We know the Bucs have great wide receivers. But how great are they when it comes to fantasy football? There’s only one football to share between them on a very talented roster. And that’s even before we get to Rob Gronkowski’s decision to return or retire.

Jaime Eisner of The Draft Network listed his top 100 fantasy football wide receivers for the 2022 season. Among the group were three Bucs within the top 35 of the rankings, which is considered more of the upper echelon players.

Mike Evans was the top-rated of the Bucs trio coming in at No. 7. Next was Chris Godwin at No. 30, followed by new Bucs receiver Russell Gage at No. 34.

There is no issue with the ranking of Evans, who was second among receivers with 14 touchdowns last year. There’s no problem with Gage either, considering he’s on a new team as a definitive third receiver.

Godwin’s Injury Could Play A Factor

Bucs WR Chris Godwin

Bucs WR Chris Godwin – Photo by: USA Today

What I do disagree with is having Godwin at No. 30 with some of the names in front of him. I’m well aware that Godwin is coming off a serious ACL injury and that could factor in too how much he plays next season.

Before the injury, Godwin was lighting it up into Week 14. Up to that point he recorded 98 catches for 1,103 yards and five receiving touchdowns along with a rushing score. Not only did he still lead the Bucs in receiving despite missing three games, he was still 15th in yards and 11th for receptions in the entire NFL.

The injury will be a factor this year. If that’s the reason for the drop, I understand it. It’s just tough to see Godwin at No. 30 when you have a couple of the others players ahead. There’s Michael Thomas, who hasn’t played in a full year in New Orleans. And Jaylen Waddle, who has Tua Tagovailoa throwing him the ball with Tyreek Hill now in the Miami offense. Rookie Treylon Burks is also ahead of Godwin. While I like Burks, he’s yet to play a down in the NFL.

Another Bucs WR Just Makes It On

The Bucs had one more receiver on the Top 100 list with Tyler Johnson just making it at No. 98. Johnson had 36 receptions for 360 yards last year. This season, he’ll compete with many wide receivers on the Bucs roster to make the team. Johnson may potentially compete for wide receiver four behind the other aforementioned receivers.

You can see Eisner’s full list of the top 100 fantasy football receivers here.


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1 month ago

I don’t put too much emphasis on these types of rankings in the off-season for fantasy drafts. I’m not so sure that some of these types of rankings are done by certain people to ‘devalue’ a certain player, or two, heading into the fantasy draft’s in hopes of getting them in their own drafts in a good spot. Funny, in many ways, leading up to the fantasy drafts is not much different than the real draft where people try to devalue players for their own gains, while over hyping other players to get people to consider them. It’s funny, really.