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    Byron M. Washington

    I”m a FSU and Cowboys fan, so it was nice to see Winston and the Bucs pull it out. Btw, Koetter’s playcalling seems uneven and he should stop sending Humphries deep, He should be running routes like Dallas’ Beasley.

    Anyway, congrats Bucs fans!!

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    The agonizing night belongs to Jason Licht.

    Aguayo didn’t trade up to draft himself in round two. He didn’t leave the cupboard bare at WR so he could target himself over a kicker who converted a higher % of FG’s attempted the year before. That was “No-biscuit” Licht.

    I’m glad the rookie could make one on his third try. Maybe the confidence from that kick will carry over.

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    This is the first time I have been proud of this team in a long time. Maybe the Superbowl year. This was a gritty performance with many 2nd and 3rd teamer’s playing. Rodgers played like his hair was on fire. I hope all the starters sitting on the bench learned something. The smelly panthers were depleted also, but there front 7 was intact. The only major player out was the punk superman.

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    Aguayo hit on the game winner, but that doesn’t erase the rest of the night or the season for that matter. It shouldn’t be a crap shoot everytime the kicker steps on the field. It’s time we look at other options, if Aguayo starts being more consistent then give him another shot. The coaching staff needs to figure out what it is in this kid’s head that’s killing his game and until they fix it, we need more consistency.

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    An ugly, ugly….ugly win but a win nonetheless. I’ll take it but Aguayo needs to go and I mean before the next game. I couldn’t care less that he made that last kick from a few feet away and that we won the game against a lousy team because of it.

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      Pink I understand completely about our kicker. There’s. I excuse to miss as many as he has. You call the panthers a lousy team yet our bucs played without any of our starting defensive line intact, two running backs out and they still played their heart out. We all know we have a ton of pieces to fill. We need someone besides mike Evans at wide receiver. No one is getting separation. The play calling was also a little suspect at times but a win in the NFL is a win. The bye week came at a perfect time and at least we can say that we are still perfect in our own division. 2-3 against that brutal schedule…..I’ll take it.

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    We got the win and the players played beyond most of our expectations. Go Bucs!

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