The Bucs schedule for the 2021 regular season was released on Wednesday following days worth of anticipation and hours of leaks and speculation surrounding it.

As previously reported, the Bucs will kick off the 2021 NFL season against the Dallas Cowboys on Thursday, Sept. 9.

Other premier matchups includes Brady heading back to New England to take on the Patriots in Week 4, a potential Super Bowl preview against the Buffalo Bills in Week 14 and an NFC Divisional Round rematch against the New Orleans Saints on Halloween.

Below is the complete schedule, which features five prime time games.


Week 1 – Sept. 9: vs. Dallas Cowboys – 8:20 PM ET – NBC Thursday Night Football
Week 2 – Sept. 19: vs. Atlanta Falcons – 4:05 PM ET – FOX
Week 3 – Sept. 26: at Los Angeles Rams – 4:25 PM ET – FOX
Week 4 – Oct. 4: at New England Patriots – 8:20 PM ET – NBC Sunday Night Football
Week 5 – Oct. 10: vs. Miami Dolphins – 1:00 PM ET – CBS
Week 6 – Oct. 14: at Philadelphia Eagles – 8:20 PM ET – Amazon Thursday Night Football
Week 7 – Oct. 24: vs. Chicago Bears – 4:25 PM ET – CBS
Week 8 – Oct. 31: at New Orleans Saints – 4:25 PM ET – FOX
Week 9 – BYE
Week 10 – Nov. 14: at Washington Football Team – 1:00 PM ET – FOX
Week 11 – Nov. 22: vs. New York Giants – 8:15 PM ET – ESPN Monday Night Football
Week 12 – Nov. 28: at Indianapolis Colts – 1:00 PM ET – FOX
Week 13 – Dec. 5: at Atlanta Falcons – 1:00 PM ET – FOX
Week 14 –  Dec. 12: vs. Buffalo Bills – 4:25 PM ET – CBS
Week 15 – Dec. 19: New Orleans Saints – 8:20 PM ET – NBC Sunday Night Football
Week 16 – Dec. 26: at Carolina Panthers – 1:00 PM ET – FOX
Week 17 – Jan. 2: at New York Jets – 1:00 PM ET – FOX
Week 18 – Jan. 9: vs. Carolina Panthers – 1:00 PM ET – FOX

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Pete Wood
1 month ago

We win the super bowl and we get one Monday night game? Huh? Patriots may be on a Monday since October 4th is a Monday, but the schedule says it’s Sunday. Still, seems pretty puzzling scheduling by the league.

Reply to  Pete Wood
1 month ago

I think Sunday night games are considered more high profile at this point and we have two of those. We also have two Thursday nighters and a ton if 4 PM games. We will get a lot of exposure.

Reply to  Pete Wood
1 month ago

Two Thursday Night Games (the first being the first game of the season), one monday night and two sunday night games is great. Honestly doubt the players love the Monday night games with the quick turnaround so we have 10 day turnarounds after our Thursday night games and only twice do they have a “short week” with the Philly Thursday night and the Colts game after the Monday night. This is a GREAT schedule for the Bucs in terms of rest + prime time exposure

Reply to  Pete Wood
30 days ago

Sunday night is where they put the good games, not Monday night. We have 5 prime time games, the maximum allowed. Notice the two Sunday night games are much better than the Monday night game against the lousy Giants. We also play 5 games in the late window on Sunday even though we are an east coast team. This team will get plenty of exposure.

1 month ago

I hate how we play the same friggin team 2 of the last 3 weeks. Otherwise it’s a pretty good schedule.

Reply to  nybuccguy
1 month ago

Yeah I hate it when they do that too. It happened against the Falcons last year. It’s stupid and lazy by the league for sure…

1 month ago

Damn, looks like LA and Washington are my only 2 chances of possibly getting out to a game. Better start scouring the net for flights/hotels

Reply to  plopes808
1 month ago

I take that back, I’m an idiot smdh…the Football team is in DC not Washington state

1 month ago

Well 17-0 looks do able with this schedule!!! Fingers crossed :).

1 month ago

5 nighttime games are awesome. This Schedule looks pretty easy. I only see 4 games that look possibly difficult and that assumes that the Saints will still be good, post Drew Brees.

30 days ago

I was so excited to finally go online and get 2 tickets to see Brady vs Belichick in Foxboro, in week 4…..then reality set in when I saw the prices. The cheapest tickets(which you would need binoculars to see which player is which, coming out of the tunnel) are $1200 each lol. Im good. I’ll watch it on tv from my couch

Last edited 30 days ago by Dave
Bradenton BucFan
30 days ago

Possibly 6 losses. I don’t think schedule will be as easy as it looks. Every single team will bring their best game. A win against the Bucs, will be a beacon of hope for most these teams, even job saving for teams like the JETS. We simply can not get up for every game. We will still be pissed off for the playoffs & if healthy, the team nobody wants to play on our way 2 back 2 back titles. Let’s get out of training camp without any season ending injuries to starters. Go Bucs