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    How interested would the Bucs be? Peterson is old (by RB standards), he has a lot of wear on his treads (not even factoring in his injuries), and I’m not sure if everyone has forgiven him for the domestic violence thing with beating his kid. The Vikings’ O-line was a dumpster fire last year, so I’m definitely not pinning all the blame for Peterson’s poor 2016 (when he was on the field, that is) on him, but I’m not quite sure I’m ready to dump Doug for him either, especially since Peterson will want big money.

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    I guess the real question is…..In a WIN NOW league, if the price was right and IF Adrian Peterson was healthy would that be better than what we had last season and would it give us a better chance to win?

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    Buc 1976

    In no way Bucs do this!!
    AP has been a great player but his best is well behind him.

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    He’s not worth even 7 million; i’d prefer to get a new contract with Martin done.

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    AP’s best years are behind him and signing him to a monstrous contract would be a Revis-like waste of cap space. I’d rather see the Bucs spend on keeping and developing players on the roster like Green Bay and not overspending in free agency.

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    The ONLY way I would take him is if he came in at a 5 mill a year contract tops. He’s going to be 32 and it looks like he’s looking foir one more big contract. I say hell no, draft a back and go from there.

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    Hell yes, I’d pay him 8-9 million without batting an eye. If he were to get cut you be buying a very pissed off AP.
    And a pissed off AP would run like crazy. This would be the only RB free agent I would even think about. 1 great year from Adrian Peterson is just what the doctor ordered.
    Other teams have to put 8 guys in the box when this guy is running, that’s a fact. AP is freak of nature, I’m tellin’ ya.
    Hopefully JL points out there are no state tax in the Sunshine state.
    This might alleviate my lasting appall in drafting Gaines Adams (RIP) over him.

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    Nope, not interested. Now if it were 6 YEARS ago? Sure. Well, if he wanted to come here at the vet minimum and play for incentives and assuming he’d make the team? Sure.

    Ahh, an early start to the BRING IN (anyone with a name that makes me fantasize about the past because he was very good before injuries and criminal charges kind of sort of put a crimp on his career but I don’t care because I have his trading card and I want him to sign it at training camp)!!!!

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    I cannot imagine why he would draw any more interest from the Bucs than they already have in revisiting Doug Martin’s contract (as seems likely to be voided). He’s old, he’s coming off a failed season due to injury, he’s already suffered two injury-riddled seasons out of the last three, and he also has a character issue, which ought to give the Bucs pause by itself.

    Nope, not only no, but hell no.

    If Martin gets his act together this off-season, void his contract, sign him to a new one at lower pay and with performance incentives … and then draft a RB in the middle rounds to be the every-down successor to Martin, either this year or in a year or two.

    1. 9.1


      I agree with you on this one Naples. I suspect he cited the Bucs only because he knows about the Doug Martin issue and how much cap space Licht has at his disposal. We’ve all seen former great RB’s end their careers on a different team that hopes he can be a hired mercenary. It never seems to pay off. The Vikings have had him for 10 years in his prime with little team success.

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    I think he know’s the Buc’s have a good cap number and could afford to pay him well. Funny how Iv’e never heard about his desire to be a Buc until this year. Thanks, but no Thanks.

  11. 11

    Jaboo III

    Considering our money we will have, and the fact that he may cost a couple million more than Martin i say absolutely. Give him a three year deal and we’ll still have 80+ million left, being able to re-sign Evans and such. I think it would help the offense out and we are the best fit for him as far as how we run our offense.

  12. 12


    Id be all for it IF we resign Rogers and AP is willing to take far far less than his 18 mil and its a committee approach; like what we had with Martin and Sims ( keep Sims too).

    Ive never benn a Martin fan. Cut him loose.

    split time between Rogers and AP would take a huge amount of pressure of Winston. It would give defenses fits- especially if we draft a talented fast WR.

    Not to mention the revenue the Bucs make off jerseys and put fans in the seats (it gives the Bucs a fan base they do not have-Minnesota fans who are AP fans and straight out AP fans).

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    He’s too old and becoming injury prone. Can’t picture him wanting to play for what he’s worth which is likely small fraction of 16 million. Some dumb team will pay him too much I’m sure.

