The NFL released their full list of compensatory picks for 2019 on Friday, confirming that the Buccaneers will receive no comp. picks for the upcoming NFL draft.

The NFL awards value to unrestricted free agents – or compensatory free agents –  that each team adds or loses in an offseason, and then awards 32 league-wide comp. picks for the following draft to teams that the league deems have lost more, or better, free agents than they added.

Here is the complete list of comp. picks, per Adam Schefter

Included in the list of picks are a third-round comp. pick to the Eagles for losing defensive tackle Beau Allen and a sixth-round pick to the Ravens for losing center Ryan Jensen, per Greg Auman of The Athletic. Both players signed with the Buccaneers as free agents in 2018.


  1. Comp picks are the biggest scam. This is one of the worst things in the league. The superbowl representatives getting free 3rd round picks is inexcusable.

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  2. It hasn’t anything to do with whether your team was in the SuperBowl or at home watching the game. 32 compensatory picks are awarded to teams based on the players they lost and gained in free agency. Teams that have lost more compensatory free agents than they signed in the previous year receive between one and four picks somewhere in the 3rd through the 7th rounds.

    There is a catch 22 because you don’t want to continually lose your best players and if you do gain players in free agency, you want them to be the best players. That may mean no comp picks. It is not good to always be awarded comp picks and likewise to never get awarded comp picks. The system is meant to give balance and parity – sometimes doesn’t seem like it, but that’s the intent.There seems to be an art to it and Bill Belichick/Patriots has mastered it! Really not a big secret – he only pays QB Tom Brady and will let any FA walk. He has a FIFO inventory system that works for him.

    The objective should be to make the picks you get work. If the trend is bad or not so good, then comp picks will only increase the opportunity to make more bad picks. Quality should always come before quantity. If we do that, we won’t miss or need comp picks. And when we do get them it will be the natural FA turnover that insures healthy cap management. Go Bucs!

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