The Bucs have been fairly lucky this season, with only a handful of players landing on the reserve/COVID list. However, rising numbers in COVID-19 cases around the league has caused concern. The NFL and NFLPA have been in constant communication on how to make the game safe for everyone involved.

For the first time this season we’ve had games rescheduled due to the virus. The NFL has had to move three games in Week 15 due to the outbreak. Tampa’s game has been affected as well, with Saints head coach Sean Payton out after testing positive for the virus.

Nearly all of the positive cases are vaccinated players who are asymptomatic. There are some around the league who don’t agree with the current protocols in place regarding asymptomatic players. In response, the NFL is enforcing changes to the current protocols. You can find a full breakdown of those changes here. This will make it easier for vaccinated players who test positive but remain asymptomatic to return to the field.

When asked if he was concerned by this change, Bucs head coach Bruce Arians made his position clear.

“No, I’m not concerned,” Arians said on Friday. “If you’re asymptomatic, you should be able to play.”

There is no known cases of COVID-19 passing from one player to another on the field. But a new variant of the virus has the league playing it safe with extra precaution. The NFL has moved to a mandatory mask protocol regardless of vaccination status, as well as the return of virtual and/or outdoor meetings. Media access has returned to Zoom availability as well.

The Bucs were one of the best teams at staying COVID free all of last season. Arians takes the league protocols very seriously, which has carried over into 2021. Tampa Bay does not currently have any players on the COVID list. The Bucs host the Saints on Sunday in Week 15.

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5 months ago

I’d be more concerned about some of the flu outbreaks we’ve experienced in the past than a disease I don’t even know I have. OK, it spreads. Big whoop! Another person who doesn’t know he has it. These politicians and many others who are benefiting from this are going to milk it for all it’s worth.