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    Saying we pass bc he’s old and BC we have martin is not smart thinking. Ap was practically it in Minnesota. They felt aps loss for sure when they tapped out on their 5 game win streak.. I blame a lot of the injuries on the fact that Minnesota never gave Ap a break. I don’t want Ap to carry it 400 times. I pay Ap, a future hall of famer and one of the he best running backs we’ve ever seen to team up with martin or rodgers. ..I have not completely given up on Doug, but he’s starting to really bother me with his incomsisency. I like him, but c’mon Doug..when both play at the level they can, they can are top 3 rbs easily (bell is number 1 now)…so yes, I say bring him in and let him,show everyone he’s got 5 yrs left on a prove it contract. An Ap that can carry the ball 220-230 times next year would be worth it. Allow him to stay healthy all yr bc we can throw the ball and Make martin beat out the best running back that we’ve seen since Barry sanders. We will find out what martin is truly made of then….and we get to maybe see the last great seasons of Ap in Tampa bay….if he’s serious, im in..easily.

    1. 14.1


      Both players had poor years in two of the last three years … except when Doug had a poor year it was still a lot better than AP’s poor years .. and when they both had a good year two years ago, Doug’s numbers were within a few yards of APs.

      And AP IS old, very old for a running back. Five years older than Doug.

      Three year rushing yard totals and cap numbers:

      AP – 1,632 yards for $39,976,471
      DM – 2,317 yards for $11,775,518

      Ditching DM for AP is what sounds very much like “not very smart thinking” as you put it, buclover.

      1. 14.1.1


        Did I ever say dump Doug martin??? Learn how to read fully dude. I never once say get rid of martin. Not once. You basically wasted your time bashing me loll good job Mr. Observant



          We can’t pay two expensive RBs at the same time. We have to choose. There’s no “both” choice available.

  15. 15


    And just for fun…ill say we should’ve drafted him in the first place. If we had, we might of squeaked out a late super bowl with brooks and barber….the difference now is that on our team, he won’t be heavily relied upon.

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    If he’s serious about what he said, I think a 2 yr contract @ 8/9$ per season would be fair. Make doug restructure. We would be STACKED at RB w/ Peterson, Martin, Rodgers, and maybe sims. He adds a serious playmaker for Jameis.. you cant play 8 in the box with Mike Evans at WR either. Most people say he’s too old but I’m not convinced.. lets be real, this is adrian peterson. No defender in the NFL wants to hit head to head with this guy on sundays. he doesnt have to put up 350+ carries all by himself here either.. If we cant count on doug, then we really need a RB and I’d rather see AP than (insert) some rookie next year. With $84 million in cap space, the Bucs can treat the fans nicely.

  17. 17


    Only sign AD if it’s an incentive laden deal that has no guaranteed money. Team friendly in case of more injuries for the Bucs & us fans, but he could bank if he performs (production and win/playoff bonuses) and stays healthy (game bonuses). I think there is no way this is happening. Go Bucs!

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    Peterson has been a star on the Vikings for 10 years. Did I somehow miss any success the team enjoyed? He might have a year or two left at most. More than likely, as his aging body wears down even further, he’ll become far less productive than the player we have all enjoyed watching.

  19. 19


    Petterson won’t be signed, and Druggie Martin won’t be coming back at any price. If you were looking for new tires, and they were selling retreads at twice the price of new radials, which would you buy? We don’t need old tires with problems. We’ll resign Rodgers, Barber is in play, and we’ll draft us some new radials. Don’t understand the love Martin still gets here. He let his team down, he’s had two good years in five, he’s a shell of whatever good he was, and if you use the excuse he was injured this year, what else is new?

  20. 20


    Sounds great…in theory. But in reality, AP is about 40+ in RB years and has been injury prone as of late. We don’t need another cap hit for a player who won’t be available on Sundays. Restructure Doug’s deal with a lot of “prove it” stipulations and look to the draft for a future replacement in case he doesn’t pan out. Resign Quiz and we already have Barber who has shown promise.

    Having cap space is a luxury we shouldn’t squander. Remember, we still need to sign Mike and Jameis within the next few years.

  21. 21


    He may think he has 5 years left but that’s not going to happen. 1 or 2. 3 at very max.

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