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Perhaps no player struggled more in the Bucs’ 31-29 win over the Cowboys than cornerback Jamel Dean. The Bucs were reliant on the big cornerback following a game-ending elbow injury to Sean Murphy-Bunting, but he had a rough go of it stopping the Cowboys’ elite receivers.

Dean surrendered a touchdown reception to Amari Cooper in the second quarter. The third-year corner also failed to bottle up the likes of CeeDee Lamb and Michael Gallup when matched up on the outside. If that wasn’t enough, Dean also committed three of the Bucs’ 11 penalties in the game, including two during the same play.

You could chalk it up to a bad game for Dean, who’s had his ups-and-downs over three years. But Bruce Arians alluded to some personal things that may have contributed to the Auburn product’s subpar performance.

Bucs CB Jamel Dean

Bucs CB Jamel Dean – Photo by: Cliff Welch/PR

“He had some other things going on that affected him,” Arians said on Tuesday. “We got all the confidence in the world, nothing that he can’t fix real fast.”

When asked he if could elaborate on what that meant, Arians said he would not.

Though it was not the best game for Dean on Thursday night, he shouldn’t be counted out yet. If you recall the Bucs’ regular season game against the Packers last season, many thought the game could be over after the team went down 10-0 in the first quarter.

But it was Dean who intercepted Aaron Rodgers and took it to the the house for a pick-six, completely shifting the momentum of the game for the rest of the afternoon.

The former third round pick will need another momentum swing come Sunday.

“Jamel Dean will bounce back,” Arians said. “He’ll be fine.”

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Captain Sly
4 days ago

Hey Coach, Might be time to bring back that sports psychiatrist. Seems like your younger players have a lot of personal issues affecting their on field performance. “Compartmentalism” should be the topic for discussion.

3 days ago

I hope Dean can get it together and doesn’t take half season again like last year. This secondary needs one of the reserves to step up and play well too with SMB being out now a while. Bucs Should beat Falcons easy enough if they don’t turn it over 4x again. Rams will be tough game and good early test and the secondary can’t play like crap again.

3 days ago

Good lord BA, stop with the excuses. RoJo is mentally challenged. Now Dean has ‘personal issues’. Just play. You decided to bench RoJo, period. If Dean has a bad game, just say he had a bad game. But my question is why Todd had him playing 5-7 yards off the line rather than have the 6’1” corner press at the line, which is his strength. That looked like the old Mike Smith playbook to me. So just talk football and leave the snowflake stuff for the badminton team.

Reply to  Dman
3 days ago

I couldn’t agree more, we’re talking about an NFL football team here, not a millennial snowflake psychotherapy group! So RoJo fumbled the ball, so Dean had a bad game, it happens. Just cut the BS excuses and front up to it. Excuses are for losers, just preach accountability and practice it, that’s what these guys are paid millions for.

3 days ago

He’s always been bad at zone. If you want to play zone so much, go get a zone corner.

Reply to  eaustinyoung
3 days ago

Yup. He was a press corner in college and played opposite Carlton Davis one season. Both are big press corners that played for Kevin Steele at Auburn. Good coach, great defenses.

Mb Nfl Lock Of The Szn Pewter 728x90 Jpg