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NFL.com came out with a list of hot coaching prospects for 2022 and the Bucs had two candidates make the cut. The criteria that NFL.com writer Tom Pelissero used was that the candidate had to be under 45 and never been a head coach at the NFL level before. Pelissero interviewed NFL executives, coaches and others close to the search process for the names on his list, which included Bucs offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich.

Last year five new hires fit that criteria – Brandon Staley (Chargers), Arthur Smith (Falcons), Dan Campbell (Lions), Robert Saleh (Jets) and Nick Sirianni (Eagles). Here is what Pelissero had to say about Leftwich.

Bucs OLBs coach Larry Foote

Bucs OLBs coach Larry Foote – Photo by: Cliff Welch/PR

“Buccaneers OC Byron Leftwich, 41: One of the surprises of the last hiring cycle was Leftwich not getting a single interview request, even as he called plays for Tom Brady and a Bucs offense that made a Super Bowl run. That figures to change this time around. The 10-year NFL quarterback was once a backup in Pittsburgh under then-offensive coordinator Bruce Arians, who hired Leftwich as QB coach in Arizona in 2017 and brought him along to Tampa two years later. An uninspiring stint as the interim OC for a doomed Cardinals team three years ago under Arians’ successor there, Steve Wilks, is further in the rearview now. And Leftwich continues to show he can manage a room with veterans such as Brady, who’s more than two years older than his OC and has made his love for Leftwich clear.”

Bucs outside linebackers coach Larry Foote was named on the honorable mention list in the same article by Pelissero. Foote has been credited for developing Shaq Barrett into a Pro Bowl and the league’s leading sacker in 2019 and assisting Jason Pierre-Paul in making the Pro Bowl last year.

Pewter Report has learned that Foote, who is 41, could be a candidate to take over as the Bucs’ defensive coordinator if Todd Bowles leaves for a head coaching opportunity elsewhere or gets promoted to head coach as Bruce Arians’ heir apparent.

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About the Author: Scott Reynolds

Scott Reynolds is in his 25th year of covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the vice president, publisher and senior Bucs beat writer for PewterReport.com. Author of the popular SR's Fab 5 column on Fridays, Reynolds oversees web development and forges marketing partnerships for PewterReport.com in addition to his editorial duties. A graduate of Kansas State University in 1995, Reynolds spent six years giving back to the community as the defensive line coach for his sons' Pop Warner team, the South Pasco Predators. Reynolds can be reached at: sr@pewterreport.com
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18 days ago

Lefto as a head coach. LMAO.

18 days ago

If he were available my first choice for our next head coach would be the OC for the Cowboys (his name escapes me at the moment). My second choice would be Leftwich. Using Tom Pelissero’s criteria above Leftwich is the only other person I would want. I wouldn’t want Bowles at all. Our defense doesn’t impress me now, nor did it impress me prior to the playoffs last year. Besides, Bowles didn’t show me anything as a HC for the Jets. The only offense (or defense for that matter) in the NFL that I see is more consistently great compared… Read more »

The Wall
The Wall(@the-wall)
18 days ago

I just don’t see Leftwich as a head coach. I’m not even sold on him as an offensive coordinator. He seems to get stuck in his game plan, even when it’s not working. He is being outcoached week after week. Let’s see if he is willing to make changes like he did last year.

18 days ago

Leftwich would not be my first choice if I needed a head coach! He may well develop into a head coach candidate but now I wouldn’t even consider him among the best OCs in the league. He still struggles a bit in calling a complete game. Remember, just because ur a good OC doesn’t mean u would be a good Head Coach. Can’t wait to see the comments on this one.

Reply to  bucballer
17 days ago

You’re right about good coordinators not necessarily becoming a good head coach. It’s not much different than a good carpenter becoming a good foreman. Different skill-set.

18 days ago

Here we go again! We just talked about how bad Leftwich has been as an offensive coordinator, how this writer, Scott? is pumping him to a head coach ? Really?
And Todd Bowles leaving or become a head coach. We just admitted how predictable his defense has become.
So this writer seemed to think, when you are not good at your present job, you are in line for a promotion… Wow.

18 days ago

Byron Leftwich is manifestly a nice guy, but has exhibited no compelling evidence that he is either head coaching material or even an elite caliber OC. Specifically, Lefty’s record as an OC without (the GOAT) TB12 under center … W 9 – L 16 (36%) … with TB12 … W21 – L 8 (72.5%). No correlation there then! The truth is, the design of the Bucs offense is now a hybrid between BA’s ‘no risk it, no biscuit’ and TB12’s New England offense, with a supporting cast consisting of the best offensive weapons (when healthy) of any team in the… Read more »

17 days ago

Gee, I wonder why Leftwich is on the list. Insert biggest eye roll ever. The pandering never stops.
Leftwich is an abysmal playcaller, he’s incredibly predictable and is cleary, and objectively, holding this offense back. There isn’t a single valid reason why he should even still be an OC, much less a head coach. But then again, merit doesn’t really matter these days does it? As long as that quota is filled we’re all happy right? Pathetic.

Reply to  Dave
17 days ago

Completely agree, lefty is a Absolute Joker and way, way to predictable! Looks like a deer in the headlights most of the time…

17 days ago

Hilarious! Left which a HC. Hope someone scoops him up so Bucs aren’t in line to promote him when BA retires.

17 days ago

Some of you critics should have endured some really bad OC’s floundering on some really bad offenses. Guess the fact that he was the OC who contributed to the Lombardi Trophy has eluded you. It appears that the offenses standing compared to the other 31 NFL teams doesn’t count for anything. I have no idea if Leftwich has the qualities that would make him a successful HC, but I can at least give him credit where it’s due.

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