You predicted he would NOT regress, which clearly he has. He is NOT an accurate passer and that is unlikely to change. 2-you defended Licht’s trading up for and picking Aguayo. We gave up TWO potential starters for him and while the rest of the NFL was panning the pick,you were loudly defending it. You have become too much of a homer and have lost objectivity. Luv you man, just hope the old SR will come back

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      I like homers and am 1 myself.

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    Nice synopsis. I to have wondered where David has been and his lack of production. I would guess he is still trying to adjust to the new defensive scheme. He wasn’t the only one having problems with Olsen Monday night. It appeared the only player I saw able to cover Olsen was McDonough when he had one on one coverage with him.

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