Following an ankle injury to the Bucs’ former first-round pick, defensive tackle Vita Vea, in Tampa Bay’s loss to Chicago last Thursday night, everyone on the interior defensive line would be expected to “step in and step up.”

This would include increased roles for Will Gholston and Rakeem Nunes-Rochez, while rookie Khalil Davis, the team’s sixth-round pick, would likely to see his first NFL action in Week 6.

Davis missed practice on Thursday however, following a rolled ankle in practice on Wednesday, per Greg Auman of The Athletic. Should Davis be forced to miss the Bucs’ upcoming game against the Green Bay Packers, fourth-year defensive tackle Jeremiah Ledbetter would likely get the nod to join Tampa Bay’s active roster. The Bucs also have undrafted rookie free agent Benning Potoa’e on the practice squad.

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Alright. If it gets down to it, I have a jersey. Nothing in D lineman numbers, though.

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I feel like the Bucs conditioning staff must be trash. Not enough support and recovery on sensitive areas of the body maybe?

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That wasn’t the problem with Vea’s injury. It was a case of friendly fire in that Devin White ended up landing on it when Vea was in an awkward position.

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Vea is hardly the only injury.

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I would imagine it has something to do with the lack of preseason and a normal training camp. If the Bucs trainers are trash then so is most of the training squads on all the other teams in the NFL because injuries have run rampant so far this season.

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Art Penn

I’ve seen Larry Bird roll his ankle hard in a basketball game, get taped up at halftime and finish the game in a pair of sneakers that looked like chuck connors crappers. This is football not the tight rope championships. Tape it up take a pain shot and participate.

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That gets a thumbs down from me. The SuperBowl, sure. A playoff game, maybe. But an early midseason game????? No.

It’s a long season, and this is one game.

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Last edited 16 days ago by ScottC543

Larry wasn’t 300 lbs

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Gee Art Penn, you’re awfully free with giving out narcotics when it concerns other peoples health aren’t you. As it is, how do you think Evans managed to finish the game he injured it in and played the next one, by taking a couple of tabs of Tylenol.
The only injury the staff might be able to control are the hamstring injuries. Make sure the player is kept well hydrated and stretched during the game and that is about all you can do.

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Maybe Gronk can play Defensive tackle… He might even be able to drop back into coverage? (Just joshing)

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