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    Let’s see how he handles a Super Bowl championship!

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    For added pressure, the Bucs face Dallas in the primetime slot amid a race for their first playoff berth since 2002.

    i guess 2005 losing to the Redskins and losing to the Giants in 2007 didn’t happen?

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    Hard to believe the guy is only 22.
    All talk aside the Cowgirls will be determined after the turkey they laid last week. Another scenario is Jerry Jones starts meddling with them and they lose composure. It’s happened before, Jones is such a douche.
    The best news is their left tackle is banged up.
    Good for us. Time for Noah Spence to assert himself.

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    I was definitely more worried about Drew Bree’s putting up 40 on us last week than I was about Dallas with a rookie QB, No matter how well Dak has played this year. I think we are also catching Dallas at the perfect time. Were playing our best football and Dallas is starting to get figured out by the great defenses (which we now have a great D). I really think the Bucs got this one. I Believe!!!

    GO BUCS!!!

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    I wouldn’t be surprised to see Romo in 2nd half if where killing them by halftime. Could get crazy for Dallas if the Bucs beat them. Could send them spiraling down if the Bucs beat them bad. Hopefully it’s going to be a great Sunday Night for us Bucs Fans and an interesting Monday watching all the ” what’s wrong with Dallas” hype around the NFL shows and blogs. 🙂 GO BUCS!!!

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      It’s going to be great to watch all the pundits cry. I can’t wait.
      GO BUCS

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    I remember sitting in grandparents den in their house on Morrison ave. and watching the Bucs lose a playoff game to the Cowboys after the 1981 season. Hated the Cowboys since that day. Go Bucs and lets keep pushing towards the playoffs!

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      I remember that one well. Really took a butt-whippin.

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    I can’t stand the stupid cowgirls. They are so over rated. Easy schedule and they caught lot teams at perfect time. Hope we crush them. Good team? Yes. Beatable? Very much so and not scary at all.

    Great offensive line and that’s about it. Average defense. They have good stats because they haven’t been on the field much! Jones is a total bafoon.

    Shut down the run and Prescott looks like a rookie and stinks. So tired of Elliot’s stupid feed me gesture crap every time he gets 5 yards. Idiotic. He looks like a little troll or an Oompa Lumpa. Lol. He’s not the best RB in the league like Dallas fans all think by far. He’s just running behind best line. Pass protection and catching ball very average for him.

    Go Bucs! Biggest game I can remember in very long time.

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      I wouldn’t discount the Cowboys … they’re 11-2 in a league where victories are tough to come by. They’ve got a strong running game and a very good rookie quarterback, and they’re playing at home.

      Besides, if the world concludes that the ‘Boys are nobodies, then it detracts from our beating them in their own house.

      It’s going to be a tough game, probably a very close score and will likely come down to the final possession of each team, quite possibly go to OT.

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    What I like most is that our youngsters have no fear heading into this game. My ideal scenario is similar to the one posed by WinstonMVP.

    Our defense makes Prescott look like a rookie. Impatient control freak Jerry Jones calls down to the sideline and orders Romo to replace Prescott. The fickle Dallas crowd roars with excitement. Romo goes back to pass with his bones creaking scanning the field looking for ego maniac Dez Bryant who is well covered by Grimes. By this time McCoy is in Romo’s face bearing down on him as Romo sidesteps into the charging Noah Spence. Boom! The crown moans a collective, “Oh no!” The dizzy Romo stumbles off the field to enter the concussion protocol. The TV pans to Jerry Jones and son Steve. Viewers read Jerry Jones’ lips as he mumbles as Nancy Kerrigan, “Why “………..”Why?”

    Dak Prescott, insulted by Jerry Jones’ refuses to take the field. The 3rd stringer jogs out to take the snap. Fans echo that worn out Saints cheer, “Who Dat?”

    Dirk Koetter stays conservative. Bucs win 20-0

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      Possible outcome, but very unlikely.

      I look for this to be a tough game, quite possibly one of the very best NFL games in the league this season. No beat downs by either team.

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      Dallas is a good team schedule or not. I can’t see Dallas getting blanked Scu but I like your thinking. Buc’s win this game and there will be no more doubters out there. Let keep heading towards the playoffs!!

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    I was being sarcastic guys. See where I said “ideal scenario”?

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